A Quiet Spell

a-quiet-spellIt’s been quiet on this here old blog and I’m going through a dry spell when it comes to writing. I’ve lots of ideas but I just don’t seem to have any motivation whatsoever to write them up. We’ve been on plenty of days out, I’ve got reviews to write (of products I’ve bought myself and used and want to share with my readers) and lots of other general catch up topics but my get-go is on a no-go at the moment.

I’ve been through slow periods before and have written about them too but this one seems different somehow. During previous ones I’ve managed to get through the week or two during which they’ve been really bad, and had a few backup posts which I got out to get over the writing slump, but this time I’ve no backup plan, no just-in-case posts and I simply cannot get my mojo to resurface.

I’ve been doing all the My Sunday Photo posts and I have managed to force my way through the brand work I’ve needed to get done but when it comes to writing posts for me and about our life I’ve stalled.

I know every blogger goes through these tough times and I am sure I’ll come through it but there is only a very faint light at the end of this tunnel. I think I need to get through this holiday period, enjoy myself at Bluestone on our forthcoming weekend and look forward to our holiday at Christmas.

There has also been a lot going on at home that I won’t go into here but suffice to say it has distracted me and diverted my attention away from writing for the blog. It can’t be helped but doesn’t make it easy either. It certainly hasn’t helped my motivation at all.

BattleDad has been away with work quite a lot too with trips to India and currently Singapore, alongside his regular trips to Paris. Without him here it means I am looking after BattleKid myself, the house and keeping on top of other household things. It does mean that once BattleKid is in bed and asleep, I’m ready to simply fall onto the sofa for an hour or two before I’m ready for sleep.

Another thing that is vying for my attention in what little spare time I have is my YouTube channel. I enjoy doing vlogs and videos of our days out but it takes a lot of time to edit them all, upload them and then interact with others on there too. Trying to fit that in along with the blog has been difficult and I can easily see why so many other bloggers work full-time on their blog and YouTube channels as it is easily a full-time job. How they blog and YouTube at the same time and remain sane is beyond me!

I almost feel as if it has to be one or the other and I don’t want to let one lapse or do a half-hearted job on either as I enjoy both. I wish I could give both the time and effort they deserve but I simply don’t have the time. There are some people who say you can make the time if you really want to but that would be at the expense of either sleep or time with BattleKid in the evenings or time with BattleDad after the boy is asleep and I’m sorry but my family time is not going to be sacrificed for writing or editing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are evenings when I do say to BattleDad “I’m blogging tonight” and he is happy to have a few hours to either edit his videos for his own YouTube channel or play his PS4 as he never gets near it when the boy is around. But there are nights when we want to catch up with The Walking Dead or The Missing. We actually watched a film together recently for the first time in months!

So for now you’ve had a ranting blog post. I did find that the last time I wrote about losing my mojo it was the one thing that actually went some way to get it back and soon after the flow of writing started again. Maybe this post will serve the same purpose but for now I’m going to stop giving myself a hard time. I am going to use this post as a reminder that we all go through times like these as bloggers and that I came through it the last time and will do so again this time!

Cath x

Num Noms – Inspiring #MiniChefs To Get Cooking

We got the opportunity recently to receive and review some Num Noms from Series 2 as part of their #MiniChefs campaign. Num Noms are running a #MiniChefs campaign designed to encourage children to get into the kitchen and have fun with food and get cooking. Alongside our Num Noms packets we also received a chef’s hat which I easily fitted to BattleKid’s head. He borrowed an apron of mine and we headed into the kitchen to play with and get inspired by the Num Noms we received.

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The Toddler Interview with BattleKid

the toddler interviewLast week a personal friend of mine on Facebook put up a post entitled “The Toddler Test” with a list of questions she asked her son and his answers. We found it hilarious to read his answers as he is just three weeks younger than BattleKid. So we decided to do an interview with BattleKid with the same list of questions and we also filmed it. Here I am sharing BattleKid’s answers to those same questions and the Toddler Interview video can be viewed below.

The Toddler Interview.

1. What’s your name? Alexander
2. How old are you? I 2
3. When is your birthday? In mum’s belly (no idea where he got this from)
4. How old is Mummy? 2
5. What is your favourite colour? I want yellow car (I should point out that yellow car is a game on BattleDad’s PS4!)
6. What is your favourite food? Toast (a surprise to both mum and dad)
7. Who is your best friend? Fabien (his friend in nursery)
8. What is your favourite song? Incy Wincy Spider (this does actually seem to be a favourite of his at the moment)
9. What is your favourite animal? Horse (not sure it is)
10. What are you scared of? I go on an airplane (he’s not afraid of airplanes, in fact he loves them)
11. What makes you happy? (No idea what his response is! If someone can decipher it we’d very much appreciate it, haha.)
12. What is your favourite place to go? Animals
13. What do you want to be when you grow up? I go asleep
14. What does love mean? Nobody (not even cuddles and kisses with BattleDad!)

If you’d like to join in simply ask your toddler the same questions and write the response down. No coaching them though! And if you film it please send me the link to your video and I’d love to see it! And tag it with #toddlerinterview on Twitter so I can find it!

Cath x