5 Awesome Things to Do in Portland with Kids

Portland in Oregon, the city where Grimm (the TV series) was based, is known for being a hip and trendy city. It might not be on everyone’s radar, but it had been on ours for a while. When we started planning our USA road trip and found we could visit both Yellowstone and Portland in one trip, we knew we were finally going to knock it off our bucket list. That said, as we would be travelling as a family, I needed to find things to do in Portland with kids to ensure our son enjoyed the city as much as we did. Continue reading “5 Awesome Things to Do in Portland with Kids”

Solar Buddies Review: A Great Child-friendly Sunscreen Applicator

What’s the one thing that puts you off going to the beach for a day with the kids? Wanna know what it is for me? Applying sun cream and then trying to wipe your hands in sandy towels. But I think I’ve finally found the answer with an awesome child friendly sunscreen applicator in the form of Solar Buddies. This might just be the reason we spend more days this summer on the beach. Let me share with you my Solar Buddies Review.


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Best and Worst Holidays ft My Beautiful Forever

In the next instalment of my Best and Worst Holidays, in which my fellow bloggers share their holidays, the good, the bad and the horrendous, we have Laura from My Beautiful Forever. She is sharing her best holiday to date, which happens to also have been her honeymoon. She has inspired us and you can find out how at the end of the post!

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Travelling with a Baby Essentials: Our Top 5 Items

Travelling with a baby can cause some parents to descend into a ball of stress. As I’ve mentioned before, yes it can be a daunting thing, especially first-time round, but it need not be. We travelled by plane, boat and car with our son when he was a baby and there were a few things I couldn’t do without during those times. So, want to know what they are? Here’s our top 5 travelling with a baby essentials, the things I couldn’t travel without when our son was less than a year old. These are besides that all-important change bag of course! 

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Discovering the Balkans with Kids – Guest Post ft. Slavko Deshikj

In this post, my guest blogger Slavko will help you plan a memorable trip so you can start discovering the Balkans with kids.

Planning your family vacation can be a real challenge. Usually, people follow their first impulse and book in one of the all-inclusive resorts available. Easy, and definitely tempting, it is what many of us would consider a decent opportunity to take a break from the urban jungle. But a true family vacation should provide a meaningful, educational and bonding experience that your kids will remember for years to come. 

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