Fisherton Press Books: Review

We were recently sent two books by Fisherton Press for review; A Lovely Day for a Walk and The Perfect Cup of Tea.

Books have played a major role in BattleKid’s bedtime routine since he was only a few months old and he will often get out a book in our living room, and back into our laps for us to read it to him. Nursery also read books to the children during circle time. As a child I was always reading and this stemmed from bedtime stories with my own parents. It was something I also wanted to instil in my son and I think we’re doing it well so far.

I am always on the hunt for new books to read to BattleKid so to be offered the chance to review two books from Fisherton Press was amazing. As mentioned we received A Lovely Day for a Walk by Eleanor Levenson and Cerys Rees, and also The Perfect Cup of Tea by Sonia Malik.Fisherton Press Books

Once I received them I decided to try something new one bedtime. BattleKid and I had gotten into the habit of watching TV on my bed while he was having his bottle and I wanted to break this habit and eliminate screen time before bed. So the evening I received the two books from Fisherton Press for review I did not turn on the TV in my room as we started getting ready for bedtime. Instead we got changed, played and during BattleKid’s bottle I read the two new stories to him. He resisted at first, asking for Mickey Mouse and Curious George. But he soon quietened down as I read the two stories to him.Bottle story time with Fisherton Press books

He enjoyed this so much that we have continued with this new routine and instead of 2-3 bedtime stories in his cot, BattleKid now gets at least 5 or 6, split between bottle time and in his cot.

So what were the new story books all about and what were they like I hear you say?

Firstly, A Lovely Day for a Walk by Eleanor Levenson and Cerys Rees is a lovely book which tells the story of a dog who goes for a walk on a lovely day. He walks along a “clifftop path with a view of the bay” (try saying that fast), and he meets some other animals along the way, who join him on his walk.A Lovely Day for a Walk with Fisherton Press

The story is a rhyming story and there is a music sheet at the beginning of the book which the words can accompany. I’d love to hear how the music goes! It is a nice short story that takes no more than 5 minutes to read. It is beautifully illustrated. The pages are not glossy like a lot of our other books, they feel like read paper that is used in soft back novels and I quite like that.Music sheet for story book with Fisherton Press

The story grabbed BattleKid’s attention quite quickly and with each new animal the dog meets he shouts out what it is, such as “oh horsie” and “oh birdy”. He likes us to pause and go through which animals are on the page which we do willingly. This book is probably not one I would have ordinarily picked up for BattleKid but it has become a bedtime favourite of his. It is a lovely book, with pictures that easily grabbed BattleKid’s attention at 2 years of age.

The second book we received from Fisherton Press was The Perfect Cup of Tea by Sonia Malik. This story book is all about making the perfect cup of tea and the different ways people make it. This book appealed to me as tea is the only thing I drink since I gave up alcohol, and my tea has to be made just right.

Again, this book only takes a few minutes to read and again each page is real paper rather than glossy. There are large illustrations accompanied by one sentence. I have to admit I wasn’t sure how BattleKid (or I) would take to this story the first time I read it to him, but he always asks for “Mama’s Tea”, as he has named the book, when it comes to storytime with his bottle. He even points to the cups in the illustrations similar to the ones I drink my own tea out of!The Perfect Cup of Tea with Fisherton Press

With the simple sentences to accompany the pictures, I can see BattleKid learning to read this book on his own once he starts his own reading journey. It is a lovely little book and is now firmly part of our bedtime routine.

What I love about the Fisherton Press books:

  • Short, simple stories.
  • Real paper used rather than glossy, making them feel more like soft back novels, which I quite like.
  • Lovely illustrations that caught BattleKid’s attention.
  • Both will be easy for BattleKid to learn to read himself once he starts.
  • Easily slotted into our bedtime routine.
  • The Lovely Day for a Walk will appeal to animal lovers, The Perfect Cup of Tea to my fellow tea drinkers.

What I don’t like about the Fisherton Press books:

  • Nothing!

I am really pleased with the two books we received for review and I would recommend them to anyone on the hunt for some new books to read at bedtime, particularly to younger children. We enjoyed them so much I’ll be looking at other titles available from Fisherton Press which may appeal to both BattleKid and myself. Both cost £6.99 and are well worth it with the amount of use they’ve had in our house!

*We received these books from Fisherton Press for review. However, all opinions about the books expressed here are wholly my own.

