Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review

I was recently sent several products from a company called Inateck. I must admit that I have never come across the company before, but I was intrigued to see what their products were like and whether they would be any good compared to things that we have already. Inateck kindly sent me a multi-point USB charger, a laptop bag, and a waterproof camera bag for review. Today I want to share with you my thoughts about the Inateck products we received and my thoughts on the camera bag. So here is my Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round camera bag for DSLR users.


Let’s start with the two other items I received for review before I tell you about the awesome Inateck camera bag.


Inateck Multi-point USB Fast Charger

The first thing we received for review was an Inateck 3-Ports 45W USB Wall Charger. This multi-point fast-charger comes with a 2m USB-C cable and comes with the different adapters for use in the UK, Europe and America.


Multi-point USB Fast Charger from Inateck.


It is a fast charge which is always great in today’s world of high-tech and lots of tech. This feature satisfies the fast-charging requirement for multiple devices with one USB C-type port and two smart charging A-type ports. This means can charge your laptop, your phone and your tablet at the same time (by using additional cables not included, you are provided with one).


Inateck Multi-point USB Fast Charger


This multi-point USB charger is something a family with a lot of technology will appreciate and use. And let’s face it, fast-charging is always a bonus. There’s not a lot more I can say about this product other than it is extremely useful and will be used within our household. Retailing at less than £30, this is a good-value charger.


Inateck Laptop Bag

The next item I received for review from Inateck was a 15.6” waterproof laptop bag. This laptop bag is one of their new range and comes with several compartments, pockets and hidey-holes for all your pens, chargers, cables, batteries, flashcards, micro SD cards and even camera. You name it, it’ll fit in here. The bag itself is not waterproof but it does come with a separate waterproof cover which is always useful, especially if you’re in the UK or Ireland where the weather is extremely unpredictable.

The bag comes with padded back shoulder straps and comes with a strap for across your chest, something that I think a lot of bags lack and is something that I prefer in a rucksack or backpack-style bag. There are two front pockets at the front of the bag with zips and these also have a reflector strip sewn into the seam, which I think is useful for rainy days when it might be a little bit dark, or if you happen to be out at night with this bag on your back. These front two pockets would be ideal for things like a small notepad, for your phone, your wallet, some pens and your batteries for your camera. There’s an additional front section which is quite large which will hold notepads and books, larger items that won’t fit into the 2 smaller front pockets.


Inateck Laptop Bag - A great all-round laptop bag.


All the sections or compartments have very sturdy, strong-feeling zips, all branded with the Inateck label. There are two side pockets which could be useful for a tripod or an umbrella, and there was also a side USB charging point for your phone. To use this, you would connect the cable that is attached to the charging point to your battery pack, and then you would use an additional USB cable to charge your phone externally from the bag. This is one of the first bags I’ve ever owned that have an external charging point for your phone, always handy when you’re a blogger and run down the battery your phone quite a lot.


Inateck Laptop Bag - Great communting bag.


The main compartment, in which you would store your laptop itself, or your camera, has a zip towards the back of the bag for added security, making it an anti-theft bag. It is a double zip system. In the back compartment there is an additional set of two mesh pockets for other items that you might want to store here. This compartment is quite large and will easily fit a 15.6” laptop, a Surface Pro or an iPad Pro as well as a MacBook Pro. The extra room in the compartment will hold things like your camera, charger, additional notebooks or notepads. There is plenty of room in this bag, you aren’t going to be tight on space.

This bag feels well-made, the zips feel sturdy and the carry handle at the very top of the bag is padded and feel secure. The shoulder straps are well-made and padded giving lots of support and there is an additional chest strap for across your chest, as I’ve mentioned, to secure the bag to your body, a feature that a lot of bags lack these days. All the handles and straps, as I’ve mentioned feel secure, and it just feels like a quality bag.

This bag feels well-made, is great value for money (retailing at below £30), won’t break the bank and has plenty of space for everything you would need to carry on a day-to-day basis. As mentioned there is an external waterproof cover for this bag, it is not integrated into the bag, but will provide protection from rain and wind and anything else that might damage your valuables inside. I’m really impressed with this laptop bag and I think it will be very comfortable to wear especially on the commute to the office.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review

The last item I was sent for review is the new Inateck AB02001-L waterproof camera bag. I was so excited when I first opened this camera bag, and started placing my camera gear in it, that I did an Instagram live to share with my viewers and followers my excitement at how lovely and awesome it is.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round camera bag for DSLR users.


