Tenerife Day 4: 26/12/2016

St Stephens Day, or Boxing Day if you are from the UK, and BattleKid was awake by 7am. I hadn’t slept very well at all as he had been having lots of dreams in which he was crying or shouting out. I always wonder what they were about when he goes through them. It doesn’t happen very often but they do. So needless-to-say I was knackered.

We headed for breakfast at 8.30 and then for our morning walk which was becoming a little routine for us. Instead of turning left from the hotel we turned right instead and walked along the seafront until that ended and we headed off-road towards the next town over, Callao Salvaje. This seemed a slightly bigger town with more bars and restaurants in it. We found a playground and stopped to let BattleKid have a go on the swings and slide. He had a great time and was quite happy. We started to head back at 11.30 and ended up taking the long way back due to a miscalculation on my part, oops.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 4

We relaxed in our room, BattleDad snoozing, BattleKid and I playing cars, colouring and reading stories until 1.15 when we headed for some lunch. I was quite hungry after our walk earlier. BattleKid was actually quite tired this afternoon so after lunch BattleDad took him to our room to try and get him to have a nap while I relaxed down by the pool. It was quite nice having two hours to myself to read and snooze in the sun. In the end BattleKid only snoozed for half an hour but BattleDad knew I was wrecked after the night I’d had so kept BattleKid with him to give me some quiet time. I was very appreciative of it.

When they eventually came down we let BattleKid dip his toes in the water but didn’t let him get in fully, to save him getting cold and another tantrum after we took him out. He was happy enough with that deal.

We had our usual evening routine of showers, dinner and a visit to the playground in our hotel before bedtime. It was a rather lazy day all round, with us ending the evening with an episode of Mr Robot. A friend in work had recommended it and I’m glad we eventually took his recommendation and watched it, because it was a great show.

After a rather lazy day, stop by tomorrow to see if we stayed lazy or not!

Cath x

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