BattleKid’s Obsessions: Age 2-3

I wrote previously about BattleKid’s Obsessions between the age of 1 and 2. This post is the next in the series and documents how those obsessions changed or remained the same between the ages of 2 and 3. In the first of this series we had George enter our lives, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a morning favourite and cars and bikes featured heavily. Did any of that changed? Well, yes and no.BBattleKid's Obsessions age 2-3

Curious George remained a firm TV favourite and although he wasn’t glued to his George teddy bear as much as the previous year, BattleKid’s room was changed up a bit from nursery to a toddler room with the help of George decal stickers. And George was never far in BattleKid’s cot.

New TV favourites which replaced Mickey Mouse include the animation of the Julia Donaldson stories Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo’s Child. If time permitted BattleKid was also quite taken with The Aristocats, calling them the ‘mussycats’.

One thing that remained and is becoming a bigger obsession as he grows is his love of motorbikes. He loves sitting on BattleDad’s bike. He enjoyed short trips on our mountain on the quad with BattleDad, all while wearing his helmet and he calls his KTM balance bike “Ada’s motorbike”. And he is so confident on it, with feet up, doing figures of rights and circles on it! I think we’re definitely creating a biker.About me 2

He also loves watching bike videos on YouTube with BattleDad, particularly the Chris Birch KTM videos and the Alex Parrillo adventure videos. Our personal favourite is below and BattleKid loves bopping his head to the music!

Last year we took him to Aberdare Park Road Races for the first time, and although we only spent the morning there, he absolutely loved it! We’ll definitely be returning one year and have to sort out getting him to the TT one year soon.aberdare park races

Last but not least we come to Dragons and Castles. BattleKid simply loves dragons, with it all starting with Room on the Broom. He loves the story at bedtime and enjoys the animation film. However, one day last May, while Lolo was visiting, BattleDad took BattleKid and Lolo to Caerphilly for breakfast. They decided to visit the Castle afterwards and so started the dragon hunting quests. Inside Caerphilly Castle was the Dragon, breathing fire and all, and BattleKid wasn’t too sure of it. However, on a second visit to see the Caerphilly Castle Dragon he got alot more comfortable with it and now enjoys regular trips to various castles around us to go dragon hunting. We’ve been to Caerphilly Castle, Tretower Castle and Abergavenny Castle, to name but a few, and our dragon hunting quests continue most weekends as those of you who follow me on Instagram will know.caerphilly castle dragon

I’m interested to see how these obsessions change between the ages of 3 and 4. Dragon hunting I’m sure will continue to feature, as will bikes but I wonder if anything new will crop up. You’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

What are your children currently obsessed with and what are their ages?

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Cath x

BattleKid’s Obsessions: Age 1-2

I didn’t write an age 0-1 obsessions post as apart from sniper crawling and cruising furniture, BattleKid didn’t really become obsessed about anything in particular. I don’t really think babies can in all honesty. But as they get older and start to become more aware of the world around them, then obsessions of sorts can develop.

Take BattleKid’s obsession with bikes and cars. It all started one Sunday afternoon last June when Mum and Dad were watching a MotoGP race on TV. BattleKid had seen some of the TT coverage a few weeks earlier but it was that June afternoon that changed everything. We had always known he might like bikes due to our influence but we couldn’t have envisaged just how obsessed he’d become with them.

He actually watched a full 20 minutes of the race, doing bike noises “nee-aw” and saying “oh no” to the riders who crashed. It was the longest he’d ever watched TV for up to that day and from that day on bikes have featured big time in BattleKid’s little life. Toy bikes can be found throughout the house and he’s always opening the garage door to say “hiya Dada’s bike”.IMG_20150531_144425

And it didn’t stop there once he got used to Dad’s car. When he gets into his seat in Dad’s car he shouts “go go go” and “faster” at BattleDad. He loves the sound of the engine! He is always looking to go in Dad’s car if he’s home. Car and bike mad!

Trying to drive BattleDad's car.
Trying to drive BattleDad’s car.

Soon after another obsession was born in the form of Curious George. This one we can blame BattleKid’s Nan for. You see in July last year she sent him a knitted brown monkey stuffed toy which he took to straight away. He had never had a comforter or favourite soft toy but George quickly became it. BattleDad and I accidentally named him George and that was the name that stuck.2015-07-30 18.12.10

Well you can imagine BattleKid’s delight and surprise when he realised George was on the TV when an episode of Curious George was playing on Disney Junior one afternoon. That was it. The obsession was in full flow and Curious George became an overnight hit. Since then BattleKid has been dressed up as George for Halloween in nursery, had a monkey hat, had a Curious George themed birthday and has numerous Curious George toys and story books. And George “minds” BattleKid every night in bed.Curious George themed birthday party

Last but not least comes Mickey Mouse and Goofy thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, also on Disney Junior. This obsession came late last year due to it being shown between 6 and 6.30am on Disney Junior. BattleKid soon realised he had two “meea-mouse” in his bed and discovered some of mum’s stash of Goofy toys. Since then he’s loved them, although not as much as George and asks for “meea-mouse” every morning in bed.

So there you have it, the three things BattleKid became obsessed with between the ages of 1 and 2. Have your children got an obsession about something in particular?

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Cath x