Dragon Hunting at Powis Castle near Welshpool

Powis Castle is one castle that was recommended to us by a work colleague of mine quite a number of years ago. While we longed to go dragon hunting at Powis Castle, it always remained slightly out of reach as it was a bit too far for a day trip from home, being situated in Mid Wales. However, last August bank holiday weekend, we were in Chester and thought it would be perfect to visit on our way back down to Wales. So that’s what we did!dragon hunting at powis castle

We left Chester and took the A5 down towards Shrewsbury before turning off for Welshpool and Powis Castle. Powis Castle is a National Trust site. It was originally built in the 1200’s and the Herbert family took ownership in the late 16th century and it has remained in their family ever since. A medieval castle, fortress and grand country mansion, it doesn’t resemble your usual castles in Wales. It is very much more a stately home and is extremely grand indeed, being the seat of the Earl of Powis.

When we arrived there was plenty of parking in the car park and we walked up the road and footpath to the ticket office where we paid to get in. As the castle didn’t open until 11am, we had 45 minutes to kill and so we found a seat in the courtyard and BattleDad got us some drinks and cakes to enjoy in the glorious sunshine from the courtyard restaurant. We really enjoyed our tea break and admired the grand home from our seats.dragon hunting at powis castle

Our plan was to start our dragon hunting at Powis Castle within the castle itself and if we were out of luck we would check the extensive gardens instead. We started in the drawing room but there was no obvious signs of our hiding dragon.  There was a very nice gentleman giving talks and information about the room and the Herbert family too. We moved upstairs towards the bedrooms, some of which were not open to the public for obvious reasons. In those that were, we saw no sign of the Powis Castle dragon.dragon hunting at powis castle

From the bedrooms we moved downstairs to the kitchen where there were two people giving talks about how the kitchen was run and still is today. Children also had the opportunity to dress up and partake in some activities there but we were on a dragon hunt so didn’t stop. We thought we spotted him in the games room where there was a large billiards table and the cabinets were full of stuffed animals, but, he either wasn’t there, or had managed to evade us as we wandered through the castle. We did, however, leave a message in the visitors book in this room.

dragon hunting at powis castle
The message we left in the visitors book at Powis Castle.

Having had no luck within the castle (of which you cannot take pictures inside as the Earl still resides there), we turned our attention to the gardens. However, dragon hunting is tiring work, particularly on a sunny day like this, so we paused at the courtyard for an ice cream before continuing our hunt. And I must say the ice creams were very good!

We started by taking a right from the entrance to the gardens and headed towards the lake that sits at one end of the gardens. We checked all the holes and cracks in the walls where a dragon might hide but still we couldn’t find him. As we rounded past the lake, and before we headed up a small hill to the side of it, BattleKid spotted him hiding at the foot of a rather magnificently big tree. He was hiding on the ground among the foliage.dragon hunting at powis castle

We had found him! However, a little boy just ahead of us wasn’t too impressed that our dragon hunting at Powis Castle was more successful than his, as I overheard him say to his mum “that boy has a dragon, I want a dragon”. Oops. Satisfied with our result, we took a short stroll up the hill and discovered the Ice Cellar of the castle. I had never seen one before and was quite surprised by it. You can only look through some gates into it and you cannot see the floor but it gives you an idea of what one from centuries ago looks like.

Our visit to Powis Castle was a success and it was a castle we had wanted to visit, so we could now tick it off our list.

Things to note if you go dragon hunting at Powis Castle:

  • It is a National Trust site. Cadw membership cards aren’t accepted.
  • It costs £12.50 for an adult and £6.25 for a child to visit the whole property (without GiftAid) and a family ticket costs £31.25. To visit the castle only prices are £6.35 (adult) and £3.17 (child), for the garden only £9.21 (adult) and £4.60 (child), and for the winter garden £6.20 (adult) and £3.10 (child).*
  • The Castle opens from 11am to 5pm, as does the museum, shop and garden shop. The gardens open from 10am to 6pm, with the garden coffee shop opening from 11am to 4pm. The restaurant opens from 10am to 5pm.
  • Parking is free, and there is ample parking. There are electric car-charging points in the car park and some spaces for disabled badge holders.
  • Dogs are allowed on the lead in the car park and courtyard only. There are strictly no dogs allowed in the deer park.
  • There are baby changing and feeding facilities on site.
  • There are toilets available on site.
  • There is a children’s quiz/trail and also games on the great lawn (although we didn’t see these as we didn’t visit that end of the gardens).
  • NOTE: the castle is not very wheelchair accessible, nor buggy accessible. The ground floor is, but that’s where it stops due to the historical nature of the castle. The garden has a step-free route which is highlighted in the leaflet available at the ticket office. For wheelchair users there is a virtual tour of the upper floor rooms available at the ticket office.
  • Guided tours are available.