Firstly, the bag is made from nice, almost denim-looking material. The shoulder strap is long but padded, so it will suit small people like me or tall people like my husband. The bag is secured with two magnetic clasps at the front of the bag. These are not your ordinary small magnetic clasps. The outer part of the clasp fits over the receiver part. This makes the clasps feel like they’re a bit more secure than general-purpose magnetic clasps. Overall this bag is quite large inside. I was really surprised by how much I could fit into the bag.

Let’s talk about some of the compartments this bag has. You first have a set of side pockets on the bag which will fit a small tripod, or your phone, or drinks bottle if necessary. There is a zip compartment at the back of the bag which could be your security compartment for your phone, your wallet or your keys. When you lift the front of the bag you are faced with the main compartment and a smaller zip compartment. The front zip compartment has a few compartments to it. There is the main section, there are two pen holders and two additional pocket sections for holding things like cables, flashcards or additional camera batteries. There is also a security ring for attaching things like your keys, your purse or wallet.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round camera bag for DSLR users.


The main compartment is quite large. It has a number of padded dividers which you can use to section out your camera body from additional lenses and there is also a back padded section in which it will hold a 14” laptop, MacBook Pro or a Surface Pro. When I started packing this bag with my camera gear, I was really impressed to see how much it will hold.

I got my Canon 5D camera body with my 100mm macro lens attached to it in a main section. In another section I got my Canon zoom lens and in a third section I have my nifty fifty (50mm lens) along with my landscape lens. I also put my Surface Pro in the laptop compartment at the back of this main section. In the front zip compartment, I have a pen, because let’s face it, bloggers never go anywhere without their pens. I have additional camera batteries, compact flash drives, charging cables, and of course a lens wiping lint-free cloth, everything that a blogger or photographer would need.

Although I have all of this in the bag already, there is still room for me to add in things like my phone, a small notepad, my purse and even room to put my Canon G7X camera in, something that I use alongside my DSLR.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round camera bag for DSLR users.


I must admit I have been like a child at Christmas opening this bag, fitting everything into it and using it. It is strange to think that I’ve gotten this excited about a camera bag, but no none of my previous camera bags live up to this one so far. I have multiple camera bags. I have a rucksack-type one, I have an over the shoulder, bring-around-your-body-type camera bag. But for a long time now, I’ve not felt comfortable using any of them especially with BattleKid in tow. This bag is going to make using my DSLR more enjoyable than it has been of late.


What I love about the Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag

  • Waterproof.
  • Large compartments.
  • Zipped compartments.
  • Lots of separating pads.
  • Padded shoulder strap.
  • Holds lots of gear.
  • Feels well-made and sturdy.
  • Value-for-money, retailing at less than £30.
  • Comfortable to wear.

What I don’t like about the Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag

  • Nothing.


Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round camera bag for DSLR users.


I am absolutely thrilled with my new camera bag. Would you believe, I think this camera bag is one of the best camera bags I’ve ever owned. I haven’t been taking my DSLR camera out much because I haven’t liked the camera bags I currently have. However, I have a feeling all of that is about to change now that I have my hands on the Inateck AB02001-L Waterproof Camera Bag. I can highly recommend this bag if you are looking for a bag that will hold a camera body, four lenses, a tablet, MacBook Pro or Surface Pro, and other wires, batteries and memory cards. I’m also impressed with the other Inateck products I was sent for review.

So, if you’re looking for a new camera bag, a new laptop bag or a multi-point USB charger, I highly recommend you check out Inateck. You can find all their products that I have been sent for review on Amazon and they are all great value for money.

Cath x

*I was sent these three Inateck products for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are my honest thoughts and opinions about the products.

**The product links contained within this post are affiliate links. That means that if you click through them and make a purchase, I will receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you. To learn more about affiliate links, please check out my Disclosure page.

Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - A great all-round waterproof camera bag that packs so much gear into it. Lots of compartments for lenses, batteries and other gear a photographer needs to hand. This really is one of the best DSLR camera bags I've come across so far.

Inateck Waterproof Camera Bag Review - Carlsberg don't do camera bags, but if they did, it would probably be the best camera bag in the world. However, Inateck do and this one is simply awesome. Read my review now.

Best and Worst Holidays – KL Loveley

Today on the blog I have the pleasure of welcoming Katie, an author and blogger at KL Lovely, to my Best and Worst Holidays series. Katie is sharing with us her family’s worst holiday. And believe me, you’ve not read anything like this yet in this series.

Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley

More Ice-Cream Children?