Holiday Diaries 2016

Anyone who reads my posts or is a follower of mine knows how much I love going away. Be it for a weekend break with friends or visiting family, to week-long sunshine breaks, I love getting away from it all and spending quality time with my family. This year will be no exception as we have already got a few things planned.

Firstly, BattleDad has provisionally earmarked Easter for his annual bike trip away with the lads so BattleKid and I are at a loose end. Now normally I would hightail it across the Irish Sea with Stena Line or Irish Ferries but my folks and my nephew are going to Portugal over Easter which means I wouldn’t get to see them. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I may still go home last notice or I might just stay home with BattleKid. I’m undecided yet. UPDATE: surprise trip for BattleKid and I to meet my parents and nephew in Portugal!

However, BattleDad and I have got a week in Lanzarote all booked up for the start of the summer. We are going back to the same resort as last year (Lanzarote Holiday Diaries) and we are hoping to enjoy it even more than last year, especially as we know we won’t have chicken pox to deal with while there! I’ll be doing a full review of the resort this time after we get back as we really do think it is an excellent one. Sure we wouldn’t have rebooked if we didn’t!Flamingo Beach Resort Holiday Village

After that we have a lull until the autumn when we’re booked to go to none other than New York! My sister-in-law CherrySue went with her boys towards the end of last year and seeing her snaps on Snapchat (itscherrysue) sealed the deal for us. We booked our flights in December and aside from sorting some accommodation which we plan to do shortly, we’re good to go. I’m really excited as I’ve never been to New York. It will be our first flight with BattleKid over 4 hours long, so please wish us luck!

After that we have a weekend in Bluestone booked for the winter with our friends who we go to Bluestone with (Read June and October Bluestone posts for info). We are going to bring BattleKid and L to the Kingdom of the Elves and we are quite excited about that!Bluestone

So far 2016 is not shaping up to be a bad one holidays wise. But it does mean I am fast running out of annual leave days! Have you got any exciting holidays planned? I’d love to hear all about them!

UPDATE #1: We’re heading to Bluestone in June as well as November. So excited! Love Bluestone as a weekend away place!

UPDATE #2: We are heading to Chester over the August Bank holiday weekend and also to Tenerife in December for some sunshine, although that little holiday is costing more than I am comfortable with!

My Top 5 posts of 2015

We are nearing the end of January 2016 already, how did that happen! I’ve seen a few of these types of posts and thought it would be good to do my own list and see which of my posts got the most views last year. And I was quite surprised with one or two of them. So without further delay here they are:

  1. Grobag Baby Sleep Bags: Review. This was my most viewed post of 2015 and although we are not even a month into 2016, it is in my top 5 already so far! I wrote this last July as only my fourth ever review of a product I use and love, and I am constantly surprised that it still gets consistent hits. We really do love our Grobags and have been using them ever since BattleKid was the correct weight to start going into them. I swear by them, hence why I wrote my review of them! (Not a sponsored post)Grobags
  2. Pneumonia risk after Chicken Pox! I wrote this post in response to a visit to the doctors with BattleKid when he just didn’t seem to be getting over a cold he had after he had chicken pox while we were on holiday in Lanzarote last year. What I learned during that visit surprised me so much I felt compelled to write about it. This again get consistent hits and I’m glad because I wrote it in order to warn parents of the risk of pneumonia after chicken pox which I had never heard of before seeing our doctor! If it helps just one parent then my job is done.
  3. The Gro Egg: Review. Following on from my review of the Grobags I wrote about how much I love our Gro Egg for its accurate reading of the temperature in BattleKid’s room. It’s still firmly in place on his shelves and is referred to each night as he goes to sleep and as we check on him before we retire ourselves. It’s a great product! (Not a sponsored post)
  4. I’m looking forward to Christmas! I wrote this post last September as I was already getting excited about Christmas with BattleKid then. I knew last Christmas was going to be a different affair with BattleKid being almost 2 and I wasn’t wrong. It was great and makes me excited for this Christmas already!
  5. Simply for Flying, the Children’s Flight Logbook: Review. This was my third review of a product and is one that will be used for years to come with BattleKid. The brainchild of Bronwyn Darnoc of Simply For Flying, it was one I ordered just before BattleKid’s first ever flight,and although it didn’t arrive in time for that it has been used since. It will be getting a workout again this year with the holidays we have planned! (Not a sponsored post)Simply for Flying Logbook

So there you have it, my top 5 viewed posts of 2015. What was your most popular post of last year?