Lanzarote Day 7: 07/05/2016

BattleKid woke before 7am and BattleDad kindly took him into the living room so I could have another hours sleep. Just after 8 we got dressed, had breakfast and got ready to go to the beach. I was glad we had it to entertain BattleKid with in the mornings seeing as the pool had been out of the question and was too bloody cold as we found out the day before.

We didn’t get beds this time as we had only paid for them the day before and 15 minutes later left with a tired BattleKid so it wasn’t really worth it for the amount of time we were spending on them. The boys started the morning by watching fish in the sea before BattleKid decided to run back and forth between BattleDad at the sea shore and me at the towels while I was writing. No wonder he was knackered by lunchtime with all the running around he was doing and the fresh sea air! It was just a pity it didn’t help him sleep through at night, although I think the cause of the wakeups was mainly teeth driven as he currently has two of his last molars cutting through at the moment and they are taking their sodding time!Lanzarote Day 7 a

From the running game he moved onto collecting stones with BattleDad and I, filling his basket with stones of various shapes and sizes from all over the beach before throwing them into the water to, in his words, make a splash. Lanzarote Day 7 b

Lanzarote Day 7 e

Lanzarote Day 7 g

Lanzarote Day 7 c

Lanzarote Day 7 dHe never tired of that game and you can easily see why this type of lifestyle appeals to many. BattleDad would love to move somewhere like this to enjoy more times with BattleKid like this. Running free on a beach every morning appeals more than sitting indoors on a grey and wet welsh mountain. We need to win the lottery so we don’t need to work and can spend every morning at the beach with BattleKid. I keep playing in the vain hope it’ll happen one day!Lanzarote Day 7 h

Lanzarote Day 7 i

Lanzarote Day 7 f
Family toe dipping

After about an hour and a half a cranky BattleKid returned with BattleDad and we set off for the apartment for our routine shower and change of bandages. It was a bit sad to be leaving the beach for the last time in the morning and we had enjoyed every minute of our mornings on the beach with BattleKid, building sand castles for the first time, chasing him across the beach and teaching him to throw stones in the sea.

However, lunch had to wait as BattleKid fell asleep beside BattleDad on the sofa while watching some TV after his shower, so we transferred him to the cot and let him sleep. Just before 2 he woke so we went for our last lunch before they shut up shop so-to-speak. After lunch I got packing us while the boys played cars and watched the tablet. Packing for and after a holiday is the worst part for me, probably because I have to do 90% of it and it’s so boring!

At 5pm we got dressed and headed out of our resort for our last dinner on Lanzarote for a while. We could have eaten in the resort restaurant but decided against it and we were not alone in this as we saw a few fellow Flamingo patrons eating in the restaurant.

Lanzarote Day 7 j
View from the restaurant on our last night

We all shared starters of bread which was lovely and fresh, prawns, canarian potatoes and olives before BattleKid had spaghetti bolognaise and BattleDad and I had grilled seabass, a staple dinner for us when in the Canaries. It was delicious and cooked beautifully and a lovely way to finish off what ended up being an improving holiday as the week went on. However, as much as BattleKid enjoyed his bolognaise, he managed to destroy not only himself but the table and chair too. We left a big tip!Lanzarote Day 7 k

Lanzarote Day 7 l

Lanzarote Day 7 m After dinner we rounded off our holiday with walks along the wall and a last ride of the motorbike for BattleKid. He’ll miss that little ride!

I did a bit more packing while BattleKid settled and then BattleDad and I finished off Season 3 of Banshee. We thought it was finishing up the way it looked but Season 4 has just started in the states. We got to bed once we’d finished this but didn’t have a great night with BattleKid again.

Come back tomorrow for Home Day.

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