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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog, BattleMum. I am Catherine (or Cath, whichever you prefer), I’m 39 and originally from Dublin. I am wife of 7 years to BattleDad, although we’ve been together for 17. I am also mum to one little boy, aptly named Hurricane Alexander, or referred to in the blog as BattleKid. Although BattleDad and I had said for years we didn’t want a child, my clock was ticking when I hit 35, and three years after getting married, we started trying for a baby and were lucky enough to end up with a beautiful little boy.

autumnal family photo shoot

I was the eternal student, spending nine years in the same university working my way through my degree and then my PhD, which I finally achieved in 2004 before moving to the UK to join BattleDad. Although we are both from Dublin, BattleDad’s career brought us across the Irish Sea and the UK is where we made our home for a long time. I was a full-time working scientist up until March of this year. However, I gave it up in preparation for our recent move to Portugal.

BattleDad had said for years he wanted to live somewhere warmer than Ireland or the UK, and we finally did it, joining my parents in Portugal, their chosen country for retirement, in May. It’s been a scary and stressful process but we’re here now and for the foreseeable future.

I called this blog BattleMum with some inspiration from my husband and I think it reflects the fact we are all battling our way through this adventure we call parenthood. It isn’t easy but boy is it a rollercoaster and a half,  full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and it’s never boring

I had kept diaries as a teenager and started again during my pregnancy but didn’t keep them up after Alex was born due to a long and slow recovery from a traumatic birth. But after nine months I wanted to start recording our lives together for him and so BattleMum was born. I do hope that Alex will read this blog in the future, that it will jog his memory and show him the younger years which he might not remember.

The blog has also given me an outlet and has encouraged me to keep up my love of photography, although there are times it doesn’t reflect it. I have done several photography courses prior to starting my blog, and everything I learned has helped in some ways with my blog. I try to use my dslr as much as possible but sometimes it isn’t always easy with a pre-schooler in tow, as I’m sure many of you will appreciate. my sunday photo

I enjoy trying to capture moments on my camera and am thrilled to have my very own mini model in BattleKid, who is quite photogenic if I do say so myself, although he can be a trying model at times! I am always trying to improve my skills. I find myself alternating between two cameras, depending on whether I am simply doing photography or recording videos for my YouTube channel as well, something I just started last summer. So, it’s a mixture of big camera, little camera, hope for the best! 

I used to be a biker of sorts, riding pillion on BattleDad’s bikes but with the appearance of BattleKid, my biking days are on hold for now. I love motorbikes, and thoroughly enjoy watching events like the Isle of Man TT and MotoGP. I have to get my kicks somewhere! Even BattleKid has been bitten by the biking bug, surprisingly at such a young age he’s bike mad!About me 2

We are very much a wanderlust family. BattleDad and I were always keen to travel pre-BattleKid and enjoy new cities and cultures. Having seen my sister-in-law continue to travel with two, three, four and now five babies in tow, we decided to follow her lead and to carry on enjoying travelling with BattleKid along for the ride. He is a well travelled little boy with several European countries and New York under his belt with a few more trips already booked for next year, one of which is a very exciting road trip in North West America. He is certainly clocking up the air miles in his flight logbook.About me 3

So that’s me in a nutshell. Mad scientist, semi-retired biker, keen photographer and most importantly, MUM…

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and also Snapchat, as BattleMum. If you are interested in working with me, please check out my Work With BattleMum page.

Cath x

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    1. Thanks Tor, I certainly hope so! Both myself and BattleDad are hoping he takes to bikes like we did. Thanks again for your kind words x

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