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The day a fairy came to live with us was a special day. It came recently when we had decided to get rid of BattleKid’s dummies. The day after we started, our Irish Fairy Door appeared to the delight of the BattleHousehold. We had been wondering when one might move in, if at all, but we are now sure that our fairy came to help us along our ‘no more dummy’ journey.

BattleKid was fascinated to see the fairy door, located on our landing adjacent to his bedroom, so much so he tried to remove the door from the wall. We explained that he couldn’t remove it and that it belonged to a fairy who had come to watch over him at night and to bring him occasional presents when he was a very good boy, such as that day.

Kyiri, as my hubby and I have named our fairy for now, brought BattleKid a special KTM bunny to go alongside the KTM bike the birdies had given him the day before. You see, the birdies sneaked in through an open window while BattleKid was at nursery and took his dummies for their babies. In their place the birdie left a KTM model bike for BattleKid.

Since then BattleKid has said thank you to the birdies and the fairy for his special KTM bike on numerous occasions, and each night asks for his door to be left open enough so that he can see his fairy door. So far so good.

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature – Lynn Holland.

I had been aware of the Irish Fairy Door Company for quite a few years and I’ll admit I longed for the day a fairy came to live with us so I could get one. When BattleKid was only a few months old, the Irish Fairy Door company had a special deal on and so I bought one and put it away, waiting for the day when a fairy came to live with us and it could be put somewhere special.IMG_1734

BattleDad and I talked about when would be the right time and we both agreed that it might help us when we came to get rid of the dummies in the house. I’ve been so impatient for the day to come, going so far as to get in touch with the lovely people at the Irish Fairy Door company to get advise on when might be best. And that day finally came!

Our Irish Fairy Door is a blue arched door. We helped our fairy feel at home by decorating his door with the toadstool wall art and also installed the picket fence wall art either side of the door. There are two birdies in the scene, one on the fence and one at the foot of the toadstool. Butterflies, bees and flowers helped to finish everything off and we’re sure our fairy approves.a fairy came to live with us

We also opted for a named wall plaque for our fairy door and had it engraved with the word ‘Kelethin’ after the zone in which mine and BattleDad’s elvish characters from Everquest grew up. All in all we are pretty happy with our fairy door and we’re sure Kyiri is too. When BattleKid gets a bit older we will let him choose some of the other decorations for Kyiri such as the garden or playtime accessory packs.

Each Irish fairy Door box comes with a fairy door, available in a wide range of colours and with arched or round doors. Included in each box is a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones (although we haven’t put them out yet), the Family/Fairy Lease agreement, a notepad for your fairy in case they want to leave little messages for your little ones, and the Fairy Welcome Guide which tells you all you need to help settle your fairy into their new human home. As we had an older door we did not get the notepad, lease agreement or welcome guide, so the new fairy door packs are really impressive now.a fairy came to live with us

Once your fairy moves in you can register them with the Irish Fairy Door Company, which gives you access to the Magical Matters section of the website. You will also be sent your Fairy Lease Agreement. After this it is up to both you as the human and your fairy to ensure the magic stays alive in your house.

I absolutely love the Irish Fairy Door Company and we even have another door safely tucked away in our attic for the day another fairy might come to live with us. We thought it might be an outdoor fairy so we have a green door at the ready, although we do think Kyiri would like time to settle in before another fellow fairy comes to live with us. We also think BattleKid would like to name that one so it will probably be a few years before that happens.

Until then Kyiri will watch over BattleKid, and may even use his magic to report to Father Christmas in the run up to Christmas as to how BattleKid is behaving and what he might like for Christmas too. The magic has come to our house and is most definitely here to stay.

What I love about the Irish Fairy Door Company:

  • Great selection of doors to choose from.
  • Big selection of accessories and decoration to go with fairy doors.
  • Fairy door itself comes with lots of extras like a magic key, stepping stones, notepad and welcome pack.
  • Injects a certain type of magic into your home.
  • Fairies can work with humans to help in certain situations like getting rid of dummies.
  • They ship worldwide so the magic can spread far and wide.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable for all ages, although they are recommended for ages 3 and over.
  • Conforms to Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and has been awarded the CE mark.

What I don’t like about the Irish Fairy Door Company:

  • Absolutely nothing!

As you can tell I’ve been longing for the day a fairy came to live with us and now it’s here there is a certain magic about it. I believe this magic will grow as BattleKid gets older and his awareness of our fairy door and Kyiri grows. I believe our fairy will help us when we need it and so far he has been doing a great job. We are doing well on the ‘no more dummies’ front and BattleKid says goodnight and thank you each night to our fairy door. He even kisses the door when our fairy leaves a little present for good behaviour. We also chat to the fairy about bad behaviour. BattleKid might not ‘get it’ at the moment but he soon will.a fairy came to live with us

I think the magic has just started in the BattleHousehold and may it grow and grow and grow.

Where you believe there is magic… you will find it – Author Unknown.

Do you have a fairy in your house? If not, here’s how you could have one! I had gotten in touch with The Irish Fairy Door Company to inquire if they do vouchers for their website so that I could spread the fairy magic with my readers and they unfortunately they don’t at the moment. However, the brilliant people at The Irish Fairy Door Company have very kindly offered me 5 fairy doors to give away to my readers. So if you’d like to invite a fairy to come live with you and your little ones, click the widget below and follow the details on how to enter. Good luck everyone.

Cath x

*I was not asked to write this review.

Win an Irish Fairy Door

Terms and Conditions:

  • Open to my UK and Republic of Ireland readers only.
  • 5 winners will win a fairy door of their choice (worth £19.99).
  • Winners will receive their fairy door direct from The Irish Fairy Door Company.
  • There is no cash alternative.
  • The competition runs until 23.59BST 23rd August 2016.
  • Winners will be notified within 5 days of the end of the competition.

to learn more about the Irish Fairy Door please visit their website or check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

17 thoughts on “A Fairy Came to Live with Us – Irish Fairy Door Company

  1. What a good idea! Don’t know which one of my kiddies would love it most! Probably my DD can’t see the boys being too bothered, unless there was a promise of gifts 😂

  2. Looks fab, would love a green one for my little boy, just looked at the website and love the little welcome mats and other accessories!

  3. This is just the loveliest idea – our little boy turns 2yrs old next week & we had been considering having a fairy come live with us but thought he was too young.
    Your post leads me to believe it’s a good time to do it. Thanks, Cath.

    1. BattleKid still doesn’t really know what a fairy is but he definitely thinks one lives in that door. I caught him sitting beside it last night talking to it saying “thank you fairy, thank you birdies for my motorbike”. Just missed it on video. It was too cute. But I do recommend it. Even if you wait 6 months I think your son would love it xx

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