Impakt Colour Core Business Cards from Aura Print: Review

This month I have been very lucky to get the opportunity to review the Impakt Colour Core Business Cards from Aura Print. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I was starting to think about getting myself some business cards seeing as I am attending my first ever blogging conferences this year. I had started to look into business cards and was over the moon to get the opportunity to work with Aura Print.

Aura Print Digital are a firm based in Huddersfield who offer printing services from business stationary and literature to banner stands, exhibition material and more. They can “tailor our services to meet your particular needs” and will go out of their way to help their customers. Well, I can vouch for that. Initially they asked me to provide artwork, if I was supplying it, and instructions on what I wanted included in the cards. I also needed to choose my core colour and provide a postal address.

Aura Print can use artwork or logos you have or they can design the artwork for your cards if you wish. They are really flexible and will send you proofs of each draft until you are completely satisfied with the design. They don’t rush you and you can ask for as many changes as necessary until you are 100% happy.

I supplied my website banner and my avatar/logo and details of what I wanted included and they set to work. They came back with a design which completely wow’d me at first glance. However, I realised that I’d forgotten an extra line of information so I asked for that to be inserted which they were more than happy to do. Aura Print couldn’t match up the font of my name to that of “BattleMum” in my banner, so I contacted the designer of my banner and we eventually got the information we needed. I passed it onto the guys at Aura Print Digital and they came back with a third proof which took my breath away. I got really excited and was so pleased with the design of my business cards that I couldn’t wait to see them in the flesh!

From the initial email to approving the final design to receiving my cards, the whole process has been a dream and very easily done. Once the design process was complete I waited in anticipation until I received my cards. And…..

Wow, just wow! The cards looked so much better in the flesh as the draft pictures hadn’t done them justice. The first thing that delighted me was the packaging they arrived in. A lovely box with a cheeky sticker on top kept the anticipation going!impakt colour core business cards

impakt colour core business cards

Upon opening the box the paper inside was also lovely, and as I dived in I came across the plastic boxes holding my cards inside. I reached in and took one out. impakt colour core business cardsMy very own business card! And it looked phenomenal if I do say so myself. One thing that struck me about the cards was how chunky it felt. This is down to the fact that the Impakt Colour Core Business Cards are made by bonding no less than four sheets of paper together to give the final finished thickness of 800gsm. The process by which they are made can be read on the Aura Print Blog. This means the Impakt Colour Core Business Cards feel more substantial than standard business cards. They will certainly stand out in a bunch of business cards, helped even more so by their coloured core, of which there are 15 to choose from.

I went with a core colour of Intensive Red to tie in with the colour of the BattleMum banner and logo. And I can’t believe how well they turned out. On one side we simply have my BattleMum avatar or logo which I use across all my social media accounts. It stands out so well on it’s own on the card.impakt colour core business cards

On the other side the guys at Aura Print incorporated my banner, a line about who/what BattleMum is for anyone who might not be familiar with my blog and I, my name and contact details and the social media icons for those you can find me on. I have to say I am blown away by the overall design and how well it all looks and ties in together, especially with the coloured core. This is an advantageous feature to have in a business card in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine a better business card to represent the blog and myself, and I’ll be very happy to hand these out at the forthcoming blogging conferences I will be attending this year.impakt colour core business cards

What I loved about working with Aura Print Digital:

  • Extremely friendly and patient staff.
  • They work closely with the customer on all aspects of design.
  • The design process was so easy.
  • They have outstanding communication with the customer.
  • They don’t rush you.
  • They cater to your specific business needs and designs.
  • They have a comprehensive list of products to choose from.
  • They provide outstanding customer service.

What I love about the Impakt Colour Core Luxury Business Cards:

  • Superb, luxurious quality.
  • 800gsm card means they aren’t flimsy.
  • Colour core means your card will stand out amongst the rest.
  • 15 colours to choose from meaning you should be able to tie it together with your chosen design/logo colours.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Double-sided cards are extremely effective.
  • You can put a variety of information on the card without it looking overcrowded.
  • They really ARE Luxury Business Cards.
  • Competitive prices starting from £35.00.
  • Variety of design choices to choose from such as single or double-sided, colour or black/white and portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Can use your own artwork or Aura Print can assist in designing your artwork.