Our family holiday to the South-East of Majorca in September 1989 will remain etched inside of my memory forever.

 We were lucky to escape alive and only did so, because we chose an apartment on the first floor as opposed to the unfortunate people who were in the basement apartment of the hotel complex.

Allow me to take you on a journey.

My husband, I, our ten-year old son and seven-year old daughter flew from East – Midlands airport to Majorca on Thursday, 21 August 1989.

It was late when we arrived at the resort of Porto Colom, however we managed to get something to eat, before settling down for the night in our first floor apartment, located directly on the sea front. By all accounts, the apartment was excellent and exceeded our expectations.

The following morning it struck us that the resort was quite small: two hotels close by and the Cecilia Club apartments. We could tell at a glance, that we would be hard pressed to find a variety of activities to keep the children amused.

Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


Thankfully, the beach was just a small bay. It was adequate, clean and safe for bathing. Most of our time during the day, was spent on the beach or at the hotel pool which was part of the Cecilia Club.

So far so good. The first week was over-cast with sunny intervals and no hint of what was yet to come!

Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


On the eve of our tenth day, we went to bed as usual. The weather had been bad all day with persistent heavy rain. Being a light sleeper, I was finding it difficult to sleep and lay awake listening to the rain as it bounced off the windows and the steps outside of our apartment.

I heard the loud roar and crashing of the waves and felt certain that the sea was lapping against the door. Putting this down to my fanciful imagination, I lay in bed listening as the most incredible thunder cracked above and the lightening so intense, it lit up our apartment.

Very soon the children ran into our bedroom and climbed into the bed for comfort. While I stayed with the children, my husband went to check out the situation. He discovered, that we had no electricity to the apartment, thereby leaving us in darkness, except for the light offered to us from the raging storm.

With trepidation he opened the one and only door to our apartment. In daylight we were able to see the beach and the sea, but without streetlights, he was faced with pitch darkness. Just the sound of a raging sea and the sound of a fierce wind and torrential rain.

Quickly closing the door to avoid any further water to enter our apartment; which was raised a good five foot or more from the ground level, by way of steps; he returned to us all and advised us to sleep while he kept watch over the situation.  At this point, water was seeping beneath the door.

When the sun rose in the early morning, we looked out of our apartment window to discover the true extent of the storm damage.

The sea front had been completely washed away and the waves were lapping on the pavement directly below us. We watched in sheer terror as cars, caravans, sun-lounges and beach huts floated in the sea, before our very eyes.


Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


We all got dressed in shorts and tops, but having no wellingtons to walk through the silt and mud that was beyond the lapping waves, we wore our beach shoes.

At first we thought that the damage was due to the raging sea and the torrential rain.

How wrong we were!

Making our way carefully through the deep mud and slurry, we soon discovered the true extent of the damage. Entire stretches of road had been swept away, cutting the resort off from the rest of the Island. Trees were uprooted, evidence of severe damage to local business was all around us. With no electricity, the frozen food was quickly melting under the rising temperature of the morning sun.

Shop-keepers were handing our children melting ice-creams and ice lollies. Everywhere we looked was utter chaos.

Behind our apartment, the pool, tennis and squash courts were under 6 feet of muddy water. And still, the rain fell around us in torrents.


Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


As we made our way towards the hotel, we became horrified as we observed a rescue operation taking place at the hotel. Holiday-makers were stranded in their apartments, standing on their balconies waving to the few people who had their own rubber dinghies.


Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


As word went around the grape-vine, we discovered that the reservoir on higher ground behind the hotel, had burst its banks. Releasing gallons of water tumbling down the mountain creating mud slides. Hundreds of animals were killed. But even more tragic, we later discovered that three people died in the basement apartment of the hotel when the basement flooded under 10 feet of filthy water.

Trudging around the resort in the filthy mud and slurry, we tried to offer our help. There was little we could do. The water and electricity were cut off and the roads un- passable.

Returning to our apartment with the children, we watched the sea as it began to calm. Our legs and feet were filthy, our shoes ruined and we were hungry. Fortunately we had a small amount of milk and cereals, which we ate before the milk turned sour.

Both of the children, although devastated at the destruction of the resort, were fascinated at the power of the forces of nature and the damage that could be inflicted. They were not aware of the tragic loss of lives, we kept this from them.

The meteorological office, reported between 160 and 200 litres of rain per square metre had fallen over night as a result of the Gota Fria. (The cold drop. A weather phenomenon often occurring in the autumn in Spain.)

