Ora All-round Kitchen Towel: Review

I was recently sent a sample of the Ora all-round kitchen towel for the purpose of a review. I had never come across Ora before seeing it on an Instagram post and I was intrigued.

This kitchen towel is not like your ordinary, conventional kitchen towel. For a start its sheets are round, not square, and are stacked one on top of the other instead of in one long continuous roll. This means you can very easily remove just one sheet at a time when needed with no ripping, as often happens with normal square kitchen towels. This also reduces the amount you use and therefore reduces waste too!

Ora all-round kitchen towel

Ora all-round kitchen towel

Ora all-round kitchen towel

Ora is:

  • super strong,
  • absorbent,
  • extremely versatile,
  • economical and
  • eco-friendly.

With the unique conical shape there is no inner tube, meaning Ora have managed to fit 100 sheets into one stack which is the same as two traditional rolls. This makes it economical and saves on space.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about a round kitchen towel but the Ora all-round kitchen towel is great. And with the unique stack design you can take a sheet, one-handed, with no rips, great if you’re in a hurry.

It is definitely absorbent and strong, and has many, many uses including cleaning up spills, cleaning smudges off my glasses, lining a cake tin (the perfect size) and to drain washed fruit and vegetables. The list is endless!Ora all-round kitchen towel as a napkin

Draining fruit on Ora all-round kitchen towel

Lining a cake tin with Ora all-round kitchen towel

It is also environmentally friendly as the unique design means it is more efficiently stacked, saving on both packaging and transport costs. The Ora all-round kitchen towel carry both the FSC symbol and the recycling one. However, I think this just means it is recyclable paper rather than being made from recycled materials.

What I love about the Ora all-round kitchen towel:

  • Unique design slots easily into your kitchen.
  • Strong and absorbent.
  • Very easy to use one-handed, especially with a demanding toddler about.
  • So many uses.
  • Clever stack means less waste and easy to store.
  • Economical, one Ora stack = two normal rolls.
  • Value for money.

What I don’t like about the Ora kitchen towel:

  • Exclusive to Tesco.

As I’ve mentioned I was a bit skeptical about a round kitchen towel but I really like the Ora all-round kitchen towel. The fact you can get one sheet one-handed is a big advantage for me. I hate ripping kitchen towel when I need it in a  hurry and with Ora this never happens. It has loads of uses and stand up to all the other brands of kitchen towel available on the market. It currently costs £1.90 per stack which is in the same price range as other twin-packs of standard kitchen towels, so doesn’t cost any extra.

My only negative, and it’s not really a negative, is that it is exclusive to Tesco. I very rarely shop in Tesco, which is why I haven’t come across Ora before now. Unless I was especially going to Tesco it’s unlikely I’ll remember to pick up more Ora kitchen towel. Should it become available in other stores I’d definitely pick it up again as it’s so easy and handy to use.

*We were kindly sent one stack of the Ora all-round kitchen towel for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions about the product are solely my own.


If you’d like to know more about the Ora all-round kitchen towel why not check out one of their social media sites or their website:

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