Living Arrows 41/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

We finally visited the “Parque de Lazer” near us, which is a leisure park. It is a bit different to what we’re used to in the UK. Dirt tracks, small trees, blazing sun. There was a lovely lake hidden away, an old farming machine which caught BattleKid’s attention and a playground, always a winner with him.

living arrows - battledad helping battlekid on his bike
Getting a helping hand from BattleDad

living arrows - battlekid cycling his bike

living arrows - battlekid looking at an old farming machine
Fascinated by an old farming machine
living arrows- battlekid throwing stones into the lake
Throwing stones, as you do when you’re three

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Living Arrows

2 thoughts on “Living Arrows 41/52

    1. It is all down to his balance bike that he got when he was just 2. Within 6 months he was feet up. He then progressed to getting a run before lifting his feet. And now this year, peddling. He surprised me, I can tell you x

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