Tenerife Day 5: 27/12/2016

We were up before 7, got dressed and headed for breakfast for 8am. We decided that today wasn’t going to be a lazy day. After breakfast BattleDad went to source a car and arrived back after an hour. An hour! BattleKid was mighty bored and soon playing up, so we ended up colouring and playing cars on the balcony while we waited.

At 10am we finally headed off for a drive, determined to see a bit more of Tenerife. We started in the direction of El Teide National Park which houses the highest peak on Tenerife Island. The mountains were snow-capped which was mad considering we were in shorts and t-shirts down at the coast. That said they were very beautiful. They reminded me of the mountains on Sicily.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 5

After driving for over an hour we finally arrived at Los Gigantes resort further up the coast. We stopped for lunch and the most amazing fresh food at a small place called Boost. Everything was really fresh and brilliant value for money. It was the nicest lunch we’d had so far in Tenerife. BattleDad had the spicy tuna panini, BattleKid had some of the ham and mozzarella wrap I ordered for him and I had the chicken wrap. They were all really tasty. I also ordered a fresh fruit salad in case BattleKid didn’t like his wrap and between him and me we devoured it. The portion sizes were very generous and we left feeling quite satisfied.

We drove back to our hotel following the coast road, which was quite twisty and turny. Grabbing our towels we then spent an hour beside the pool and this time tried a different tactic with BattleKid. We warned him that we would countdown to getting him out, following through with a 10 minute warning, then a 5 and 1 minute warning and this time we didn’t have any tantrum at all. There was a slight protest but nothing like the previous screaming matches. Result I’d say.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 5

Our evening routine followed previous evenings with another visit to the hotel playground. BattleKid was as happy as Larry and there were no protests when we headed upstairs for bedtime. Once he was down, BattleDad and I had a cup of tea with another episode of Mr Robot before turning in. We were glad we had the car and had seen some of the internal part of the island. The only thing to decide was what to do with it tomorrow.

Pop back tomorrow to see if we ventured even further.

Cath x

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