Lanzarote Day 4: 04/05/2016

BattleKid woke at 5.15am asking for a nappy change and didn’t settle so I took him in with me. He snoozed briefly but was quiet until 7.15am. He was a little demon this morning, trying my patience and we were going through a rebellious stage, with throwing things and generally refusing to do things he was asked to do. Time on what we call the thinking mat (in line with nursery) was called for before breakfast!

Just after 8 and the time out we went for breakfast. We had just finished and were about to go when he spilled his drink, despite being told to be careful. My patience was wearing very thin I can tell you. We went back to the apartment and got ourselves ready to try the beach with him, rather than staying indoors or doing yet another walk into town. I stopped in a shop to buy a bucket and spade and we put our stuff on a set of beds at the front (€12 for two beds and a parasol for the day).

BattleKid and BattleDad had a great time building castles, and knocking them down, and digging a hole for dragons (dragons on this holiday referred to lizards). BattleKid then moved onto walking up and down our section of the beach and falling down in play, albeit on his good leg. He was careful to keep his bad knee up, much to my amusement. I was getting a bit worried about his leg and whether his bandage would keep the sand out. We also only let him paddle up to his teething anklets as I didn’t want anything getting to his wound that might cause infection. We didn’t change his bandage before the beach as we figured it would be better to change it afterwards to minimise the upset to BattleKid.Lanzarote Day 4 i

Lanzarote Day 4 j

Overall BattleKid enjoyed his time immensely at the beach, so much so we commented we would probably spend every morning after breakfast there. It was much more of a hit with him than last year I can tell you!

Just before 11.30 we headed back for a shower and to change BattleKid’s dressing and bandage. The sand that came off him was incredible. BattleKid was knackered but we managed to keep awake long enough for lunch. BattleDad took him back to change him and put him down, and I enjoyed 5 minutes peace over dessert. BattleDad always says to take my time and then comments that I didn’t take very long but those 5 minutes are enough at times. Just to eat dessert without a little birdie beside you trying to steal it is often enough for us mums.

I headed back and found BattleKid asleep already and BattleDad about to nap, so I went out onto the balcony again, put the umbrella up and read a bit more of my magazine before catching up with a bit of Snapchat. BattleKid slept for 2 hours and as we had time to kill before dinner, rather than staying in the apartment, we decided to get ice creams and go for a walk away from Playa Blanca town for a change. I covered BattleKid with his Snoozeshade™ while we walked into the sun to protect him, and took it off on the way back as he was out of the direct sunlight. It was a nice way to while away an hour or two.Lanzarote Day 4 b

Lanzarote Day 4 a

We got dressed after getting back and headed to the Tex Mex restaurant for dinner. This themed restaurant is as it is described, with the staff wearing sombreros. Dinner was Mexican and Deep South inspired and I was a little worried about what BattleKid would eat. The restaurant itself is nice and has a great view over the pool and out towards Fuerteventura, particularly from our table. Lanzarote Day 4 cThe food was tasty but BattleKid only picked at food and when we were done we headed to our nightly place, the seafront, to let BattleKid have a go on the motorbike again. This themed restaurant, while nice enough, is not my favourite of the themed dinners if I’m honest.

Lanzarote Day 4 d
View of the main pool from the restaurant

Lanzarote Day 4 e

Lanzarote Day 4 f
Nightly motorbike ride
Lanzarote Day 4 f
A nice family selfie (with permission from BattleDad to show his face)
Lanzarote Day 4 g
Gorgeous Canarian summer evening

Again, it took BattleKid a while to settle and once again I thought the entertainment music had been cranked up a notch. Every night it seemed louder than the last and despite earplugs I could still hear it when I went to bed. I do recommend that when booking a holiday resort, if you are travelling with young children with fairly strict bedtime routines like BattleKid, that you request an apartment away from the entertainment or pool. I didn’t and had assumed they would have the sense not to put families with young children right beside either. I planned to give this feedback to the hotel and travel company (and I did as we left).

Whatever it is about holidays, BattleDad and I couldn’t keep our eyes open past one or two episodes of Banshee and a cuppa or two of tea. Gone are the days of sitting up till after midnight drinking cocktails or wine!

BattleKid also woke around 2 again asking for a nappy change because “Ada poop”. There was no poop!

Come back tomorrow to see if the beach remained a hit.

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