The #LittleOne Tag – Life According to a 3 Year Old

I was recently tagged by Lauren from Sophie’s Nursery to take part in the #LittleOne tag. It’s a set of questions where you imagine how your little human would answer.

Little One Tag

Without further ado let’s begin…

What’s the best thing about being 3 year old?

The best thing about being a 3 year old is I have two slaves at my beck and call. Like, if I want a yogurt I only have to say “I want a moo-cow oggy” and hey presto, one appears with a spoon. How cool is that! Also, I only have to start crying in public and said slaves will do anything I want, mostly, to get me to stop crying. It works most of the time. One time though it didn’t and they walked away and left me crying on the spot. I nearly called Childline!

I also get to play Dad’s playstation, watch YouTube on Dad’s mobile and also get to ride on his motorobike, only in the garage. He’s more of a slave than mum is. I get to tell everyone when I want a wee or poo, I get to build towers and sandcastles and then knock them down (this annoys Mum) and I get 2 stories at bedtime. What’s not to like about being 3?!

What’s your favourite toy?

My favourite toys are my cars and my two bikes. I have a balance bike and Santa brought me a peddle bike last Christmas. I’m awesome on my balance bike, Mum is actually quite proud of the fact I learned to balance on it before I was 2 and a half. Dad is hoping it leads to a career in motorbike racing.

Littleone Tag

I love cars too, particularly those from Disney Cars. Mum and Dad have bought me a few and they are the ones that are never far from my hands. I call Lightening McQueen “Daddy’s Car” as he goes fast like my Daddy’s car does. It’s fast and makes cool noises.

Favourite thing to do?

I love going on my ‘motorbikes’ (balance and peddle bikes), especially in the garden. I also loved going dragon hunting with Mum and Dad to different castles in Wales, where we lived until recently. I’d search the castle and always find its dragon hiding in its cave somewhere. I’m a brilliant dragon hunter!Littleone Tag

Favourite outfit?

I don’t really have a favourite outfit but if I could chose what to wear it would be my KTM hoodie, as Dad and me have KTM bikes, my boots (wellies) and my helmet. Safety first and all that. You have to look the part if you’re going motorbike racing!

Favourite TV programme?

I have a few but my absolute favourite has to be George, Curious George. I love going around answering Mum and Dad with “oo-oo, aa-aa”. I know it drives them insane too. Unfortunately George seems to go on alot of holidays from being on TV as I don’t get to see him as much as I did last year. While he is on holidays I watch alot of Paw Patrol now.

Favourite book?

There are too many to count. The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child, Room on the Broom and the Elmer stories are my all-time favourites.

Favourite food?

Yogurts (oggies), fruit and mince and mash. This is like lazy cottage pie and I love it. Oh, and I also like spaghetti bolognese, although there have been times I’ve had to close my eyes not to get splashed!Littleone Tag

Favourite song?

Currently it is Three Little Speckled Frogs and No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Dad loves the frogs song. He always says “no songs about frogs” but I sing it anyway. I think it is a ploy to get me to sing it….

What makes you laugh?

When I get Dad to put his nose in my ear and blow gently. It tickles my ear and makes me laugh. I also like when Mum puts me on her back going downstairs and sings Horsey-horsey. The part when she spins around for “wheels go round” spins my belly too and I always laugh. Dad also makes me laugh when we’re Skyping and he disappears from screen only to slowly reappear, not from where I am expecting, or when he pulls funny faces on screen. I love that!

Who do you love and why?

I love Mum & Dad because they love me and we do cool things together, like go dragon hunting. They also buy me nice toys and take me on nice holidays. I also love seeing my Lolo and Nanna because they don’t live near us so they spoil me when I see them. I don’t know how that is going to work out now that we’re moving to live near them in Portugal. My Nan and Grandad too as Nan always makes me special jumpers and Grandad does pointing with his finger and mine on Skype. I also love my dog, although not when he snot-stamps me with his nose or hits me with his tail as he goes past me. I always say “No Aris” to that.

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I can’t wait to see what your little ones have to say if you decide to take part (please don’t feel like you have to)! #LittleOne Tag