32/52 My Sunday Photo: 06/08/2017

This week saw me bring BattleDog to the vets for his kennel cough booster and to get his crusty nose checked out. Nothing serious, we just need to moisturise it to soften and remove the extra keratin on it. Afterwards I couldn’t help but get up close and personal with him for a few photos. Here they are in black and white.my sunday photo
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17th March 2015 – Lovely Evening

Last night I had a really lovely evening with BattleKid. When I say evening I mean 1.5 hours. I picked him up as usual at 5.30pm from nursery to a chorus of “thank you’s” for all the St. Patrick’s Day treats I’d dropped in with him that morning for the staff. Now I should explain that BattleKid is often tired and cranky when I pick him up in the evenings but there was none of his usual whingy cried yesterday.

As it was still a lovely evening when we got home, I kept him in his coat, put him in his trike for only the second time and off we set with BattleDog #2 for a quick walk. It could only be quick as it started turning quite chilly but the three of us really enjoyed it. And I’ve discovered that BattleDog #2 has graduated from walking-to-heel with the pram to walking-to-heel with the boy on his trike. Thick as thieves! 

When we got home we let BattleDog #1 in and went about hanging the wash that had finished. BattleKid helped as only he knows how by ragging the clothes horse and pulling off the hung clothes from the lower bars. This normally annoys me but not last night. 

We then went upstairs and had some fun playtime in his room before getting him into his pyjamas. We had giggles and loves and a bit more practising of his 3-4 step walking. After this we got a bottle ready with BattleKid pointing and saying “ta” until it was ready. As he drank it down in my arms in the sitting room he sank deeper and heavier into my arms, until it was finished and he was asleep. I love this time together on the sofa, him snoring gently, me kissing his soft forehead. 

Yesterday was particularly lovely as he didn’t come out of nursery too crabby or overtired. He was in great form and we had a lovely time together before bedtime. It’s a rare thing on nursery days and I’d like more of it please! As I zipped him into his grobag and kissed him goodnight from mum and Dad, I couldn’t help but smile at the little snores coming from my perfect little boy!