Get Your Teens Cooking with Dublin Cookery School

As a parent of a pre-schooler I am yet to discover the wonders of what to do with him once the summer holidays hit. But I know enough mums and dads with children of all school ages who really dread the summer holidays and how they are going to keep them occupied enough not to hear the words “I’m bored”. Planning for the summer holidays is no doubt underway in some homes already. Well, parents of teens in and around Dublin who may be too old for traditional summer camps, I’ve got you covered. Why not get your teens cooking with Dublin Cookery School this summer on one of their Growing Gourmets courses.get your teens cooking with dublin cookery school


For quite a number of years now the Dublin Cookery School has run two week-long summer courses for teens aged between 12 and 16, both in June, in a bid to get them cooking and interested in getting into the kitchen more.

I became aware of these courses when a colleague of my mum’s mentioned that her son was too old for summer camps but was desperate to attend something like it. That’s where Dublin Cookery School came into play.

The aim of Growing Gourmets over the course of the week is to not only improve the teens cooking skills, but also introduce them to new techniques in the kitchen while discovering new tastes and recipes they can recreate at home.

This could be a win-win situation. As their confidence increases while mastering new skills, you could find the kitchen taken over and a range of new dishes being served up as they learn to make things like Soda Bread (my person favourite), Thai Meatballs and Lemon Drizzle cake.get your teens cooking with dublin cookery school get your teens cooking with dublin cookery school

Classes are small and held in a fun and relaxed environment where you can be guaranteed lots of one to one interaction between your teen and the friendly and supportive tutors. The programs are unique and could be just the ticket to start off the summer holidays for your teens. It’s like a summer camp with a food playground.

It’s also a great way to strike a balance between teaching your teens a great life skill while creating some fun-filled memories too. The teen son of my mum’s work colleague absolutely loved his week at Dublin Cookery School.get your teens cooking with dublin cookery school

There are two courses in June this year. The first is a four-day course (6th June) and the second is a five-day course (19th June), costing €250 and €295 respectively. Each day lasts from 10am until 3pm.

Lunch and a recipe book are provided, as are all ingredients, so there’s no need to worry about additional costs like sending ingredients or lunch/snacks with your teens. Dublin Cookery School is located in Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock, close to both the DART line and bus stops.

So, if you have a budding Jamie Oliver or Darina Allen, why not get your teens cooking with Dublin Cookery School this summer. BattleKid enjoys being in the kitchen with both myself and Lolo, a retired chef, and were he older, I’d be looking into something like this for him!

For more information about the course or to book a place for your teens, please visit the Dublin Cookery School website.

And what better way to get your teens cooking with Dublin Cookery School than with some supplies. The lovely people at Dublin Cookery School have kindly offered one of my Irish readers the chance to win a copy of From Lynda’s Table cookbook, the owner of Dublin Cookery School, and a Dublin Cookery School goodie bag too. To be in with a chance to enter, please click the widget below and follow the instructions. And good luck!Lynda's cookbook

Win a cookbook and goodie bag with Dublin Cookery School

Cath x

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Vegetables – A Top Tip

I’m all for finding ways of saving time and money, and my latest discovery comes courtesy of Stonebabies (Twitter, Instagram, Travel Tuesdays). While staying with her over the Easter she cooked us a lovely Slimming World inspired noodle stir-fry. As she got it ready, she took a tipperware box from her freezer and tipped it into the pan. I enquired what she was using and she replied “frozen veg”. She explained that, to either keep vegetables fresh or to use up any in her fridge, she prepares vegetables ahead of time and freezes it.

“I never thought of that” I replied!

She spends a little time at the weekends chopping and dicing whatever vegetables she has bought or are in her fridge, mixes them in a bowl if she so wants, and portions the mixture out into tupperware boxes (or Chinese takeaway boxes haha), and into the freezer they go ready to defrost or use as is when needed. If you’re short on freezer space, freezer bags will do the same job.

It is also a great way of storing vegetables for longer instead of them going off in the fridge before you can use them up. I know I’m guilty of this and it’s such a waste. Also, if your local supermarket sells off vegetables at the start or end of the day it could be a useful way of saving money on vegetables by snapping up things at slashed prices, preparing the vegetable(s) and then keeping them frozen until you need them.

By doing this you are able to save time when cooking meals from scratch, particularly busy working mums like me, during the week. How easy would it make your life to have pre-prepared fresh vegetables at the ready for things like bolognaise, lasagna, casseroles/stews, soups, stir-fries, curries and chilli? The added bonus to saving yourself time is, not only will it save you money over shop bought pre-prepared vegetables but you will also have confidence that you and your children are getting good, fresh vegetables in your dish as well. And as mums we are always concious of ensuring we get more fruit and vegetables into our family’s diet.

You can either do it by hand, or like me, use your food processor. You can finely dice vegetables for things like bolognaise, lasagna or homemade burgers. You can roughly chop vegetables for dishes like chilli, chunky bolognaise, lasagna, stir-fries, soups and curry, or slice for casseroles and stews.

Food preparation

Another preparation tip Stonebabies gave me was to peel your bulbs of garlic and store a few cloves in the fridge ready for use and freeze the rest. More time saving in the long run!

My sister-in-law has frozen various types of vegetables from sliced onions and mushrooms to brocolli and cauliflower florrets. This website has full freezing instructions for a wide range of vegetables. Please be aware that there ARE some foods that do not freeze well as outlined here.

As with all frozen foods ensure you either fully defrost the food before eating/cooking or if cooking from frozen, ensure your food is piping hot throughout before eating.