Lanzarote Day 10: 12/05/2015

We woke just after 8am, and after his bottle we brought BattleKid up to see the doctor. Thankfully he gave us the all-clear and the all important fit-to-fly certificate we would need. After breakfast in the restaurant, we booked a flight home that night as other flights we looked at were either to London airports or not until the Saturday or Sunday! It was a Ryanair flight so to say I was apprehensive would be an understatement.

After booking it I double checked the fit-to-fly and saw that the date on it was for the next say. OH NO!
As we all know Ryanair flights cannot be cancelled or refunded, only changed at a fee! What the hell were we going to do?! We had booked it due to crap availability of other flights home. Plus I didn’t want to have to hang around any longer than I had to. I was more than ready to go home. Plus the insurance people still hadn’t fully sorted out paying the hotel for our room.

Packing in the hope we get to flight home
Packing in the hope we get to flight home

BattleDad went to see the doctor to ask if he could change the date on the certificate so we could get home that day. He had told us BattleKid was no longer contagious so we hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. I started packing some of our clothes while BattleDad was out, leaving some in one case just in case we were further delayed. I’d had enough.

Thankfully the doctor had no problem in changing the date and kindly dropped in the revised certificate into the hotel within an hour. I finished packing us after putting BattleKid down for a nap at 11am in the hope he’d sleep well. We’d need to leave at 4pm for our 7pm flight. Thankfully he did sleep well which gave us time to get organised for our trip home.

We woke him at 1.30 so we could have lunch. Then we showered, got dressed and got our taxi to the airport. On the way there I just hoped Ryanair wouldn’t be the annoying sods we know they can be. I’ve refused to fly with them for more than 10 years because of how they’ve been treating their customers. I really hoped they would redeem themselves in my eyes.

We got to the airport with plenty of time and lined up in the check-in desk. This is where the fun started. Because we had booked last-minute with no access to a printer, we couldn’t check-in online and print our boarding cards. Cue a long rigmarole to get us checked in and issued with boarding cards. Thankfully this was the only place they checked if we had a fit-to-fly for BattleKid.

We got through security (but lost BattleDad’s kindle in the process). Having got through there with no hassles, I browsed duty-free before we had a Burger King for something to eat. It was BattleKid’s first and last I tell you!
We boarded with minimal fuss and finally we were on our way home. Despite it being bedtime, a bottle and being in his Grobag, BattleKid did not fall asleep. Our little Duracell bunny kept going until we got him into the car just before midnight!

I was so relieved to get into the car and make our way across the Severn Bridge. BattleDad and I simply transferred BattleKid into his cot when we got home and got ourselves into bed too. We were shattered but glad to be home at long last.

We had a wonderful holiday until the pox descended. The resort was great, very family orientated and definitely somewhere we’ll return to. Although we had been to Lanzarote many times before, this was our first time staying in Playa Blanca. Going in early May was ideal temperature wise and we’re already thinking of booking for next year when BattleKid will get his own seat on the plane. Hurray! It was lovely spending time together as a family but I wouldn’t recommend chicken pox at the same time as being away from home. At least it’s done and dusted I guess!

So where next? Well, we’re off to Bluestone in a few weeks time with friends. We’re really looking forward to it. I’ve read (and seen on Instagram) good things about Bluestone. Stay tuned for our next set of adventures!

Day 9

Lanzarote Day 9: 11/05/2015

The night before was the worst yet. BattleKid was unsettled all night and, due to 3 cups of caffeinated tea before bed, I saw 4am on the clock. BattleKid woke up in reasonably good form while BattleDad and I were both wrecked. After a late breakfast we all played together until BattleKid showed his usual signs he was ready for a nap. He promptly went down for a nap, a 4 hour one at that! We even had to check on him a few times to make sure he was ok!

During that time BattleDad and I enjoyed some sun before tag teaming lunch again. I’m sure people in the restaurant must have been wondering what was going on with us, as we hadn’t been there together for a meal since the Thursday evening, 4 days previously! I’m sure we each were casting a lonely sight for each meal but what could we do. We had no choice until we were given the all-clear from the doctor that BattleKid was no longer contagious. There were just too many young children and pregnant women about to be risking taking a chance letting BattleKid out of the room for anything.

The next day would be D-day with the doctor and I was praying that he would give us some good news. I really just wanted to be home in my own bed, with proper bread and milk and my own home comforts around me.
As BattleKid had slept so long we smuggled him out for a bit of a walk that afternoon (I know). I was starting to get cabin fever and so we used our Snoozeshade to cover BattleKid so no-one could see his spots. We stayed away from town and anywhere with a lot of people.

Lovely flowers we passed on our walk
Lovely flowers we passed on our walk

His spots were all scabby at this stage so we hoped he was past the contagious stage. It was nice just to be away from the room and balcony as a family. We got back and had an ice cream, although BattleKid wasn’t so sure about it as it was quite cold. This was great as it meant we could actually enjoy it without little hands outstretched and a birdie saying “ta” for more! We also played between the balcony and the room until I got BattleKid’s dinner ready. He had been off his food since coming down with the chicken pox which was understandable. Needless-to-say he didn’t eat much.

After I had an early dinner we gave him another bath with bicarbonate of soda and after a bottle, got him into bed.
BattleDad and I managed to finish Broadchurch that night. It was a very good series. BattleKid was a bit more settled that night which meant I caught up a bit on my sleep. We went to bed in the hope we’d get good news the next morning!

Day 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Day 10

Lanzarote Day 8: 10/05/2015

We should have been returning to the UK this day. However, it was not to be. BattleKid woke and promptly tapped me on my foot to rouse me, his cot being beside the foot of the bed! He seemed in better form than the night before and after some breakfast we gave him another bath with bicarbonate of soda and covered him in Aloe Vera gel again, as it seemed to help let him sleep the night before. He was happily playing and chatting away, and after a while we tried him down for a nap. However, again, he only managed 40 minutes before he was up crying.

