Lanzarote Day 6: 08/05/2015

After a rough night playing tag team with BattleKid who was awake on and off from 4am, we woke just after 8am to more spots and also blisters. My worst fears were confirmed by the on-site doctor at 9am. It was chicken pox! He would be issuing us with a “not-fit-to-fly” certificate later in the day at his second clinic time slot. We got a prescription for cream and infant paracetamol, and a follow-up appointment the next Tuesday morning (this day being Friday).

The start of chicken pox!
The start of chicken pox!

This meant no returning home on Sunday and calls to work, nursery and the kennels, and also our insurance to sort out an extension at our hotel which thankfully wasn’t full, so we didn’t need to move hotels. If we got a fit-to-fly cert on the Tuesday, the insurance could sort out our flights home then. What a nightmare. In one sense I was glad he got it while he’s still young, butI would have much preferred to have been at home with him with our home comforts around us. BattleDad kept reminding me that there was worse places to be stuck and fortunately we could financially stay together as the insurance would only cover the cost of one parent staying with an ill child. I really didn’t want to have to fly home with BattleKid on my own. Besides, how the hell would I eat seeing as BattleKid was to be confined to our room for the next 5 days and cannot be left unattended in it!

BattleKid didn’t eat much lunch, and BattleDad and I tag-teamed lunch in the buffet. Afterwards, as he went down for a nap, I ventured to the mini-market to stock up on some food and nappies for BattleKid, and to get some washing powder to hand-wash some clothes. The joy of an unexpected longer holiday.

We decided just to give BattleKid a pouch for dinner with a fruit pot. I was glad I’d brought some with me in the end. After a quick dinner by myself, I had a cool bath with my poor spotty boy. He was in good form despite it all. After his bottle he seemed to settle quickly but appeared to be awake when we went to bed. It was a very unsettled night all round. Chicken pox is horrible! So far paracetamol and the lotion seemed to be doing their job, although I didn’t hold out much hope that it was going to be as easy as it had been up to this point!

Day 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Day 7

Lanzarote Day 5: 07/05/2015

This day followed much the same format as the previous. After breakfast, BattleKid had a 3 hour nap while BattleDad and I sunned ourselves on the balcony. BattleMum even managed an hour herself!

After a late lunch BattleKid and I played on the balcony for a bit before he went down for another hour nap. We didn’t make it to the beach or pool this day.

Cool dude coming to play on the balcony
Cool dude coming to play on the balcony

Dinner that night was at the Italian-themed restaurant and it was quite nice. We took a few snaps on the seafront before heading back to our apartment after dinner.

As we got BattleKid dressed for bed we noticed a rash on his neck and a few spots on his torso. My immediate reaction was one of fear and dread. While the rash on his neck looked like it was a heat rash around where his t-shirt collar was, I had a stomach-churning fear that the spots were the start of chicken pox. I really hoped I was wrong.

In the meantime, BattleDad and I were slowly working our way through Banshee Season 2. It’s quite gritty and dark in season 2!

Day 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Day 6

Lanzarote Day 4: 06/05/2015

After a fairly decent nights sleep I woke just as BattleKid did and he was in good for that morning. He was quite picky at breakfast for some reason and decided he didn’t want porridge. After toast, beans and scrambled egg, BattleDad went to get him some fruit to pick on while I ate my breakfast. However, he picked the sour berry mixture for BattleKid and the look on his face when they touched his tongue was priceless. The ensuing spitting out of said berries led to purple stains down his t-shirt, shorts and legs. We wouldn’t be doing that again! Even BattleDad said they were very sour so how expected BattleKid to eat them is beyond me. Thankfully I can report that said stains have come out in the wash.

After a slow walk back to our apartment, BattleKid went down for a nap. We’ve noticed that as his confidence is growing he wants to be down walking rather than on your arms, be it walking independently or holding our hands. He’s turning into a proper “toddler” . As he napped I caught up with some blog writing, reading my kindle and enjoyed some “me time”, however short it was!