It was a sad and difficult time for everyone who suffered the consequences of the storm. For our part, we concentrated on keeping our children safe. We tried to keep them amused with educational games and stories.

With four days until the end of our holiday we felt fortunate that we would soon be going home. Within two days, the flooding began to recede and the resort roads, although severely damaged were open.

The first day of the roads being opened, we saw a bus- load of new holiday-makers arrive. We felt incredibly upset for them to arrive at a resort that was so damaged. On more than one occasion we were offered their holiday in exchange for our flight tickets home.

Of course, we knew that this was not feasible, however. Who could blame them for trying?

Our flight home was severely delayed because of damage to the run-way; but once we were in the airport, we were not moving.

The flight was extremely turbulent at times. Arriving at the East Midlands airport, I felt like kissing the ground.

Safe home with our children we felt that we had indeed experienced a lucky escape.


Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


Have you just read this post with your mouths wide open in shock like I did when I first read it? You simply cannot imagine anything like this until you read Katie’s post or see the pictures. How awful. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. I’m so glad you and your family were ok and got home safe, Katie.


Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley


Katie is a mother of two grown up children and three step children. In addition she has three wonderful grandchildren. Katie is recently retired following a very long career, working for the NHS as a nurse. Since retirement Katie has concentrated on her love of writing.  Her debut novel ‘Alice’ was published  in January 2017, followed by her second novel, ‘Love,Secrets,and Absolution’ in November of the same year. In addition to writing contemporary fiction and poetry, she also enjoys writing articles and blog posts. You find Katie via her blog, KL Loveley. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and also Linkedin.

And if you would like to feature in my Best and Worst Holidays series on the blog, please send me an email at

Best and Worst holidays - KL Loveley. By far THE worst holiday I've ever heard of anyone having.

A Weekend in Cardiff; From a Local to a Tourist

Today on the blog I have the pleasure of welcoming Emma Leigh-Hull, a travel and food blogger from Cardiff. In this post Emma is sharing with us a local’s knowledge and guides us through what to see, do and eat during a weekend in Cardiff. Over to Emma.

A Weekend In Cardiff
Photo Credit – Pixabay


When I was a lot younger and I’d see school trips walking through the town centre, I would always question what brings them to Cardiff and why they’d chose to come here rather than somewhere more ‘exciting’. I have lived in Cardiff all my life but since moving away to Cheltenham for university (and returning 3 years later), I really do appreciate everything about the city; the independent food shops, the hours that I can spend roaming in the shopping centre, some great tourist attractions and some really great historical facts. I don’t watch Doctor Who really but knowing that majority of it was filmed in Cardiff is impressive too- my family in Australia watch it on obviously, the other side of the world!

If you are planning on visiting Cardiff over the next few weeks, or you are not sure where you want to go and need some inspiration for where to spend a great weekend, then here is a 48 hours in Cardiff itinerary, written by me, a local, for a tourist. I find that locals tend to write the best guides as they find all the hidden gems. Plus, I know how to get from one place to another to avoid ridiculously high taxi fares – especially on a rugby day!

Getting to Cardiff

Of course I have absolutely no idea where you’re staying, but I am going to assume that you’ve either got an AirBnB around Cathedral Road in Pontcanna (a lot of people rent these out as they’re super close to the centre) or you are staying in a hotel in the town centre/Cardiff Bay.

Airport– although Cardiff Airport actually says Cardiff, it is a little bit outside, near Barry, where Gavin and Stacey was filmed. They have a shuttle bus that runs to and from Cardiff town centre though, the T9 for £5 single or £8 for a return so from there, you can get a bus or train anywhere you desire; usually about £1-2 for a single to anywhere in Cardiff on Cardiff Bus.

Train Station– Good choice! You’re already bang in the centre. As you walk out of the doors you will have St Mary’s Street right in front of your eyes, no doubt where you’ll be spending your Saturday night. There is another train station at the other end of town, Queen Street, but this is around a 15 minutes’ walk, so definitely do-able, don’t get conned into buying another train ticket.

Coach– This is a great option if you do have an Air BnB in Pontcanna, around Cathedral Road, as it takes you right to Sophia Gardens where the cricket is usually played in the summer. If you’re staying in this area, everything is around a 5-10 minute walk so don’t bother jumping in a taxi! The town centre is probably around a 20-minute walk away from here, possibly less if you can do it quick time.

