Living Arrows 17/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

This weekend we ventured to Caerphilly to meet the two dragons inside the castle. They were amazing, so life like. I posted a picture of them for My Sunday Photo yesterday. While BattleKid and I waited for BattleDad to send off a parcel in the post office, I took the chance to get reacquainted with my DSLR before using it in the castle. It has been quite a while since I’ve used it, all thanks to my G7X taking over. But I decided to make the effort and Saturday and I am glad I did. I got some lovely pictures of BattleKid with it. Here’s just two I took.

living arrows 17 living arrows 17

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Living Arrows

12 thoughts on “Living Arrows 17/52

  1. These are lovely photos. I’ve been relying on my phone and superzoom compact camera these last 3 weeks because my mirrorless camera has been in getting fixed. I’m very out of practice though #livingarrows

  2. I am so jealous of all your castle visits – we really need a break in your part of the country to explore them too – the children would love them – especially the dragons! x

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