20/52 My Sunday Photo: 14/05/2017

Well, we just about made it. Leaving at 11.10am Tuesday morning from South Wales, we finally arrived at my parents place near Tavira at 6.10pm Thursday evening. Road trip to Portsmouth, 24 hours to Santander and then 13 hours on the road through Spain to Portugal. But we’re here and it’s sunny, reminding us why we made the decision to up sticks and move us, child, dog and belongings over 1000 miles.
I have to say the ferry was quite a nice trip. We didn’t really get bored, there was plenty to do in between seeing and sorting the dog. Each child’s meal comes with a Brittany Ferries goodie bag and between them and his new Leap Pad Epic, BattleKid was well sorted. More to come about our trip down soon. Hope you’ve all had a nice week and weekend so far.
my sunday photo my sunday photo my sunday photo
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