Lanzarote Day 5: 05/05/2016

We woke just after 7.30 after a few more wakeup calls from BattleKid and after his milk we got breakfast. Then we packed up and headed to the beach again with one excited BattleKid. It was such a hit the previous day. He carried his bucket and spade all the way there saying “build sand castles dada” and practicing his name and age with BattleDad, more firsts for them to share.

Lanzarote Day 5 a
Flamingo Beach, Playa Blanca


The clouds rolled in and the breeze picked up this morning but it didn’t stop the boys building sand castles and knocking them down, time after time. More dragon holes were dug and this morning BattleKid took to throwing stones into the water with BattleDad. He seemed in good form and poor BattleDad was worn out with him saying “a more dada” for more stones. BattleDad had more patience than I would have and I was grateful he did as I sat on the beach writing while watching them play together. Sometimes we mums need a break for five minutes to recharge our batteries.Lanzarote Day 5 b

Lanzarote Day 5 c

I soon joined the boys as they dug channels and holes at the water’s edge to collect water. BattleKid was shouting “go go water”, trying to encourage the tide to fill their channels and holes. I don’t know who had more fun during this exercise, BattleDad or BattleKid!

Lanzarote Day 5 e
Watching water fill their holes

Just before 11 the drops of rain started to fall so we packed up, along with a few others on the beach and headed back for our showers. It had actually turned chilly by now resulting in me wrapping myself in a towel (very fetching), so I was glad to get into a nice warm shower when we got back. We changed BattleKid’s bandage and dressing, and his wound seemed to be knitting together nicely. Yes, I got brave and looked. No, I didn’t faint.

BattleDad and BattleKid watched a little bit of the movie, Big Hero, on the tablet before we went for lunch. BattleKid picked at food again and afterwards I got him down for a nap while BattleDad finished off a works call. I read a few pages of my magazine before snoozing on the balcony under the umbrella. I learnt my lesson the hard way! At 4pm we woke BattleKid and he and BattleDad carried on watching their film while I pottered about and got ready for dinner.

We had to wait a few minutes for the restaurant to open and while we were waiting, BattleKid had a climb up and down one of the pool water slides, without going down it I might add, he would have been soaked otherwise.Lanzarote Day 5 e

Dinner this night was our last themed meal at the Green and Grill restaurant, just off the pool area and although it was very nice it came in second to the Tavern by the Sea for our favourite themed restaurant. This restaurant is all about meats and vegetables and the selection is quite good. The mixed and chicken kebabs were delicious and BattleDad enjoyed a freshly grilled steak. Again, the view from this restaurant towards Fuerteventura is lovely from the window seats, one of which we nabbed by being there as they opened. BattleKid didn’t seem too hungry and only picked again but was in relatively good form. Unfortunately I didn’t get any snaps of this restaurant but the decor is nice and the food was tasty.

We followed what became our nightly routine again of walking on walls while holding onto BattleDad. It’s funny how Dads are much more relaxed to this sort of activity than Mum’s are! After this, BattleKid had a ride on a car instead of the usual motorbike. It was a nice evening again, despite the chilly and grey start to the day.

Lanzarote Day 5 g
Walking on walls with BattleDad
Lanzarote Day 5 j
Riding a car instead of the motorbike

After milk and stories, BattleKid actually went down easy enough and was asleep quite quickly despite his earlier two and a half hour nap. BattleDad and I waited until we were sure he was asleep before risking tea with Banshee as the night before we’d had to pause it 3 times to go to him. We also dared to watch 2 episodes before turning in ourselves and were treated to only two wakeups compared to the previous nights 4!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 6.Lanzarote Day 5 d

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