Disneyland Paris Holiday Diaries – Day 1

We left our house at 10am, and headed for Faro to pick up our car which had been in for a service. Trying to fit all our bags and BattleKid’s buggy into a Land Rover Evoque was fun. You don’t realise how used to your own boot you become until you don’t have it. We were soon on our way to the airport which is no more than 5 minutes from the garage, destination – our first family holiday to Disneyland Paris.Disneyland Paris Holiday Diaries blog day 1

We checked in, got rid of our bags, headed through security and grabbed a bite to eat before boarding our plane for our departure to Paris Orly at 13.55. Our flight was on time and we left the warm blue skies of Portugal, me more excited than the two boys put together. I had done a lot of planning and was hoping this trip was going to run smoothly and be enjoyed by us all.disneyland paris day 1 - bye bye Portugal

We landed early but had a trek to get to our bags. However, this was where we came up across our first hurdle of the holiday. I had booked the Magic Shuttle bus when I organised our trip back in June. I thought it would be a regular service, but oh no. Due to the delay in getting off the plane, we’d missed the 17.50 bus and the next one wasn’t until 19.00, a 50-minute wait.

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Paris was cold compared to Portugal and I really didn’t fancy waiting around for 50 minutes so we decided to hop into a taxi. This in itself was easy enough but there was a horrendous amount of traffic on the road between Orly and Disneyland and it took us an hour and twenty minutes to travel the 31 miles. It was stop-start traffic almost the entire way to the turnoff for Disneyland. BattleKid ended up falling asleep for the journey and I had a job to wake him at 7pm so that he didn’t sleep too long.

We finally arrived at the stunning Disneyland Hotel just before 8pm. It was amazing to see it all lit up and decorated for Christmas. Our bags were taken from us, to be delivered to our room for us. We checked in and couldn’t have had a more helpful gentleman, who not only gave BattleKid a badge and some balloons, but explained all our vouchers in detail. He even changed our Fast Pass for that day to the next day as the parks were closed and we’d missed out on using the Fast Pass that day. I was not expecting that, and it was so kind of him.

disneyland paris day 1 - the stunning disneyland hotel by night
The stunning Disneyland Hotel

We went up to our room, put our passports and valuables in the safe, and headed out to get some dinner. The Disney Village was open, and we tried to get a table in a few of the restaurants where we could use our meal vouchers, but they were all full. It had been a long shot but there was no harm in trying. It felt strange walking through the Disney Village as the last time we’d been there we were still just a couple. This time we were there as a family of three.

In the end we managed to get a table in Planet Hollywood before 9pm and opted to just have mains before heading back to get some sleep. Now, Planet Hollywood was chaotic. We were seated within 10 minutes of our arrival and our waiter took our order quickly, but it was very loud and when our meal finally arrived it was lukewarm at best. It was as if it had been sitting ready to be brought to us for quite a while. The food tasted fine, albeit presented a little strangely but none of our dishes were hot.

My lasagne was brought out and I initially thought I’d been given the wrong meal as it certainly didn’t look like lasagne. It tasted lovely but just looked strange. BattleDad had a burger, and again, while it tasted fine it was a little too cool for his liking. After paying up we headed back to our hotel and got one or two pictures of it all lit up before heading to our room for pj’s and bed.

disneyland paris day 1 - BattleKid outside the disneyland hotel where we were staying
A wrapped up BattleKid

Surprisingly BattleKid went to sleep shortly after 10pm, as did we parents. We were planning to be up early to make the most of our first day in Disneyland Paris as a family.

Join me tomorrow when I fill you in on our first full day in Disneyland Paris as a threesome!

Cath x

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disneyland paris holiday diaries twitter day 1

Living Arrows 50/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

Last week we were in Disneyland Paris for an exhausting but amazing few days. We did many rides, a few meet and greets and had a ball, especially the little man. Here are just one or two pictures from our first family trip to Disneyland Paris.

living arrows - Meeting Mickey Mouse in disneyland paris
Meeting the main man, Mickey Mouse
living arrows - A surprise meet and greet with Minnie Mouse in the Disneyland Hotel
A surprise meet and greet after breakfast in our hotel with Minnie Mouse
living arrows - BattleKid giving Darth Vader the side eye in Disneyland Paris
By far our favourite meet and greet picture – giving Darth Vader a cautious look!

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Living Arrows

49/52 My Sunday Photo: 03/12/2017

 Tomorrow is a big day for us. We’re finally off to Disneyland Paris after a lot of planning and a lot of waiting. It is our first family trip to Disney and the first time BattleDad and I have returned in five years.
We went five years ago for the 20th anniversary celebrations and we’re going back for the 25th. We visit every five years as the Disney anniversary is also that of my husband’s, as he was part of the opening crew in 1992. And I cannot wait to share it with BattleKid this year.
So, in honour of this year’s trip, I thought I’d share a picture or two from our last visit. I had to dig deep in my external hard drive to find them, but find them I did. I’m hoping I’ll be able to share some magical ones with you on our return.
Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary - my sunday photo Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary - my sunday photo
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BattleKid’s Obsessions: Age 1-2

I didn’t write an age 0-1 obsessions post as apart from sniper crawling and cruising furniture, BattleKid didn’t really become obsessed about anything in particular. I don’t really think babies can in all honesty. But as they get older and start to become more aware of the world around them, then obsessions of sorts can develop.

Take BattleKid’s obsession with bikes and cars. It all started one Sunday afternoon last June when Mum and Dad were watching a MotoGP race on TV. BattleKid had seen some of the TT coverage a few weeks earlier but it was that June afternoon that changed everything. We had always known he might like bikes due to our influence but we couldn’t have envisaged just how obsessed he’d become with them.

He actually watched a full 20 minutes of the race, doing bike noises “nee-aw” and saying “oh no” to the riders who crashed. It was the longest he’d ever watched TV for up to that day and from that day on bikes have featured big time in BattleKid’s little life. Toy bikes can be found throughout the house and he’s always opening the garage door to say “hiya Dada’s bike”.IMG_20150531_144425

And it didn’t stop there once he got used to Dad’s car. When he gets into his seat in Dad’s car he shouts “go go go” and “faster” at BattleDad. He loves the sound of the engine! He is always looking to go in Dad’s car if he’s home. Car and bike mad!

Trying to drive BattleDad's car.
Trying to drive BattleDad’s car.

Soon after another obsession was born in the form of Curious George. This one we can blame BattleKid’s Nan for. You see in July last year she sent him a knitted brown monkey stuffed toy which he took to straight away. He had never had a comforter or favourite soft toy but George quickly became it. BattleDad and I accidentally named him George and that was the name that stuck.2015-07-30 18.12.10

Well you can imagine BattleKid’s delight and surprise when he realised George was on the TV when an episode of Curious George was playing on Disney Junior one afternoon. That was it. The obsession was in full flow and Curious George became an overnight hit. Since then BattleKid has been dressed up as George for Halloween in nursery, had a monkey hat, had a Curious George themed birthday and has numerous Curious George toys and story books. And George “minds” BattleKid every night in bed.Curious George themed birthday party

Last but not least comes Mickey Mouse and Goofy thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, also on Disney Junior. This obsession came late last year due to it being shown between 6 and 6.30am on Disney Junior. BattleKid soon realised he had two “meea-mouse” in his bed and discovered some of mum’s stash of Goofy toys. Since then he’s loved them, although not as much as George and asks for “meea-mouse” every morning in bed.

So there you have it, the three things BattleKid became obsessed with between the ages of 1 and 2. Have your children got an obsession about something in particular?

Thanks for reading,

Cath x