During this holiday we’d also come to realise that BattleKid is a sleep hound! At nursery he naps for all of an hour a day if we’re lucky, but at home where it’s quiet, he sleeps much longer and usually twice a day. Take this day on holiday, he slept for over 3 hours in the morning, all the while our stomachs were getting rumbly. We may have been on holidays but because he was in a darkened room which was quiet, with his Grobag and Cuski, he was a sleeping hound.

After lunch we decided to get our swimming togs on and head down to the beach. This was only the second time that BattleKid had been to a beach, the first being Gran Canaria last year and he enjoyed it. We got a few pictures too. Once we were done we headed to the kids pool as the main one was out-of-action. He enjoyed going between the two paddling pools and playing with a little girl.

Enjoying the paddling pool
Enjoying the paddling pool

After a shower BattleKid went down for his second nap and it took him a while to doze off but he did eventually. BattleDad went to the shops for proper mugs for our tea and got us an ice cream while he was out.

Dinner was in the Grill and Green restaurant, and although there wasn’t a huge choice of food, it was very nice. The view from the restaurant was lovely! We followed the usual routine when we got back of pj’s, nappy, bop, story and bed, followed by mum and dad watching Banshee, this time with proper sized mugs of tea. It was a quiet day this day but very relaxing all round. We were really enjoying spending time together as a family.

Day 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Day 5

Things you learned in April 2015

While on a recent holiday, BattleDad and I started listing all of the new things BattleKid had learnt recently and came up with quite a list. So we decided to jot them down to record them. Yes I’ve got baby books at home, but apart from his first year one I haven’t written in any of them yet.

So, each month for the foreseeable future, I plan to write down the new things BattleKid learns as a way of recording them.

So here goes my first one for April.
1. To play hidey-peep, courtesy of your Nan.

Learning to play hidey peep with his Nan
Learning to play hidey peep with his Nan

2. To do a “huh” sound as your bark with the dogs.
3. To blow a kiss.
4. To walk while holding onto things or pushing a walker.
5. To scroll through pictures on a smart phone.
6. To give a closed mouth kiss.
7. You can point when we tell the BattleDogs to get into their beds.

I wonder what will come in May?

Lanzarote Day 3: 05/05/15

BattleKid had a very unsettled night, deciding to get up every half hour from 4am and stand up shouting, laughing and clapping his hands. Really!? Needless-to-say I was very tired and cranky that morning. BattleDad took him out of the bedroom to try let me sleep but I could only doze.

Enjoying the sunshine with my Kindle.
Enjoying the sunshine with my Kindle

We went and had breakfast and by 9.30am BattleKid was back in bed. BattleDad and I sat out on the balcony and enjoyed some sunshine as we read our kindles. By the time BattleKid woke it was time for lunch. When we got back I pulled out the baby sun tent from the baby kit, took out a few toys I had brought with us for BattleKid and I played with him while BattleDad read. We had a lovely time out on the balcony.

Once the rubbing of eyes started again, we put BattleKid down for his second nap and I proceeded to get 2 hours sleep myself on the sofa while BattleKid had 3. It was much-needed and BattleKid woke up in great form. After a play on the balcony and a shower we went for dinner which was a Tex-Mex theme. It was really nice and thankfully they had a few things BattleKid could eat so mum stopped worrying. After dinner we went to find the playground but we’re left feeling very disappointed as there were no swings or slides. It was just a climbing frame type playground, and was very much geared towards older kids, not toddlers. We wandered back to our apartment via the pools and let BattleKid dip his toes in the water for a minute as we passed.

After his bottle he went down quickly again and BattleDad and I watched a few episodes of Banshee again with a cup of tea. Rock’n’roll! I couldn’t drop off to sleep, possibly due to the strawberries and ice cream I had for afters, so I ended up on the couch as BattleDad had started snoring. Once I finally dropped off I had a fairly decent nights sleep. However, I’m not so sure BattleDad did. Oops!

Day 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Day 4