We were glad we got the opportunity to go dragon hunting at Powis Castle and even better to combine it with a great weekend away. I am not sure we would have visited Powis Castle had we not been travelling back from Chester. We had glorious sunshine during our visit and the ice cream was most welcome and delicious.

I can highly recommend a visit to Powis Castle if you ever get the chance. We did not get to explore all the grounds as they are quite extensive, especially for little legs but it would make a great day out for the whole family. Maybe bring a picnic to enjoy somewhere in the gardens if you visit.

Thanks for reading the next post in our Dragon Hunting Series. I hope you enjoyed it. If you missed our previous ones you can find them in the Dragon Hunting Series. And if you’d like to have a sneak peek at Powis Castle, we filmed a little vlog of our day out dragon hunting at Powis Castle (below).

Cath x

*Prices correct at the time of writing this post.

dragon hunting at powis castle

dragon hunting at powis castle dragon hunting at powis castle


Chester Day 4: 29/08/2016

After a slightly better night with BattleKid, I took BattleKid out into the living area when he woke and left BattleDad to get some more sleep. We had tea and toast together with CBeebies on in the background. I gave BattleDad tea and toast once he got out of bed and I started to pack us up, ready for our trip home. I’d done a bit the night before so only really had the kitchen and food to sort before we were ready to hit the road by 9am.

I was pleasantly surprised at the small number of cars on the road. We didn’t have much to complain until we turned off the A5 towards Welshpool and got stuck behind a lorry. We didn’t actually mind as we weren’t in a hurry. We had decided that we would take a different route home than we had taken going up to Chester so that we could visit Powys Castle, a place we’d never been to before, but one that was on our to-do list.Chester Day 4

We arrived by 10.15 and parked in the third row back from the castle. We got our tickets and were informed that the castle would open at 11am. So we decided to have a very civilised tea and cakes in the courtyard of the castle as it was such a lovely morning. The sun was shining and the surroundings were very pleasant. BattleDad went inside while BattleKid and I found a seat and watched a small plane circling above our heads.Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

After our tea and cakes we entered the castle and started in a drawing-type room just inside the main entrance. We wandered around the castle, which to be honest is more like a stately home than a castle. Unfortunately there were no hiding places for dragons inside this castle so we decided to move outside to hunt one down.

Before making our way towards the lake in the gardens we had ice cream at the castle entrance as we had been promising BattleKid all weekend but had forgotten each morning. By the time we remembered each day it got too late to chance him with the sugar. So we enjoyed some ice cream in the sunshine and then made our way towards the lake, checking for dragons along the way.Chester Day 4

We eventually found one hiding beside a tree on the edge of the lake. A little boy who was passing us asked his mum where his dragon was. Oops, we caused a bit of trouble! (Truth: we bring a dragon teddy bear of BattleKid’s with us to whichever castle we visit and one of us walks ahead and plants him for BattleKid to find. It makes for great adventures I can tell you).Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

Chester Day 4

We left Powys Castle just after 1pm and headed down the A470, a road we know very well, towards home. BattleKid fell asleep almost as soon as we left the castle and got an hour and a half before waking up. Even I managed 20 minutes in the back with him.

We arrived home at 3pm, despite a dawdling driver as we came into Builth Wells, and unpacked the car. The usual post-weekend washing commenced. We had a lovely weekend together as a family, despite a few mammoth tantrums from BattleKid. We packed as much into it to ensure we made the most of having four days together, away from the house and the dogs. We’ll definitely be going back to Chester Zoo, although we’re not too sure about the Blue Planet Aquarium if I’m honest.

After that impromptu weekend away, next up on the holiday agenda is New York. Pop back in a couple of weeks for those holiday diaries.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

Chester Day 4