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A bit later than normal simply because we have been so busy getting ready for our holiday and forthcoming move. We didn’t get to go anywhere ourselves this weekend as we had another family photo shoot on Saturday afternoon so this week’s pictures of BattleKid are from the day we let him loose on his new Bob the Builder toy. He had a lot of fun with him and the song is permanently stuck in my head.

As mentioned we are getting ready to jet off to Portugal to see my folks so there may be a more exciting set of pictures for next week’s post. Have a great Easter everyone!

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Switch and Fix Bob the Builder Action Figure Review

We recently received a Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy for review and to say BattleKid has been thrilled to receive it would be an understatement.switch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob is a deluxe size, action figure Bob the Builder who comes with a cool rotating tool belt in which he can carry three different tool bits for his tool. These include a jackhammer, a saw and an auger, all designed to help Bob get the job done.

The rotating tool belt enables Switch and Fix Bob to switch between his tools easily and quickly with his amazing quick draw action tool change system. His tool can hold one accessory while Bob can hold another in his free hand.switch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob’s tool also has a light which flashes and illuminates the selected translucent tool. When the selected tool piece is pressed against a surface the light flashes for between 5 and 30 cycles while the matching tool sound is also sounded.

Drawing Bob’s tool hand downwards activates different phrases and the all-famous Bob the Builder song. Switch and Fix Bob also comes with a removable, adjustable welding mask for his helmet.

I can easily say that since Switch and Fix Bob arrived in our house, he has been permanently attached to BattleKid hands, even coming as far as swimming with us, although he waited in the car.

BattleKid has been having fun with him, moving his tool hand up and down to start the phrases and song, and playing with his helmet. Unusually, BattleKid hasn’t been too keen on the tool sounds. The same can’t be said of the tool light. He has tried once or twice to shine it in Mum and Dad’s eyes.switch and fix bob switch and fix bobswitch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob has helped bring out BattleKid’s imaginative play at home and he absolutely loves this action figure Bob. We have had to pry it from him at bedtime because I’ve been worried he would set his sounds off and wake himself during the night.

What we love about Switch and Fix Bob:

  • Great size for BattleKid’s hands.
  • The adjustable welding helmet is great and easily attached or removed.
  • The three translucent tool accessories are great colours, and do illuminate when pressed against a surface.
  • The flashing light and tool sounds are good, in my opinion (BattleKid isn’t keen on the sounds as mentioned).
  • Great vibrant colours in the toy.
  • The rotating tool belt is great and the quick draw action is brilliant, although BattleKid hasn’t quite figured this out yet.

What we didn’t like about Switch and Fix Bob:

  • BattleKid isn’t too fussed on the tool sounds.
  • The tool accessory bits come off very easily from the belt if knocked a little. Their clips could do with being a little stronger.

Switch and Fix Bob has been a welcome addition to BattleKid’s Bob the Builder toys since he arrived. He has played with him at length each and every day since his arrival, so much so I’m starting to hear him say the phrases with Bob. His imaginative play is certainly noticeable when playing with Bob and I have to say the song is permanently stuck in my head, which some might argue isn’t a great bonus!

I’m really impressed with this Bob and his size for BattleKid’s pre-school size hands. Switch and Fix Bob is recommended for ages 3+ and I think that’s perfect. His size is just right for BattleKid and his rotating tool belt, moveable arms and adjustable welding mask for his helmet are easily done by BattleKid.switch and fix bob switch and fix bob

As mentioned BattleKid isn’t fussed on the tool sounds but enjoys the other phrases and of course the Bob the Builder song. As mentioned the tool clips on the belt could do with being a little stronger in my opinion. I can understand why they are not so strong to enable younger kids to put them on and remove them easily. This is just a minor point, otherwise this is a great action figure toy for any young Bob the Builder fans like BattleKid.

Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy is available from most good toy retailers including Smyth’s, Argos and Amazon. His RRP is £19.99 but most toy retailers have him discounted at the time of writing this review.

If you are on the hunt for a great Bob the Builder toy for a young fan or to add to a Bob the Builder collection, I can recommend this Switch and Fix Bob. Particularly for pre-schoolers like BattleKid.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We were kindly sent a Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the product.

**This review contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. You can read more about this in the disclosure section of my Work With Me page.

switch and fix bob


Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby Review – Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Last week an absolutely enormous parcel arrived with my name on it and BattleDad immediately wondered how many shoes it contained. “Nope, not for me” I responded. I told him it was blogger mail and he was intrigued. Inside the parcel was a fantastic surprise for BattleKid. We were kindly sent a selection of Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby for review and I can tell you now, even I was blown away by what we received.bob the builder toys by smoby

The box contained all you would need to set up a mini workshop for a budding Bob the Builder fan. Jam-packed with Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby, we received the Bob the Builder First Work Bench, the Bob the Builder Safety Set, the Bob the Builder Tool Bag, the Bob the Builder Electric Chainsaw and the Bob the Builder Electric Jigsaw. To say we were gobsmacked to receive all five of these items would be an understatement.