What I didn’t like about Aura Print or the Impakt Colour Core Business Cards:

  • Absolutely nothing!

I am absolutely thrilled with my business cards and to say I was blown away at first sight would be an understatement. They really do look the part and I am sure they will make a good first impression. The whole process has been outstanding and I’ll definitely be returning to Aura Print for top ups of my cards and any other business printing needs I may have in the future. BattleDad was hugely impressed by the superb quality of my new business cards too. So if you are thinking of getting yourself some business cards I would highly recommend you check out Aura Print. They really have surpassed all my expectations!

*I received 250 double-sided Impakt Colour Core Business Cards (800gsm) in return for an honest review of the product. All opinions of the cards are wholly my own.

2 is the magic number… so far!

BattleKid turned 2 in January and since then I seem to have become more relaxed with him. I don’t mean I was uptight with him or not relaxed around him. I mean in the sense I’ve relaxed around things to do with him since he turned 2 and I worry less and less about certain things.

Take juice for example. Before he turned 2 I’d only ever give him very dilute juice (the Robinson’s kind) if he wasn’t drinking much or appeared constipated. It was water only all the way and he happily drinks it no problem. But we’ve started allowing him to have some dilute juice with us at mealtimes so he doesn’t think we have something he doesn’t. If he sees you with a drink that’s different from his, he wants it. So to combat that we have a jug of dilute juice at the table as BattleDad doesn’t do water! It does mean we’ve become even more religious about brushing his teeth and BattleKid is doing well on that front as he wants to do it himself. We leave him to brush himself for a minute before we help, if he’ll let us that is. But juice is just one area where we have relaxed a bit more since he turned that magic number of 2.Cake Smash

The next thing we seemed to have relaxed on is food. Whereas I was regimented about what he could and couldn’t eat, last Saturday BattleKid shared mini cupcakes with Mum and Dad. And he loved it, naturally enough. He has also had the odd square of chocolate if BattleDad has been scoffing some as he always forgets to hide it in front of BattleKid! Before BattleKid turned 2 he had only ever tasted the tiniest bit of chocolate. Well, apart from that one time he found some Ferrero Rocher in our snug room and as he had gone quiet I went in to see what he was up to and found him munching on a whole one. Aged 1, barely, and guess what, he was sick in his bed that night! So chocolate of any quantity has been strictly restricted. We’ve eased up a little bit but I still watch when and how much we give him if any at all. Sweets are still a no-no and crisps are a very rare thing too.

I’ve also become more relaxed about letting him run around the house and essentially choose where he wants to go and what to play with, albeit his own toys in different rooms (yes there are toys in EVERY room in this house). I don’t mean he can go playing with sockets and matches and run up and down the stairs unsupervised, I mean he can choose to play in the sitting room or our snug room even if Mum isn’t in there with him. I don’t let him play upstairs at all unless I’m up there with him. But by being a bit more relaxed it gives us both a bit of freedom compared to before he turned 2.

I am also not so worried about the scrapes or bruises he gets. I’m of the mind that boys will be boys and he has to learn the hard way sometimes. Take the recent carpet burn incident in nursery. He decided after his lunch to slide down a soft play slide block, face first, and gave himself a nice carpet burn along the length of the bridge of his nose. The girls in nursery were so apologetic but my response was “well he won’t do that again in a hurry!”.

love is 1
Sharing a mini cupcake with carpet burn!

Beforehand I might have been upset or angry about it, I wasn’t phased at all this time. I know no-one, not even BattleDad and I, can watch him 24/7 and he will invariably scrape his knee or bang his elbow on something while he plays. He’ll only do it so many times until he learns though to be more careful. And do you know what, I’m fine with that.  Minor things will happen at home or in nursery to him, it’s all part and parcel of growing up and learning about the world around him. As long as it’s not a broken arm or leg I’m not going to worry too much. Signing forms for self-inflicted scrapes are better than the biting forms we had last year. The only thing I’m still regimented about is saying “mind your fingies (fingers)” if he’s closing a door of any kind.

