Wanderlust Kids #6

Well, July is gone. How did that happen? And with the start of a new month comes another #Wanderlustkids linky. Thank you to everyone who linked up their great posts to Wanderlust Kids last month. Last month was the best yet with a total of 14 great posts added to this linky. I never thought I’d get one person, let alone 13 (plus myself) linking up to Wanderlust Kids. There have been family holidays, days out, birthday celebration Here is a synopsis of everyone’s post that linked up, in case you missed them last month.

I have decided that if more than 10 people link up I’m going to do things a little different. I am going to still share a synopsis of everyone’s posts but I will also have a featured post, which will be the post I most enjoyed reading. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts but feel this time around there is one that deserves a little more recognition. 

July’s featured Wanderlust Kids post

Melissa of The Family Voyage. In her post, which is very comprehensive, she shared her exciting new that they are taking a “family gap-year”. They are leaving their LA home to travel the world with their 2 children. They plan to take in places like Thailand, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and lots of European destinations. I am in awe of them and wish we could do the same. If we didn’t have our BattleDog I think we’d seriously consider it. Why not go check out her amazing post about Choosing Wings and all the things they have had to consider.

July’s Other Great Posts

Laura from Side Street Style share her post about going glamping in the Wye Valley. She stayed in the Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans and it looks like a great place for a getaway.

Jade from Mummies Waiting shared her exciting new free printable guide to what your child can ride at Disneyland Paris. Ideal for any of you who, like us, might be visiting there soon.

Lisa from Baby Loves Travel shared her 5 top tips for doing road trips with a toddler. We have used some of them in our recent drive from Santander to Portugal and will do so again on our forthcoming USA road trip.

Deb of My Boys Club shared part 3 of their family holiday to Loch Ness. In this post of their Scottish holiday series they did a Harry Potter road trip. They followed the train route taken by the Hogwarts Express and passed some stunning scenery!

Carol of Family Makes shared a post in which other family bloggers shared their hints and tips for doing road trips with kids. Again, this is another post I’ll be referring to in preparation for our USA road trip at the end of the month.

James of Scantily Dad shared his great post with 19 hacks for flying with a baby. I also learned something new in his post. Did you know that if you are flying with twins on a place with 3 seats to a row, you cannot sit together due to the limited number of oxygen masks per row? I didn’t but now I know.

Wandermust Mummy of Wandermust Family shared s post in which fellow bloggers gave us ideas for destinations for baby’s first summer holiday between June and August. There are some destinations in there I’d love to visit.

Rupreet of Rupeat shared her post about going to Majorca to celebrate her birthday. The resort they stayed at looks amazing , as does the food.

Jenny of TraveLynn Family shared her India Diaries post in which she shares with us their recent family move to India. They have moved for a year with her hubby’s work along with their 1 and 3 year old sons. Amazing. It almost felt like I was reading about our recent move too.

Laura of Musings of a Tired Mummy shared her post about their recent day out at Donnington Castle. The castle looks amazing and they also saw the White Horse at Uffington before enjoying a Mexican-themed BBQ. Yum.

Ami from Through Ami’s Eyes shared her hints and tips post about making flying with a toddler easier. Her hints and tips are ones we’ve used before and will use again in our forthcoming travels!

Niamh from Treasure Tales shared her top 10 travel essentials for toddlers. We always travel with a first aid kit, swim nappies and a hooded towel for BattleKid, all of which made her list.

I really enjoyed reading the different posts everyone linked up and cannot wait to see what will be linked up this month.

This month I am linking up a post which follows on from the one I linked up last month. Having booked our trip to Disneyland Paris for December, I turned to the blogging community to help me find out what rides are suitable for under 5’s at Disneyland Paris. 

My ‘Wanderlust Kids’ linky will open from the 1st of each month for you to link up a post, old or new, which involves travelling with kids. It can be a day out, a family holiday, somewhere new your children have discovered or a post with hints and tips about travelling with kids. As long as it features kids and is travel based it can be linked up. The following month I will write a synopsis of the posts linked up (and/or featuring a favourite one, depending on the numbers), linking back to the owner’s blog.

So, if you’d like to join in, just grab the badge below, add it to your post and link up your post via the link up button below. Please make sure you visit a few other posts that have linked up and leave a comment.

Don’t forget that throughout the month you can use the #WanderlustKids on your Instagram photos which involve travelling with kids. These photos can be abroad, home or days out, so long as they feature your children and have a travel theme attached to it. Each fortnight I will pick my favourites to showcase. I cannot believe how well this little community is growing and appreciate everyone who has adopted the #wanderlustkids on Instagram.

I look forward to reading your posts, maybe gaining some inspiration.

Please note that Wanderlust Kids will be late next month and will be live from 11th September as we will be travelling in America with patchy WiFi, the disadvantages of visiting Yellowstone and the National Forests.


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The Portugal Diaries #5

Well we’ve been in Portugal for eight weeks and it finally feels like we are starting to settle into our new life. But the last few weeks haven’t been without their dramas either! For the first couple of days, we relaxed in my parents’ house, pottering into Tavira once or twice for shopping. It was all about getting over the mammoth drive for mum and dad and wondering if our Land Rover was still sick or not.

We got into a routine with BattleDog of walking him regularly to toilet him as my folks don’t have an enclosed garden for him to be free in. Theirs is open so regular walks were necessary, not that he was complaining. BattleKid often joined me on his bike, and found a great run-off for himself near my parents’ house. I’d stop him at the top of this short hill, checking no cars were about. After a thumbs up from me, he would get a run off and free wheel down with feet up. The neighbours were all very impressed with his skills, I can tell you!portugal diaries

On cooler days, we also visited the playground in my parent’s park and let him burn off some steam. However, we soon found out that evenings were off limits. The playground is located beside a very small lake, and in the evenings the mosquitoes come out in their droves so unfortunately it was off limits after 5pm.

portugal diaries
Playground time

The Sunday after we arrived in Portugal we ventured a bit further and discovered a small town called Cachopo. My Dad had spotted an ad in The Portugal Newspaper, an English paper, which mentioned the start of a festival in Cachopo, which is located in the hills above Tavira. The road up is quite windy and remined me of the roads in Tenerife. We made our way through some stunning scenery and found ourselves in a lovely quaint little village. There were plenty of cars and coaches about so we knew we were in the right place.