We took him up and played in our room until we were ready for lunch. We tried giving him another nap afterwards. I was knackered from the night before, so tried to catch forty winks while he napped but again it was only 40 minutes before he woke crying again. The itch had obviously started again. We occupied him with playing inside and out on the balcony. At 5pm we prepared another bath and afterwards covered him in Aloe Vera gel.

Addition to BattleKid's bath
Addition to BattleKid’s bath

I had bought a baby jar in the shops earlier in the day as he’d been off his food the last few days and thought it might be easier for him to manage. I warmed it up and did some frozen vegetables for him as he loves them. He ate a bit better but he didn’t finish it. I went for dinner first, followed by BattleDad. Before we put BattleKid to bed we topped up his Aloe Vera gel in the hopes it would help him sleep better.

He had a lot of scabs forming but still had spots coming up on his legs. I just hoped those didn’t delay us any further from getting home.

It was another rock’n’roll night for BattleDad and I with mugs of tea for us to have while we watched Broadchurch, having finished Banshee. We had started watching Broadchurch the night before and it looked really good. We quite enjoy British drama series when we get a chance to watch them. The Missing (BBC) was good, as was Happy Valley and Hinterland (both BBC). We’re looking forward to series 2 of Happy Valley coming out!

Day 7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Day 9

Lanzarote Day 7: 09/05/2015

After a rough night of intermittent waking, BattleKid woke up with even more spots and running a temperature. He only ate a little bit of breakfast and after a short playtime went down for a nap. However, 40 minutes later he woke up crying and wouldn’t settle back down, so we got him up. It was clear to see that the itching had started. He was very whingy, clingy and wasn’t happy at all. And who could blame him.

BattleDad kindly went out again to try to get something for the itching, as the cream the doctor prescribed wasn’t helping at all. While he did, BattleKid played for a bit and then sat quietly on my lap watching cartoons on the TV which is a rarity! We tried Aloe Vera gel when BattleDad got back and it seemed to help for a bit. BattleKid wouldn’t eat any lunch so we didn’t force him. After BattleDad and I tag-teamed lunch we tried BattleKid down for a nap as he was knackered. While he slept we spoke to the travel insurance people again as we’d heard nothing since 11am the morning before. Because BattleDad had forgotten to put our case number in the subject line of our email to them with our original travel details, they had done nothing with it. This was just silly and it was just as well we checked or we might have been facing eviction from our hotel the next morning.

BattleKid only managed about 40 minutes and I tried to settle him in the bedroom but he was having none of it. The insurance eventually called back to say they had extended the hotel.

BattleKid came out and played with his toys, and trotted in and out of the room and the balcony. He then dropped off in my arms about 5.30pm and had another 40 minutes sleep. God love him he was knackered and wasn’t sure what to be doing with himself, with eyes rolling in the back of his head.

Being confined to our room wasn't so much fun
Being confined to our room wasn’t so much fun

BattleDad went to have his dinner while I stayed on the couch with a snoozing baby in my arms. I enjoyed it though, as times like these don’t happen very often anymore. When he woke I got a bath ready and put some bicarbonate of soda in it. BattleDad arrived back just as I was getting BattleKid out of the bath. We dried him off, slathered Aloe Vera gel all over him and got him into his pj’s. I went and had my dinner and even managed to enjoy dessert too. I had to as it was my favourite on offer: profiteroles!

We gave BattleKid his bottle when I got back and put him into bed, but when I turned in he seemed awake again. It took a while to settle him back down but we had a slightly better night. It was only from about 4am that he became unsettled again. I was hoping that day was the worst of it where the chicken pox was concerned.

Day 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Day 8

Lanzarote Day 6: 08/05/2015

After a rough night playing tag team with BattleKid who was awake on and off from 4am, we woke just after 8am to more spots and also blisters. My worst fears were confirmed by the on-site doctor at 9am. It was chicken pox! He would be issuing us with a “not-fit-to-fly” certificate later in the day at his second clinic time slot. We got a prescription for cream and infant paracetamol, and a follow-up appointment the next Tuesday morning (this day being Friday).

The start of chicken pox!
The start of chicken pox!

This meant no returning home on Sunday and calls to work, nursery and the kennels, and also our insurance to sort out an extension at our hotel which thankfully wasn’t full, so we didn’t need to move hotels. If we got a fit-to-fly cert on the Tuesday, the insurance could sort out our flights home then. What a nightmare. In one sense I was glad he got it while he’s still young, butI would have much preferred to have been at home with him with our home comforts around us. BattleDad kept reminding me that there was worse places to be stuck and fortunately we could financially stay together as the insurance would only cover the cost of one parent staying with an ill child. I really didn’t want to have to fly home with BattleKid on my own. Besides, how the hell would I eat seeing as BattleKid was to be confined to our room for the next 5 days and cannot be left unattended in it!

BattleKid didn’t eat much lunch, and BattleDad and I tag-teamed lunch in the buffet. Afterwards, as he went down for a nap, I ventured to the mini-market to stock up on some food and nappies for BattleKid, and to get some washing powder to hand-wash some clothes. The joy of an unexpected longer holiday.

We decided just to give BattleKid a pouch for dinner with a fruit pot. I was glad I’d brought some with me in the end. After a quick dinner by myself, I had a cool bath with my poor spotty boy. He was in good form despite it all. After his bottle he seemed to settle quickly but appeared to be awake when we went to bed. It was a very unsettled night all round. Chicken pox is horrible! So far paracetamol and the lotion seemed to be doing their job, although I didn’t hold out much hope that it was going to be as easy as it had been up to this point!

Day 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Day 7