Point+Shoot 6: 29/06/2015

My dad and nephew are over visiting for a few weeks from Ireland and on Saturday we popped to Abergavenny as I had to pick up my new glasses.


I had to go to the bank first to deposit some money into BattleKid’s second account as it’s important that I keep saving for him as I’ve written in a previous post HERE. Afterwards we dropped into the market and Boots before stopping in a cafe to have breakfast together. While waiting for our food, BattleKid and his cousin decided to swap sunglasses! (Excuse the fuzzy picture!) I called him my “cool dude”!


After breakfast we went to Waterstones but I didn’t see any new books to get for BattleKid and from there we went into trusty Specsavers to collect my glasses. BattleKid fell asleep on the way home so I drove the long way to Asda to let him sleep. We had a lovely morning with his Lolo and cousin and we’re already looking forward to next weekend when his Nana joins us for 6 days!

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Morning giggles

BattleDad works away from home during the week and gets home on a Thursday to work-from-home on Fridays. Sometimes he makes it home in time to give BattleKid his bottle, but most times he doesn’t.

However, Friday mornings are all about boys time, with BattleDad taking care of BattleKid by dressing him, taking him to nursery and picking him up too. It means a slightly shorter day for BattleKid, some time off from the routine for me and means my boys can catch up with one another after a few days apart.

This morning was especially lovely as after I had gotten BattleKid’s bottle and he had it in our bed while watching music with dad on YouTube, I set about getting myself washed and dressed for work. He enjoys watching music on BattleDad’s phone in the mornings.

Morning Music

While in the bathroom I could clearly hear belly laughs coming from BattleKid and I have to say it melted my heart. There is nothing nicer to hear first thing in the morning than your 17 month old laughing his head off because Dad is messing with him and tickling him. They were proper, pit-of-your-stomach laughs and real laugh-out-loud baby giggles. They were obviously having fun while I got ready.

It’s a sound no one can resist and I have BattleKid’s laughs as my ring tone for BattleDad on my phone. It’s one of the nicest sounds on the world and I dare anyone to not at least smile or chuckle to themselves when they hear baby giggles and laughs!

Unbelievably tired!

For the last 5 mornings, BattleKid has been waking up anywhere between 4 and 5am, and it’s killing me. He’s not been well recently as you might know and sleep has taken a bashing along with it.

I thought I cope quite well with reduced sleep after those third trimester hourly bathroom trips disturbing my sleep, and the frequent night breastfeeds until BattleKid started stretching at about 4 months old, but I’m beyond tired today. If it’s just one or two nights disturbed sleep I can manage, as he usually goes back to sleeping through until after 6am quite quickly but not this time. And it’s not just early waking, he also cries out and moans a lot in the hour before this which I can’t tune out from unfortunately.

I’m back in work today and BattleKid is back in nursery, and I’m willing 4.30pm to hurry up so I can get home. I’m utterly exhausted. I can’t figure out if it’s just down to his recent illness or if it’s the early morning light coming into his room. Sunrise is onto the front of our house as it faces South East, and BattleKid’s room (and ours) are in the front of the house, and despite blackout curtains on his window, light still comes in over the top of them. I’ve decided to dig out our Gro-anywhere blind later and stick it up to see if it helps. I’ll try anything at this stage to get a proper 7-8 hour stretch. Even going to bed and being asleep by 9pm hasn’t helped at all.

I really don’t know how other mums do it with children who do not sleep well at all. BattleKid has been pretty good up to now and disturbed nights don’t usually last more than one or two, so after them it’s been back to full nights sleep and they’ve quickly cancelled one another out. So I take my hat off to mums of non-sleepers and admire how you simply keep going!

I’m hoping we’re back to normal soon but if anyone has any other suggestions I’d love to hear them. In the meantime I’ll leave you with this picture and dare you not to yawn with me!


Picture source: www.quickmeme.com

Point+Shoot 5: 23/06/2015

This weekend we were in Bluestone in West Wales with friends and despite BattleKid being a bit poorly we still managed to have a nice time with our friends. After Sunday lunch we went back to our lodge to play in the garden and have a little photo shoot with the two baby boys. Before hand I got a snap of BattleKid looking happy on the picnic table. It was one of only a handful of times he was the smiley boy I love, not the grouchy monster he had been most of the weekend!


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Poorly…. Again

I’m home again with a poorly boy. After being off with BattleKid last week with a temperature of 39.5C and a trip to the doctors, I’m off again as he’s not been himself this weekend, and he’s still not right.

We were in Bluestone in West Wales and although he wasn’t himself we still managed to enjoy ourselves. He’s been off his food and had some vomiting. He’s not been sleeping through either, having crying episodes from 4am for the last 3 nights. He and I are both exhausted.

I’m hoping being back at home will settle him somewhat. I’m going to concentrate on getting him eating food and drinking and most importantly keeping it down, although the loose nappies have kicked in today. He’s had one or two bad ones over the last few days but every one today has been bad and messy. Sorry for the tmi.

He also finishes his antibiotics today and they may well be effecting him and the cause of him not being too well but we had to get rid of his chest infection. Fingers crossed he comes right once he’s finished them too. Poor mite, it’s everything at once at the moment.

I also feel very guilty being off work as since we came back from holidays, and the chicken pox episode, I feel like I’ve been in and out like a yoyo and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve usually been pretty good pre-BattleKid with as little time off due to illness as possible but these last six weeks have been my worst attendance in 7 years! BattleDad will tell you my work ethic is really good, especially when it comes to attendance (I get it from my mum), and it annoys BattleDad from time to time too when I’m quite ill but still insisting on going in but I can’t help it, it’s part of my character.

Here’s hoping BattleKid comes right with home prepared food and some rest today and I can get back to work tomorrow.