Portugal Day 3: 14/04/2017

We were up pretty early again so, after getting dressed, we took a walk down to Cabanas de Tavira, which is not too far from my parents’ place. Cabanas is a lovely seaside town, with lots of cafes along the front and a boardwalk too. We walked to the end of the boardwalk and back and stopped for tea and toasties in one of the cafes. I have to say, the Portuguese know how to do good toasties.

portugal diaries day 3 portugal diaries day 3 portugal diaries day 3

After our brunch we walked back and I have to say I was starting to feel the heat on my back. Could I live in it I wondered? We had some cool drinks at my parents place before dropping to Gran Plaza again for some shopping. While there we browsed the shops and checked out garden furniture for our new place. It would be a while before we needed it, but there is not harm in looking.

My Dad picked himself up a grill and table for his own decking. He had been considering a barbecue but thought this was a good alternative. Less cleaning involved. BattleDad and I spotted some lovely garden table and chairs in a shop called JYSK.

After looking at garden furniture, we stopped for tea and cakes up in the food court from the coffee shop before my mum and I hit C&A. It’s a shop I used to frequent regularly when they were in Liffey Valley all those years ago. While Mum and I shopped for clothes, the men got the food shop in Continente. Fair swap I’d say.

Enjoying dinner out on the desk was lovely and relaxing and someone was ready for bed by 7pm, leaving us adults to have a few hours peace before we turned in ourselves.

Cath x

Living Arrows 34/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

We finally hit the beach again last week on Friday. Hubby was finished work early so we headed to the beach just after 3 for a few hours. Although it had been a hot day, there was a nice breeze at the beach.

living arrows
Can I just get to the beach now!

We all had fun jumping waves, making sandcastles, pouring water and even shared some ice creams. We’re off on holiday next week but are hoping to enjoy a lot more beach time in the cooler days of September.

living arrows living arrows

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Portugal Day 2: 13/04/2017

We all were awake early, partly thanks to a certain little boy. We got up and dressed and headed into Tavira for breakfast on the square. This was the first time BattleDad and I had been into Tavira together and it felt a bit strange. We both were familiar with the town but separately until now.portugal diaries day 2

We then headed to the Municipal Offices in Tavira to organise our fiscal numbers. We were seen within an hour but at least it was done and dusted. Afterwards, we headed to an insurance brokers to get home insurance for our holiday home. I enquired about pet insurance and found our dog is covered (up to a certain amount) on the home insurance.

With all our business done and dusted we headed to Gran Plaza Shopping Centre for some lunch. The food court there has plenty to choose from and it is always good food. After filling up we got supplies in Contenente (think Tesco or Asda) before heading back to my parents’ place. We got our swimming togs on and went for a swim in their pool.portugal diaries day 2

portugal diaries day 2

As lovely as it was, it was a tad bit cold so we didn’t stay in too long. After showers, we got into our pj’s as we weren’t planning on going anywhere else for the rest of the day. It was a quiet evening after dinner with BattleKid settling quite well. We spent another few relaxing hours on the deck with my parents before heading to bed ourselves. Yes, I could get used to this way of life!

Cath x

Portugal Day 1: 12/04/2017

After staying overnight in a Holiday Inn Express not far from the airport, we were up at 4.30am to get to Bristol for check in. We didn’t fancy getting up at 3am to make it to the airport for 5am, so decided a hotel closer by and more sleep was a better idea. After dropping the car off at the Meet and Greet in the Express car park, we made our way into the terminal. We checked in with no problems and made our way through security in record time, thanks to mama booking FastTrack.

portugal diaries day 1
Eating breakfast before our flight

We went into the Brunell Bar and had a good breakfast before our flight was called at 6.30am. The flight was quite a smooth one after takeoff at 7.20. As we headed south we left behind the cold and grey and replaced it with sunshine and blue skies. This was our first time visiting Portugal together as a family. I had gone last Easter with BattleKid on my own and BattleDad in January. He had gone as a scouting mission to check out options for us moving down there.

We arrived just before 10am and soon found the bus to take us to our car hire a few minutes from the airport. And this is when we got a nasty surprise. BattleDad had hired a car online and paid for the full excess waiver. However, the car hire company (not to be named) would not accept the other insurance policy and so we had to take out theirs, at an extra cost of €100. Not the start of our holiday we were expecting.

We arrived at my parents place just before mid-day. They had emigrated to Portugal just a week before and were in high spirits. Lunch and a relaxing catch up were in order after our flight.

At 3pm, we visited the park where we were planning to move to and I saw our static holiday home for the first time. BattleDad had viewed it in January during his trip. We met our site manager too, who is very nice and helpful. After seeing the home, which was waiting to be sited, we visited our plot and I was impressed by the size of it. I thought “Yes, we can do this for a few years”.

portugal diaries day 1
Having fun with his Lolo

We headed back to my folks place and took a walk around their site. We passed by the pool and had a break at the playground before having a late dinner. We got BattleKid into bed by 8.30pm before another catch-up on the deck with my parents. The weather had been good to us on our first day and we went to bed just after 10pm, looking forward to the rest of our holiday. I even managed to finish a book I’d be reading. Go me!

Cath x

Living Arrows 33/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

We’ve had another quiet week as I’ve been beavering away at getting posts scheduled for when we’re on holiday. Meanwhile, BattleKid has played in the garden, which I’m hoping will be transformed while we’re away. He’s flown his plane in the shopping centre. And enjoyed cake, kindly made for us by our new neighbours. How has your week been?

living arrows living arrows living arrows

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