BattleDad and I decided to put together the Bob the Builder First Work Bench before collecting BattleKid from nursery and I can safely say it is the first piece of flat-pack, put-together things we have not had an argument over. The instructions were very clear, easy to follow and everything slotted into where it should without any hassles at all. If only other flat-pack furniture and items were this easy to put together. Five minutes after we started I was putting the finishing touches together in terms of the stickers, while BattleDad got the Safety Set and Tool Bag ready for BattleKid’s arrival home from nursery. We were both giddy with anticipation at what BattleKid’s reaction would be to the Bob the Builder Toys.bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

Safe to say he was absolutely thrilled. He walked into our small play room and immediately clocked the workbench asking “Bob the Builder?” before breaking into the famous song, which remained stuck in our heads all evening, as I am sure it is in yours now. Sorry! He donned the checked shirt/work vest and hard hat before diving into the various tools on the work bench. There was hammering and banging and lots of “oh look at this mama” as he familiarised himself with his new work bench.bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

After a couple of minutes of hammering away he noticed the tool bag and made a beeline for the mechanical drill. I told him to press the trigger like a gun (he had a water pistol to play with in the back garden during the summer), and that was it, quiet as a mouse as he drilled this and hammered that. BattleDad and I could have left him there all night and he wouldn’t have moved an inch away from that work bench. I have to admit there were a few tears come bedtime but we promised he could return to it the next day so he went to bed happy with that thought.bob the builder toys by smoby

The next day we were out in the morning but before we left I placed the Electric Chainsaw and Jigsaw beside the work bench so BattleKid could open them when we got back. It didn’t take him long to walk into the kitchen upon our return saying “mama, open it” while carrying the chainsaw (still in it’s box) and pressing the trigger to make the saw noises and blades rotate around the edge of the saw. In actual fact he mimicked the noises as they sound quite like a motorbike starting up too, a sound he loves.bob the builder toys by smoby

That was it again, no sign of BattleKid but the noises we could hear meant he was busy building and fixing things. The last thing to be opened was the Electric Jigsaw and again there wasn’t a peep out of BattleKid as he got to grips with the saw and the noises it makes.

All-in-all, I can hand on heart say these Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby are truly magnificent and keep BattleKid entertained for hours on end. He has even taken to running at BattleDad and I and trying to ‘saw’ off our legs and arms. We shout “oh my arm, where’s it gone, don’t saw it off” to which BattleKid bursts into fits of laughter, finding it hilarious that he’s ‘sawing’ at mum and dad.

Hours of FUN!bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

The Bob the Builder First Work Bench includes over 30 tools and accessories including a vice grips, saw, hammer and spanner, and lots more. The Bob the Builder Safety Set comes with a checked shirt and work vest top, like the one Bob wears in the show, a yellow safety hard hat, a spanner and a smartphone. The Bob the Builder Tool Bag is a colourful and large back pack which includes a saw, hammer, spanner and mechanical drill. The Electric Chainsaw has child-safe motorised blades that rotate round the edge of the saw and has realistic chainsaw noises at the push of a button. The Electric Jigsaw, like the chainsaw, has a child-safe plastic saw blade that moves via the inbuilt electric motor and makes sawing sounds. All the toys feel of a high quality and are bright and colourful to capture the attention and imagination of children.

What we love about the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  • Bright and colourful.
  • Feels like they are made to a high quality, solidly built and sturdy.
  • Realistic noises in the tools help imaginations run wild.
  • Provide hours of fun.
  • The all-in-one shirt and work vest and hard hat are excellent for role-playing.
  • Lots of activities to be done on the work bench, such as hammering things, gripping things in the vice grips, moving tools around on the bench, putting in screws, the list goes on.
  • Each item is fairly priced (details below).

What we didn’t like about the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  • Absolutely nothing!

The Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby that we received for this review would make an excellent center-piece at Christmas for a Bob the Builder fan and would provide hours of fun. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to buy all the items featured here, each individual toy is fairly priced and would still be well received by any child, no matter what the occasion was. Our personal favourites were the Work Bench and Tool Bag with it’s mechanical drill, with the clear winner in BattleKid’s eyes being the Electric Chainsaw. We cannot recommend these toys more and are very impressed by them. I had not come across Smoby Toys before this review but will definitely be seeing what other products they do when on the hunt for new toys for BattleKid. They all get a big thumbs up from BattleKid!bob the builder toys by smoby

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on my YouTube channel in the coming week when I’ll have a vlog featuring BattleKid road testing these Bob the Builder Toys from Smoby. I’ve also got a giveaway below!

Cath x

Details of the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  1. Bob the Builder First Work Bench: RRP £44.99
  2. Bob the Builder Safety Set: RRP £14.99
  3. Bob the Builder Tool Bag: RRP £12.99
  4. Bob the Builder Electric Chainsaw: RRP £17.99
  5. Bob the Builder Electric Jigsaw: RRP £12.99

These items are available from all good toy stores including Amazon, Smyths, Toy’R’Us and ELC.


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