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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

Last week we jetted off to Portugal to visit my parents and start getting organised for our own move there. As you might expect the weather was glorious over Easter in the Algarve and on one particular day we went to the Ilha de Tavira, which is the beach area of Tavira and is part of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve.

It was beautiful there. Glorious sandy beach for miles and some restaurants close by, it was the perfect place for BattleKid to enjoy some quality time with his grandparents. He thoroughly enjoyed making sand castles, and knocking them down again, and splashing about in the water. Seeing him so happy just made BattleDad and I realised we’ve made the right decision about our future (more about that to come shortly on the blog).

living arrows 16 living arrows 16 living arrows 16

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Holiday Diaries 2017

By now all my readers know that we are a wanderlust family and 2017 is shaping up nicely in terms of holidays. 2016 was a good year for time away as a family and with friends and this year is going to be no different.

This year I would like to take BattleKid home to Ireland for his first ever Saint Patrick’s Day. However, that’s not going to happen as I didn’t realise it’s Ireland’s game of the Six Nations against England and it just happens to be in Dublin. So as you can imagine the price of flights for that weekend has sky-rocketed. Instead, I have decided to take BattleKid home the weekend before to visit family and maybe visit somewhere nice (and maybe scenic) while we’re there. Plus Mum needs to get a shopping trip in tsome point too!

Soon after that it will be Easter and we have a trip to Portugal to visit my Mum and Dad’s new home near Tavira, where BattleKid and I went to last Easter and which I blogged about in the Portugal Diaries. I’m so happy my folks have finally found a place for their retirement and we are more than happy to have it as a place for some holidays. Even better that BattleKid gets to see his grandparents in the process too!portugal day2

In June we were supposed to be heading to our first ever festival, the Wychwood Festival. I read about this when Kerry of All About A Mini Norris was lucky enough to attend last year. Her post set me thinking and very soon after reading her review I booked our tickets. However, due to personal circumstances we have had to postpone it until next year. Luckily the operator allowed us to defer our tickets rather than lose them as they are non-refundable which I thought was very kind of them. So June 2018 it’ll be! BattleDad and I have never been to a festival, can you believe that, and so we are really looking forward to it.

After a long wait during the summer our trip of a lifetime will soon be looming. We are doing a two week road trip in America next September, starting and ending in Portland, Oregon. We will be spending five days exploring Yellowstone National Park. Soon after we will be visiting Lolo National Forest. As soon as I found out there was a forest with the same name as my Dad, albeit a nickname of his, I knew I had to visit it. And to find it so close to Yellowstone and en-route to and from Portland was a bonus.  I’ve blogged about wanting to visit Yellowstone before and we had considered waiting until BattleKid was old enough to remember it but we just bit the bullet last October and booked it. Sometimes you just need to be spontaneous!

BattleDad wants to take a drive down part of the Pacific Coast Highway from Portland so that will be a day trip for us. There is also an amazing waterfall 30 minutes drive from Portland, the Multnomah Falls, that I definitely want to photograph. So it’s easy to see why this is going to be the trip of a lifetime for us. It’ll be a busy two weeks but I’m hoping we come away with great memories alongside some awesome pictures. I’m just not looking forward to the 11 hour plane journey to and from Portland with a three and a half year old.

Multnomah Falls

In October we have another trip to Bluestone planned with our friends who we go there with. It’s a mid-week visit this time and I cannot wait. October seems like such a long time away though! We will most likely visit Folly Farm while there and perhaps a few castles in West Wales we don’t get to visit due to the distance.

Then sometime before Christmas we are intending to visit Euro Disney with W and S (of the Bluestone Diaries) with their 2 children who will be just turning one and just turned three. BattleKid won’t be far off his fourth birthday so we felt that this year in November or December it would be the right time to bring him to Euro Disney for the first time. We invited W and S and they jumped at the chance. Both families are looking forward to it and we will also take a day or two to go into Paris as it’s been a few years since BattleDad and I last visited Paris and I need my fix, haha.

So 2017 isn’t looking too shabby when it comes to holidays for the Battle Family. It’s always nice to start the new year with something to look forward to and I think we can safely say we’ve got things to look forward to. What are your holiday plans for 2017?

Cath x

*Updated 19/03/2017

Portugal Day 6: 29/03/2016

After a relatively ok night’s sleep we got up and had breakfast with everyone before getting ourselves dressed. I left BattleKid in his pyjamas so as not to ruin his clothes over breakfast, which he can do. Our flight home to Cardiff wasn’t until 1.15 and my dad had arranged an airport transfer for us for 10.30 so we had a bit of time to kill. I let BattleKid play on the terrace which we all had a cup of tea. My dad had offered to come to the airport with us but I said there was no need as it would have delayed them getting their bus to Olhao.

