A Dragon Hunting Adventure at Raglan Castle

Another South Wales castle that BattleKid had been to before we started our dragon hunting adventures, this castle was located less than 30 minutes from our house. And yet, for some reason had eluded us until just before we left the UK for our new life in Portugal. Well, we had to rectify that. And so, a dragon hunting adventure at Raglan Castle was planned, and BattleKid and I finally did it one February afternoon. Continue reading “A Dragon Hunting Adventure at Raglan Castle”

Most Unusual Places in the World to Eat with Kids

Eating out with kids while travelling can often fill parents with dread. Questions like “Will they eat what’s on the menu?”, or “Will they serve Spaghetti Bolognese?” often spring to mind. But what happens when you are in a country where your children’s tried-and-tested meals are nowhere to be seen when it comes to menus? I thought I would ask my fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences of the most unusual places in the world to eat with kids.

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5 Awesome Things to Do in Portland with Kids

Portland in Oregon, the city where Grimm (the TV series) was based, is known for being a hip and trendy city. It might not be on everyone’s radar, but it had been on ours for a while. When we started planning our USA road trip and found we could visit both Yellowstone and Portland in one trip, we knew we were finally going to knock it off our bucket list. That said, as we would be travelling as a family, I needed to find things to do in Portland with kids to ensure our son enjoyed the city as much as we did. Continue reading “5 Awesome Things to Do in Portland with Kids”