The festival was on its first day and we strolled through the stalls where the locals were selling all manner of handmade things. From cheese and bread, to stools, candle holders and even knives, the craftwork was amazing. At the top of the town was a square where they were setting out for music and there was also an open-aired restaurant. We didn’t stop for something to eat and instead strolled back down the town past the stalls where I got a candle holder for me parents as a present and a little stool for BattleKid. And they weren’t expensive either.

portugal diaries

We walked around the town and my mum went into the church in the village which looked lovely from the outside. BattleKid initially wanted to follow my parents in but in the darkness of the entrance he changed his mind so I just admired it from outside. Cachopo is a lovely little village with cobbled streets, typically bright doors and all the quaintness you’d imagine of a small Portuguese town. All of us commented on how lovely it was as we made our way back down to Tavira.

On the drive back, we had our first road kill. A snake! And not a small one either as we all felt it in the Land Rover, so you can imagine it wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination. Right there I said there is no way I can live that far up if there are large snakes about.

BattleDad had warned me of some wildlife I should be prepared for but I had hoped to avoid things like snakes for a while yet. BattleDad’s aunt, who has been living in Portugal full-time for over five years, has so far managed to not see one so I was kind of hoping I’d have her luck. Yeah right! But again, the scenery on the way back from the hills was stunning and BattleDad was already scouting some dirt trails to take his bike up!

While BattleDad was working during the week after we arrived, I went into Tavira with my parents a few times, enjoying the sunshine and familiarising myself with the place once again. Tavira is such a lovely town. It hasn’t been commercialised like the Western Algarve so it still very traditional and Portuguese.

portugal diaries
The Roman Bridge in Tavira

At the end of our first full week in Portugal, once the Saturday arrived, we decided to head East and visit Vila Real de Santo Antonio, which borders Spain across the river inlet. It is a beautiful town, with white-washed buildings interspersed with colourful ones. When we arrived, and finally sorted out paying for parking, we headed towards a square and there was a market in place. Market stalls seem to be quite popular, especially at the weekend, and again the stalls were full of homemade goods, a lot of cork produce (did you know over half the world’s cork is produced in Portugal), fresh fruit and vegetables, and homemade foods.

portugal diaries
Vila Real de Santo Antonio

We strolled through one of the main shopping streets before finding a café beside the marina for a drink and cake. We then admired the various boats and yachts moored in the marina before heading back to the car.

portugal diaries
Checking out the fish in Vila Real marina

We decided to head towards a town called Alcoutim, where BattleDad had read there might be a castle to explore. However, 20 minutes outside of Vila Real, the red engine warning light came back on the car and we headed back to my parents’ place where we called Land Rover Assistance.

Our car troubles were not over and she was recovered to Faro for inspection. BattleDad and I then had to make our way to Faro Airport to collect a hire car and I finally admitted to him I was worried about driving on the left-hand side. I naively thought that since you were on the left of the car, everything would be in reverse, including the accelerator, clutch and brakes. I told him this while we were waiting at Hertz and he couldn’t help but laugh at me. The peddles, it turns out, are in the same place as a right-hand drive car so your feet do exactly the same things, in the same place. I had been worrying for nothing! It still took me a while to remember that the gear stick was on my right instead of my left.

I’m gonna stick my neck out and admit something quite dumb. The Land Rover was recovered on Saturday with yet another red engine warning light and as a result we had to go to Faro Airport to pick up a hire car (thank god for Land Rover Extended Warranty and Assistance). We get there and I start panicking about having to drive a manual because I believed everything was opposite to the UK, gear stick, clutch, accelerator, the lot. I mention this to Battledad who peed himself laughing at me! Lo and behold I was panicking for nothing as the clutch and accelerator use the same feet as the UK, only the gear stick is on your opposite side. Cue more laughing from Battledad as I breath a sigh of relief. Turns out my mum had been wondering the same when we regaled the story to my folks…….

A post shared by BattleMum (Cath Jordan) (@battlemum) on

We raced back to Tavira once we had the hire car as we had dinner booked for 7pm at a lovely restaurant called O Castelo. It had been recommended to us by BattleDad’s aunt and I have to say it was such a nice meal after the day we had just had. The food was excellent, the portions were huge and sitting outside to have a meal in the evening was just what we had hoped for and part of the reason we had taken the decision to move to Portugal. Outdoor living was a huge factor for us, and here we were, finally starting to enjoy it. We will definitely be returning to O Castelo for a meal and I’ll be reviewing it at a later stage on the blog.

portugal diaries
O Castelo restaurant in Tavira. Great setting and amazing food
portugal diaries
Saying goodnight to the statue

On the way back to the car after dinner we came across a live statue and at first BattleKid wasn’t too sure about him but soon put the money in his tin for him and shook his hand. This was the first time he’s seen a statue.

All in all, it was a hectic first week and a bit in Portugal and we were left in limbo and with some amount of uncertainty with regards to the car. It left us wondering if we had made the right decision bringing it to Portugal and considering whether or not we should ship it back to the UK and sell it rather than matriculating it and being left with it for 5 years (the rule of bringing a car in tax free).

To be continued….

Cath x

If you missed any of my previous instalments, you can find them all in The Portugal Diaries.