Finding your bearings for your weekend in Cardiff

Where better to start your adventure than the Tourist Information Centre? This is located around the side of The Old Library in the centre, just at the end of Mill Lane on The Hayes (again, where you’ll probably end up on the Saturday night). This is open 10-6pm daily. The main tourist centre is in the Millennium Centre down Cardiff Bay, around 10-minutes south of the centre on a bus, which is open the same time.

The town centre is kind of the base for most things, so there isn’t too much of a reason to venture too far out. The Millenium Stadium is opposite Cardiff Central, although thanks to the new BBC buildings, you may not spot this straight away. St Davids, St Davids 2 and Queen’s Arcade, three of our biggest shopping centres, are also in the town centre, as well as Queen Street where you’ll find Zara, Topshop, Topman etc.

Mill Lane and St Mary Street, as previously mentioned, are the key nightlife spots and they are also in the town centre. If you fancied booking into a show at either the Motorpoint Arena or St David’s Centre, then these are also both in the centre, as well as the National Museum and Cardiff Castle.

Where to Eat over the Weekend in the town centre

Here is a little list of my favourite Cardiff NO-CHAIN places that I think would be great for tourists.

I have a couple of great foodie places that I could recommend. Here are my top few that I think would be great for a Friday night. All of the below are independent to Cardiff so you literally won’t be able to get it when you leave!


Society Standard, Whitchurch Road– I have only recently found this spot but it really is definitely one of my new favourites. They serve a vegan breakfast, veggie breakfast and meat breakfast but as a meat eater, I would even choose the vegan breakfast as it comes with avocado on sourdough as well as a load of sides such as Bubble and Squeak and Spinach. The meat breakfast was pretty full on though, the sausages looked absolutely insane A bit out of the way though if you aren’t driving!

Grey, The Hilton– Ah, if you want to go on a boozer from 10am, then this is your place. Grey do a Bottomless Brunch, which you can check out here and whilst the non-stop flowing of Prosecco is super great, the food is also just as good. A great place to go for an event as it is quite a pricey breakfast for £28pp!

Pen-Y-Lan Pantry, Pen-y-Lan– A bit out of the way if you aren’t driving around Cardiff, but it is a lovely little spot for brunch. My favourite is their chorizo with eggs and avocado on sourdough. What’s more is that you can buy the best cheeses and local vegetables here too!

Milk and Sugar, Cardiff– There are three in the town centre; one near the Park Plaza, one on Windsor Place just off Queen Street and one near the Principality Stadium, so there will definitely be one a stone’s throw away. Either grab something small like a sandwich or go for the full whack with a Full English.

Lunch and Dinner

Laguna, Park Plaza– quite a bit of a walk from the vibrant nightlife of Mill Lane and St Mary’s Street but if you’re with a partner and you fancy a place with a good vibe then this is a nice atmosphere and nice food. Check out my experience of Laguna here!

The Meating Place/Madeira– These are two of my favourite restaurants in Cardiff, but you will definitely need to book! They serve meat hanging from the ceiling with a range of sides and sauces; a must if you can get in. I have never heard any complaints!

Grazing Shed, St David’s 2– In need of a fat, greasy yet delicious burger? Then head to the Grazing Shed just outside St David’s 2. I keep meaning to go here as I hear nothing but great reviews from my friends- choose your bun, choose your burger, choose your toppings. Oh, and what’s more, all the produce is local!

Cornerhouse, The Hayes– Again, this is right on Mill Lane so it is also a great place for drinks before, after or even both. I have a booking here coming up in April, but they serve everything from fish cakes, steaks, burgers and lamb. A nice cosy bistro!

Giovanni’s, Park Place and The Hayes– I love an Italian, I really do, but this is better than just your Joe-average pizza and pasta. The staff are all so welcoming, which is always a bonus, and the food is just divine. Plus, this can be a little celeb hang out when there are shows on in the Millennium Centre or concerts on in the Motorpoint, so keep your eyes peeled.

Things to Do

As mentioned, the majority of things to do are in the town centre anyway, so there really isn’t much need to get taxis everywhere. The easiest thing to do would be to jump on the open top bus tour right outside the Castle but you can save £20 by not doing this and just getting the occasional £1 bus. I have started these events from one edge of town right to the Bay so it would be more efficient to follow them in order.

National Museum– Start at the Museum right on the edge of town. The museum is closed on Mondays (I found out the hard way) and it is free entry, hurrah! Enjoy some lovely art work, fake animals such as a huge mammoth and take some time watching the window of ants hard at work doing their leaf collecting. I realise I haven’t made this sound very exciting, but it is an enjoyable experience!

