Cefn Mably Farm Park

This weekend saw us visit Cefn Mably Farm Park on the outskirts of Newport. Not far from Junction 28 of the M4, it is a farm park with lots to see and do.

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We decided not to sit in the house on Saturday morning and had been meaning to find and visit this farm park so thought it was as good a day as any to visit. It took us about 40 minutes to get there from our house and when we arrived at around 11am, there was lots of space in the car park. We made our way into the farm park building, paid our entrance fee (more on that below) and found our bearings. Inside the building is the coffee shop/bistro, the soft play area that has a section for babies and older children, the toilets and the farm shop. From here we made our way outside to explore and see what animals we could spot.

We first passed by the indoor animal pens which included sheep, goats and lots of rabbits. These rabbits, of all shapes, sizes and colours, are pets which have been rescued and need adopting. It was quite sad to see how many they had, and although I felt like this we didn’t crumble. I know from friends having had rabbits that I have enough on my plate looking after the two BattleDogs. We had bought a bag of animal feed when we paid our entrance fee and I fed the animals as BatteKid was having none of it. I guess he’s still a little young and wary of the various animals.

After this area we ventured outside and passed some horses which BattleKid was fascinated by. We stopped to play in the small play area. The Farm Park has two play areas, this small one and a much larger one too. We pushed BattleKid on the swings and then he had a ride on one of the many play tractors they had around the Farm Park. He didn’t want to get off it but I had to play bad cop and let another boy behind us have a go too.

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There were lots of various farm animals including pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats and horses.

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2015-09-26 11.36.54Ducks roam freely near their pond, and the horses are clever animals. If they see a brown paper bag of animal feed in your hand as you pass by they run their hooves on the ground to attract attention. Clever! I couldn’t resist feeding these ones. They’re not stupid.

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We spent about an hour wandering around but BattleKid was starting to get a bit tired and cranky so we didn’t hang around much longer. We passed by the pony rides which cost £2 per go on our way back to the farm building. I’ll definitely be taking BattleKid on one when he is older. The pen for the ride is long enough so I feel £2 is a fair price.

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To exit the farm building you pass through the farm shop and we took a few minutes to browse the shelves. They have everything you can imagine from chutney and jam of all flavours, to fresh vegetables grown locally, to a butchers selling meat produced on the farm itself. We couldn’t resist buying a few things including sausages and rashers for Sunday morning breakfast.

2015-09-26 11.55.58We also bought some of their lamb and mint burgers and their award-winning beef burgers. We’ve yet to try them but I’ll report back once we do. I can tell you that their smoked back rashers are extremely tasty.

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All in all we had a lovely Saturday morning at Cefn Mably Farm Park before heading for home where the reason for BattleKid’s crankiness became apparent. As it is quite close to home I think we’ll be visiting this more as BattleKid grows up. However, I do feel it doesn’t beat the Small Breeds Farm Park in Kington that I’ve written about before. That farm park remains our favourite, although it’s much further away!

Cefn Mably Farm Park is a great place to visit with children of all ages. Open from 10am to 5pm, with last admission at 4pm, it has lots to see and do. It costs £4 per person during weekdays and term time, and £6 per person during weekends and non-term time. There is an additional charge for animal feeds, pony rides and for actual farm diggers (which BattleDad wants a go of next time we visit). As mentioned there is a coffee shop and bistro, indoor soft play area, which we are yet to partake of, and a farm shop. You can touch and hold animals in the indoor area and pet the various farm animals through their pens in the outdoor area. They’re all very friendly and none of them tried to eat my fingers!

There are plenty of hand washing stations dotted around the park to keep both little and big hands clean and free of germs. You can buy animal feed at the admissions desk and parking is free of charge. As I’ve already said we arrived around 11am on a Saturday morning and there was plenty of parking, but by the time we left at 12.30pm the main car park was full and arriving visitors were starting to park in the overflow car park. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to get to from Junction 28 of the M4 and I’d recommend it to anyone in South Wales as it’s a great place for little people to get up close and personal with farm animals of all shapes and sizes. We enjoyed our morning there and I am sure we’ll be visiting again soon.

*Prices correct at the time of writing this post.

**I was not asked to write this post.

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