Holiday Diaries 2018

This post is a little late being published this year but none-the-less, here it is. Now, 2017 was a fantastic year for holidays for the Battle Family. I have no idea how we are going to beat it. But, as wanderlusters we will strive to enjoy whatever holidays we have planned. And so far we have three booked.

As for last year, we started the year with a scouting mission to Portugal in readiness for our permanent move here. Then, after what felt like a very long wait, we were finally on our 2-week USA road trip. And what a trip that turned out to be. Only a few weeks after we returned from the States, we were back in the UK to experience a mid-week stay in Bluestone as part of their Bluestone Bloggers Programme. And we ended the year in style by visiting Disneyland Paris in December. BattleKid keeps asking to go back to the castle every time we watch a Disney film.Photo collage of holiday destinations visited by the Battle Family in 2017

So, what do we have planned so far for this year I hear you ask? Well, firstly, BattleKid and I are off to Ireland over Easter for a 10-day trip. We are starting with a 7-day road trip in the southern half of the country where we will take in places like the Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle and Fota Wildlife Park. After our mini road trip, we’ll be heading up to Dublin to visit family and to also spend a day being a tourist in Dublin, thanks to an amazing collaboration with a tourism company (more on that to come). I’m really looking forward to our trip to Ireland, which is only a matter of a few weeks away now.

The next trip we have booked is a long weekend as a family in Barcelona at the beginning of July. BattleDad is going to see Guns and Roses in concert there. When I discovered we can get a direct flight from Faro to Barcelona, I asked could BattleKid and I tag along. We’re going for four and a half days, and I’m looking forward to visiting this famous Spanish city. 

And last but not least, we have an awesome trip mostly planned for December. We’re going to visit Santa in Lapland, and we’ll also spend a few days in Helsinki as well. And this is the trip that has me most excited. I am literally hopping with excitement. We have our flights to Helsinki booked, and are finalising our accommodation. We will also need to sort our transfers from the capital to Lapland nearer the time but I know it’s going to be amazing. There are a few final details we need to sort out with family we’ll be joining there, but for now, it’s shaping up nicely. 

The three trips we have planned so far are going to be wonderful, but I don’t think we’re done yet. We are weighing up options for another trip at the end of the summer and it’s between two options. Both will entail a road trip, as we’ve really been bitten by the road trip bug since our epic time in America last year. It will very much depend on BattleDad’s work commitments and whether we can take one or two weeks. I’m really hoping we can stretch to the two weeks as I have something in mind for that. But if not, we’ll plan the one week in the coming month or two. So watch this space for updates.

That’s our travel plans so far for 2018. I’ll update this post if we plan and book that road trip, and also if anything suddenly appears on the horizon.

Have you got any trips planned for this year, and if so, where are you going? Inspire me!

Cath x

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Holiday Diaries 2016

Anyone who reads my posts or is a follower of mine knows how much I love going away. Be it for a weekend break with friends or visiting family, to week-long sunshine breaks, I love getting away from it all and spending quality time with my family. This year will be no exception as we have already got a few things planned.

Firstly, BattleDad has provisionally earmarked Easter for his annual bike trip away with the lads so BattleKid and I are at a loose end. Now normally I would hightail it across the Irish Sea with Stena Line or Irish Ferries but my folks and my nephew are going to Portugal over Easter which means I wouldn’t get to see them. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I may still go home last notice or I might just stay home with BattleKid. I’m undecided yet. UPDATE: surprise trip for BattleKid and I to meet my parents and nephew in Portugal!

However, BattleDad and I have got a week in Lanzarote all booked up for the start of the summer. We are going back to the same resort as last year (Lanzarote Holiday Diaries) and we are hoping to enjoy it even more than last year, especially as we know we won’t have chicken pox to deal with while there! I’ll be doing a full review of the resort this time after we get back as we really do think it is an excellent one. Sure we wouldn’t have rebooked if we didn’t!Flamingo Beach Resort Holiday Village

After that we have a lull until the autumn when we’re booked to go to none other than New York! My sister-in-law CherrySue went with her boys towards the end of last year and seeing her snaps on Snapchat (itscherrysue) sealed the deal for us. We booked our flights in December and aside from sorting some accommodation which we plan to do shortly, we’re good to go. I’m really excited as I’ve never been to New York. It will be our first flight with BattleKid over 4 hours long, so please wish us luck!

After that we have a weekend in Bluestone booked for the winter with our friends who we go to Bluestone with (Read June and October Bluestone posts for info). We are going to bring BattleKid and L to the Kingdom of the Elves and we are quite excited about that!Bluestone

So far 2016 is not shaping up to be a bad one holidays wise. But it does mean I am fast running out of annual leave days! Have you got any exciting holidays planned? I’d love to hear all about them!

UPDATE #1: We’re heading to Bluestone in June as well as November. So excited! Love Bluestone as a weekend away place!

UPDATE #2: We are heading to Chester over the August Bank holiday weekend and also to Tenerife in December for some sunshine, although that little holiday is costing more than I am comfortable with!