Just after 10 I changed BattleKid, closed up our suitcase and made sure everything was ready. I had pared down my hand luggage to as I had a good idea what BattleKid would and wouldn’t need on the flight. It also has me more mindful of what I’m going to pack in our hand luggage for the flight to Lanzarote.

We went downstairs and our taxi was waiting, so we said our goodbyes and off we headed. BattleKid got about a 10 minute nap on the way there which wasn’t ideal. When we arrived we were a little early for check in and the boards were saying our flight was half an hour delayed which I wasn’t too happy about. Once we checked in I got us through security and went in hunt of something to eat. BattleKid was glad to be out of his buggy for a bit. We had lunch and wandered around the shops to kill some time before I got us through passport control into our departures lounge and got a bottle of water for us.portugal day6

We boarded out flight at 1.15 (our original departure time) and the crew were very apologetic and got all the passengers in great spirits with their funny antics just before the safety demonstration. Surprisingly the flight wasn’t full and BattleKid was generally quite good, getting a bit bored again during our descent into Cardiff. I’m going to have to stock up on more stickers for our flights to and from Lanzarote as he ploughed through them during the descent. He didn’t nap at all which wasn’t ideal as I’d hoped he would but he never had napped on a flight, too much going on around him I think. It doesn’t help that he’s a nosey parker!

After landing, collecting our bags and making our way to the car we headed for home. This is when BattleKid decided to nap, typical! Plus as we landed later than originally planned we hit rush hour traffic coming out of Cardiff. I was glad to get home and see BattleDad.

All in all, our trip to Portugal was a lovely one, very relaxing and it was so nice to spend some quality time with Nico and my parents. Tavira is a nice town, not too built up and is definitely somewhere I’d recommend if you are after a bit of quite time in the sun. Next on the holiday agenda is Lanzarote. We’re headed back to the same place as last year in the hope of a better ending to the holiday than last year (and BattleKid’s chicken pox).

Portugal Day 5: 28/03/2016

We woke at 7am and had our bop in our bed as usual. BattleKid was in quite good form thankfully. We joined everyone out in the living room once they were up and I let BattleKid watch the Gruffalo and Room on the Broom on his tablet during breakfast, which encouraged him to eat well thankfully. I was worried he’d still be off his food but he wasn’t. Even Lolo enjoyed the two programmes. After breakfast we got dressed and headed to Tavira Gran Plaza shopping centre.portugal day5

Our first stop was a shop called Mo to get Nico some trousers. He had picked up a pair in there but wanted a different colour so that’s what we did. I picked up a top, a scarf and a pair of shoes for myself but had to run back to change the shoes as I’d stupidly picked up a 37 (4) rather than a 38 (5). I don’t know what I was thinking. Next we stopped into s kids clothes shop called Zippy where I got my niece Leah (Nico’s sister) a nice Minnie Mouse top and shorts set. I hadn’t gotten her anything for Easter so thought the little set would be nice. Once we’d finished browsing the shops we headed up to the food court for a drink and some cake. It was a lovely day out so we relaxed on the balcony with our tea and cake before letting BattleKid ride one of the amusement rides inside before heading to the Continente supermarket for supplies and walking back to our apartment.

portugal day5

portugal day5We had lunch and BattleKid ate well. He then enjoyed playing on the terrace with his cars before I out him down for a nap at 1.30pm. I had a cuppa with my mum and then started to fall asleep in the sun so decided to climb into bed just after 2 for a nap myself. I got a much-needed hour. I woke BattleKid at 3.30 and we headed down to the pool for an hour for the final time to chill out. Nico pointed out the noisy neighbours and I was very surprised as the lady looked to be over 60 years of age. She should have known better than to clip around in heels late at night on tiled floors!

portugal day5

portugal day5

After a lovely hour by the pool, which I was going to miss terribly, we got dressed and head to Gran Plaza for dinner. There are a number of different food retailers in the food court which meant we were all catered for easily. BattleKid, Lolo and Nico had something from the burger place while Nana and I went for salads, which were huge! Afterwards BattleKid had a ride on the amusement bus again, the first one he’s ever stayed on one while it was moving! We stopped by C&A for Nico as he wanted to pick himself up something as this was his last chance and then on our way to the exit BattleKid had a ride on a Bob the Builder ride, again staying on it.portugal day5

Back at the apartment I finished up packing, called BattleDad and then got BattleKid into bed. I had a few cups of tea with Nico and my mum before retiring myself in hopes of a good night’s sleep. The noisy neighbours started again but didn’t go on for an hour! It wasn’t a very exciting day but a ncie one to end our few days in Portugal with my parents and Nico.