Weaning, it’s so much fun!

BattleKid is long weaned at this stage but I was reminded recently of the laughs it brings when friends were staying with us. Their 6 month old son has started weaning and was tasting parsnip for the first time that Saturday.

God love him but he had me in stitches laughing. The first few mouthfuls did not appeal to his little taste buds. However, after a few spoons he got used to it and ended up rather enjoying it.

A colleague in work also has a 6 month old who has started weaning and I’ve warned him to have the camera at the ready to capture the faces. Oh the faces!

One of the very first weaning pictures.
One of our very first weaning pictures.

But it got me thinking about our poor babies. They have no idea what’s coming when we start the weaning process, and the poor little mites know no better than to trust mum and dad completely. I could only liken the weaning process to someone blindfolding us and putting a spoon of “something” to our mouths. Imagine not knowing what’s coming until it’s already in your mouth! That’s what our children go through during weaning!

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And all the while us parents are peeing our pants at the faces they are pulling. My god though they are hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh, and it was made worse when BattleDad was there to witness the faces too! We just set each other off laughing!

I think you need to enjoy laughing at your child’s weaning faces as they don’t last long once our children get used to the tastes of different foods. We had a snap shot reminder from BattleKid recently when he tasted a piece of lemon tart for the first time (stealing BattleDad’s from his hand). Apparently tangy, lemon tart is a surprise when you first taste it, haha!

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I also think we should enjoy the faces as they will be replaced by mess, spitting out of food and even more food thrown on the floor. This is the time when weaning can become a little less funny and a bit more frustrating. You’ve slaved over a hot stove, lovingly cooked and pureed to your heart’s content and 90% of it ends up on the floor, down your top, down their top and in their hair. Yeah, no longer funny hey!

I don't want this on my tray!
I don’t want this on my tray!
It's much better there!
It’s much better there!








Weaning can be both a fun time and a frustrating one. So please, enjoy those “WTF” faces, laugh while you can, because like many things with children they are short-lived as they develop and grow.

2014-12-03 17.14.06

Why not share some of your funny weaning pictures and stories with us?

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