Cardiff Castle– Head to Cardiff Castle, built by the Normans in the late 11th century- I keep meaning to go back here as I love it! The décor and interior is so beautiful so definitely take your cameras ready for those Insta-worthy snaps! An adult is priced at £12.50 with the added house tour for an extra £3.25 (these prices have really gone up since I visited on a school trip 12 years ago!).*

Principality Stadium– This is Wales’ pride and joy when it comes to rugby, if there is a match taking place while you’re visiting, it would be great to go to a game and get into true Welsh spirit. Take the tour for £12.50 per adult and £9 for under 16s.*

Cardiff Story Museum– Head to The Old Library, where there is a fun, free and interactive gallery where you can discover Cardiff’s history. Discover how it has changed from a small market town in the 1300’s to now the cool, cosmopolitan capital that we know it as today. It is rich in objects, stories from the Cardiff people and fascinating photographs. Free of charge!

Roath Park– I am so lucky to have this is within walking distance from my front door. When my dog was alive, I’d head down to the lake pretty much all of the time. At the end of the day, it is just a park but it is a lovely stroll, especially in summer around the lighthouse. You can even jump onto a pedlo or canoe for a nice ride with the ducks!

A Weekend in Cardiff - Roath Park

Wales’ Millennium Centre– My favourite building in Cardiff! Head down to Cardiff Bay (either by train, bus, or a 20-minute or so walk down Bute Street) for the beautiful centre, where shows take place majority of days. The last show that I saw in here was Wicked and I am seeing it again next Christmas front row, how exciting! There is also a nice restaurant based in here called Ffresh!

Cardiff Bay– Even if you don’t particularly want to see the Millenium Centre, Cardiff Bay is a lovely place for a stroll. If you are into Torchwood, then visit Lanto’s Shrine, or, jump onto the water taxi and have a ride over to the Barrage. There are plenty of bars and restaurants here too and it is beautiful in summer!

St Fagan’s National Museum of History– Although this isn’t anywhere near the centre, it definitely is worth the taxi ride but you can literally spend nearly a day here. It is a small village of over 40 buildings from different time periods- it still smells like older times (lol, as if I know what older times smell like). Plus there is a museum with loads of different bits and bobs too. Oh and also, there are pigs and sheep roaming about!

I really do hope that you have the best few days in my hometown and you don’t leave disappointed. The lovely city really does have so much to offer for groups of friends, families and children. If you’d like to know anything else that you can do, then please head over to my blog and find my social networking accounts!

A Weekend In Cardiff

Thanks so much to Emma for writing a great guide to what to do, see and eat during a weekend in Cardiff. I’ve managed to visit a few places on the list during our time in South Wales but I do want to try some of the eateries next time we’re in the Welsh Capital.

Emma is a travel and food blogger from Cardiff. Her blog covers a lot of yummy places to brunch in the city and all of her favourite holiday spots. Visit her blog and also follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

*Prices correct at the time of publication of this post.

A Weekend In Cardiff:. Your local guide to Cardiff.

A Weekend In Cardiff: from a local to a tourist. Who better to tell you what to see, do and eat in Cardiff than someone who lives there!

Useful Camping Tips for Families – Guest post ft. Tadej Kozar

Today on the blog I have the pleasure of welcoming Tadej, a camping enthusiast who blogs at Camping Tent Lovers. Tadej is sharing with us some useful camping tips for families. BattleDad and I have enjoyed camping but have yet to experience it with BattleKid, so these tips will come in helpful one day.


Useful Camping Tips For Families


Useful Camping Tips for Families

Camping is one of the best ways of spending time outdoors. The beautiful flora as well as the majestic landscape makes for a totally refreshing experience that will leave you calm and relaxed. This is the feeling if you are camping alone as an adult or with a group of other adults, but it gets a lot more challenging when the kids are involved.

Their playful and forgetful nature is what makes camping with kids a challenge, but this doesn’t mean that you should leave them out when you are heading to camp. There is a lot that kids can learn from spending time outdoors such as survival tricks and how to take care of the environment, and this makes taking them with you camping very important.

To make sure that your family camping experience is enjoyable and fulfilling, we have compiled this article that highlights a few camping tips for families. Let’s now take a look at the things that you should do and those that you shouldn’t when you are out there with your children.

Important camping tips for families

As mentioned earlier, kids can be quite challenging to deal with when they are outdoors and without proper planning, your camping trip could become a nightmare. Kids are easily excited by nature and as such, they may wander deep into the woods without you noticing it.