I have also found myself enjoying playing with him more and more. Not that I didn’t before but I find myself saying “be careful” less and less during playtime. We play with his Vtech Toot-Toot cars, he uses me as a horsie, we chase each other up and down the hall, I push him along on his tractor and the fun we have is great! If he falls or trips up it’s not a big deal. Not like before. It’s forgotten as soon as it’s happened to be replaced by chasing and laughter again. See, relaxed!

And, back to the issue of food, apart from when he is ill I don’t push him to eat if he doesn’t want to. I do try to encourage him but if he really doesn’t want to eat then it’s fine. Beforehand I’d worry and worry about what he was eating, when and how much, but I’m more relaxed these days. “He’ll eat if he is hungry” has become my motto at mealtimes nowadays.

And I do honestly feel that his 2nd birthday was the turning point. It is like I accepted that my son is no longer a baby and is a fully fledged toddler now and although that thought saddens me a little, I feel I should act accordingly and let him grow up a little. Just a little mind. I realise that we cannot always wrap our children in cotton wool, as much as we’d like to, and there comes a time when we need to lighten up and let them be children in order to grow and learn, and I think that time has come for me. It won’t stop me still worrying about him but the things I worry about have shifted slightly and the same things I worry about still are worried about just a little less now.

2 is the magic number for now and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can, even if it means I’m the horsie and BattleKid is the jockey!Mum is the horse!

Ty Hafan – Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

For those of you who follow my blog, you’ll already know that I am a blog ambassador for Ty Hafan, one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities whose hospice and headquarters are located in Sully, in the Vale of Glamorgan, near Cardiff. I was honoured to be asked by them to get involved with the charity via my blog in November and am delighted to be carrying on that work this year with them.

I originally got involved in their Precious Moments Campaign before Christmas and as part of my role I was invited to visit their facilities. You can read all about that visit here. As I’ve said, I am very honoured and lucky to be continuing my role as a blog ambassador with Ty Hafan this year and part of my role going forward will be to help spread the word, through my blog, of all the forthcoming fundraising events they will be holding and running this year.

Pen Y Fan

The first event I want to share with you all is one that was launched just a few weeks ago: The Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge. It is being held on Saturday 18th June. Now in its 18th year, this challenge entails a team of 4 walkers with a driver taking on the challenge of the highest peaks in North, Mid and South Wales!

Sponsored by GE Aviation Wales, near Caerphilly, the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge is expertly organised by its dedicated members of staff in partnership with Ty Hafan. Since it began in 1998, over 5500 people have competed raising a whopping £1,500,000 for Ty Hafan.

So what exactly does it entail. Firstly, the team must scale Snowdon in North Wales, the highest peak in Wales, before driving south to take on Cadir Idris in Mid-Wales. Then it is on to Pen-y-Fan of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales, not too far from where we live, to complete the challenge. Oh, and it must all be completed within 15 hours! The total distance walked by participants is 20.35 miles and each makes a total ascent of 9,397 feet. That’s incredible, and although I do want to climb Pen-y-Fan one day, this is one challenge I won’t be taking on personally. All credit to those who do though!

Each team taking part must raise a minimum of £800 sponsorship and there are 80 teams spaces available. The event is fully marshalled, with First Aiders on hand as well. Teams get goodie bags, event t-shirts, discounts for Go Outdoors, and there is a BBQ and hot drinks reception on completion for participants.

Does this sound like a challenge you and some friends want to take part in? If so, please visit the Welsh3peaks website for more information. Details of how to register to take part are also on the website.

And if it sounds a little too challenging for you but you’d still like to help Ty Hafan, you can either make a donation which will go towards their fundraising to help keep their fantastic facilities going or stay tuned for details of further events which might be more up your street. I’ll be blogging about them soon!