Kids also tire easily and this is another thing that you have to consider when heading out to camp with your young ones. What I am saying is that you need to do some serious planning if you are going to spend some time outdoors with your kids and this article on useful camping tips for families will help you with just that.

We have divided this guide into the things that you need to do and those that you shouldn’t do so as to make it easy for you to plan your trip and make your stay outdoors enjoyable. Let’s begin with the things that you need to do when camping with kids.

The DOs of camping with kids

1. Set some ground rules

It is important that you lay down the law if you are planning on going to camp with your kids. Kids can get adventurous when they are out there and you need to let them know that the campsite is not the place to get mischievous.

They can get lost in the woods if they take their games too far and this is something that they should be aware of from the get-go. Let the kids know that they cannot go far into the woods without the guidance of an adult. Let them know that they cannot eat anything that they come across in the woods as this can cause stomach upsets and other complications.

Such ground rules will make sure that your kids are safe at all times and this will make your stay enjoyable.


Photo by Hanna Morris on Unsplash


2. Pack your kids clothes separately

You need to pack the clothes that your kids will use when they are camping separately for added convenience. Get several grocery bags and in each bag, put a full set of clothes that the kids will wear on a particular day.

Once the kids are done with a particular set of clothes, they can return them back to the grocery bag and this will ensure that they don’t mix up clean and dirty clothes.

3. Bring some toys along

Since you won’t want your kids to wander into the woods in search of entertainment, then you should bring along some toys for this purpose. Don’t bring their whole set of toys as you still want them to enjoy nature and the great outdoors but a board game and some sports gear will not hurt.


The DON’Ts of camping with kids

Here are a few things that you should NOT do if you are planning on going camping with your kids.

1. DO NOT forget your survival kit

The playful nature of young children may result in injuries or the kids getting lost and this is why you should always bring a survival kit with you if you plan on spending some time outdoors with your children. Getting a survival kit is one thing and training the children how to use them is another.

Some of the items that should never lack in your survival kit include a whistle, a first aid kit, a GPS system and a flashlight. The whistle is for creating some attention should one get lost and you should teach your kids how to use a whistle to ask for help.

The first aid kit is for injuries and emergencies while the kids can use the flashlight to find their way in the dark or when heading to the restroom late at night.

2. DO NOT over-pack

You may be tempted to carry lots of clothes for kids when camping but this is something that you should avoid if you want to enjoy your stay outdoors. Since the kids will be carrying their luggage when heading to camp, over-packing will increase the weight that they will have to carry around and this will see them tire quickly.

Kids get grumpy when they are tired and this is an occurrence that you should avoid if you want to have some peace and tranquility out there in the woods.


Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


3. DO NOT buy new camping supplies

Buying new camping supplies will mean that you have to transport them to your campsite and this will make you and the kids too tired to enjoy your stay. You can instead rent the best family camping tents at your campsite and this will ensure that you don’t have a lot of weight to carry around.


Camping with kids is a delightful yet challenging experience and without proper preparation, your stay could get quite messy. Read this article to understand the important camping tips for families so as to make your stay outdoors fun and enjoyable.


Useful Camping Tips For Families


Thanks to Tadej for this informative and helpful post. I’m sure as a family we will experience camping one day and these tips will become invaluable then.

Tadej is passionate about camping tents and camping. He believes that getting the right tent for you and your family is a vital investment, no matter where will you pitch your tent – in mountains, in your backyard or in the nearest forest. Tadej will help you to find the right one. If you are a camper or willing to become one, or if you are interested in camping, you could find Tadej’s website Camping Tent Lovers useful. You can also find Tadej on Facebook.


Useful Camping Tips For Families - Top tips from guest blogger, Tadej, to make sure your family camping trip goes without a hitch!

Best and Worst Holidays – Life And The Great Outdoors

In today’s Best and Worst Holidays guest post, we hear from Kelsey who blogs at Life and the Great Outdoors, who is sharing with us her best holiday as a couple. Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors

Best Holiday as a Couple

Are you looking for somewhere awesome to take your family this year? Let me tell you why you should be heading to Rome this year. 

My best holiday so far to date has to be when my husband and I went to Rome. He wasn’t my husband back then but little did I know this would be the holiday where he would propose to me. 

So, a bit of backstory. We had been going out for about 9 years at this point but had never had a holiday just the two of us somewhere abroad. It was our first holiday booking and planning everything ourselves. So, this is another reason why it was so special. I booked everything separately as I wanted to save as much money as well. Instead of heading to a travel agent, I learned everything I could about Rome and booked it all online. I’m going to let you into the secrets of how to find places cheaper and what we did while we were there.

Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors
The stunning Colosseum in Rome.

How did you plan?

To start off with I used Google, I Googled about Rome, what the best places to see were. The best places to stay, best places to eat and how long to stay for. I found TripAdvisor, I know late to the show, and discovered that you could book activities through this website. We picked a company called City Wonders, we used them for a Colosseum and The Forum walking tour and to skip the line at the Vatican.

I then used to find the hotel. I love, you can book a hotel anywhere in the world and they will generally come with breakfast included. And you can get free cancellations until the day before, this is great if you find the price cheaper as you can cancel and re-book without an issue. I have saved over £100 doing it this way. 

To find flights I used Skyscanner. If you have never used it before it is a good website because it shows you which flights from your chosen airport are cheaper and what times they fly in and out. It’s a great money saver, another website you can use is Kayak but I haven’t found it as good as Skyscanner yet. 

Rome is great for transport; the train takes you from the airport to the inner city. I recommend flying in and out of Fiumicino airport. The train station is right at the airport and it costs about $12 per person. When you’re in the centre of Rome you can walk everywhere. Nothing is too far awhile and the hotels stock nice sightseeing maps that you can have for free. Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors

 What did you do when you were there?

We stayed a total of 3 days. We arrived early on the 1st day and left late on the 3rd. 

Day 1

The first day, my husband proposed to me at the Trevi Fountain, read my blog post on how he proposed to me, it was beautiful, may I add. We then visited the Pantheon, which was free, ate pizza, had ice cream and walked around exploring the whole city, the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona. 

Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors
Enjoying Italian pizza in Rome.

Day 2

The second day we went to the Colosseum and The Forum. We took a walking tour with City Wonders, as mentioned early. You basically meet up with a guide, who gives you headphones and she tells you the amazing things about the place you’re visiting while walking you around. This is suitable for children too, as you can wander around the area they are in and still be able to listen to her speaking. The Forum was beautiful and at the end of the tour, we could go back to the Forum on our own if we wanted. It was the middle of August so this day we had a tropical storm. It only lasted about an hour, but it was the most amazing experience. To experience hot rain is very surreal. 

We then ate more pizza, had pasta, Italian wine, went shopping and bathed in the beautiful afternoon sun. 

Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors
Experiencing hot rain in Rome in August. Or not!

Day 3

On day 3 we went to the Vatican, we ended up getting the underground to this, as it’s just outside of the centre but the tickets are very cheap and we ended up walking back anyway. The City Wonders ticket was great because you met a guide outside of the Vatican with a group of other tourists, they take you in through the skip the line entrance, and then you are left to explore by yourself. You can book guides but we wanted to explore by ourselves for this one. The Vatican is beautiful, so many works of art!

Just outside of The Vatican is St. Peters Basilica, this is free to enter but there is always a massive queue. The queue goes down quickly but we didn’t really want to queue just in case we missed our flight. So, we took pictures, got some lunch and strolled back to the hotel.

Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors
Skipping the queue and just taking pictures at the Vatican City.

It was then time to head back home. I was very upset to go home as it was such an amazing holiday. It was the middle of August so was very hot, but after the first day, you get used to the temperature. Some people say to not go in August as it can get very busy with tourists, but we didn’t find that it was busy, it was less crowded than London.  We have a reason to go again as we didn’t get to go inside St. Peters Basilica. 

I really hope that you consider Rome for going on your next holiday. Do some research before you go to get the most out of your trip and you will never forget it. 

Kelsey: Let me know if you’ve ever been to Rome or are considering going, I would love to hear your experiences.Best and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors

Thanks so much to Kelsey for sharing her best holiday as a couple. BattleDad and I visited Rome one February and it was amazing. We can’t wait to bring BattleKid there one day.

Kelsey is from the UK and blogs at Life and the Great Outdoors as mentioned. It is a blog focusing on lifestyle, travel and home. Kelsey also adds her dog Ava in when she can. She is quite a newbie blogger but is loving having a little space on the internet where she can write her experiences. You can subscribe to her blog and also find her on Twitter and Pinterest.

And if you would like to feature in my Best and Worst Holidays series on the blog, please send me an email at and Worst Holidays - Life and the Great Outdoors. Kelsey from Life and the Great Outdoors shares her best holiday as a couple in this instalment of my Best and Worst Holidays Series.