Tenerife Day 6: 28/12/2016

We were up by 7am and had decided to make the most of having a car by going out and doing something we were sure BattleKid would enjoy. I packed our change bag for the day and after having breakfast we headed straight for the car to head to the north of the island and our destination: Loro Parque in Puerto Cruz.

I can tell you that I did not enjoy the journey there. The roads are very twisty and turny as you head up the side of the mountain, and then descend it as you head towards Puerto Cruz. I actually felt very sick during the journey and was worried about BattleKid, although he seemed fine.

We arrived about an hour and a half after we left and parked within the car park of Loro Parque itself at a cost of €4. There is some free parking on the road outside of Loro Parque but you have to be lucky to get it.

We joined the queue and paid €34 each, BattleKid was free, and we were in. Sneakily you  have to pass some staff with cameras by some parrots to get your picture taken, but we didn’t bother buying them at the end of the day. But you cannot avoid them at all!Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 6

We initially passed a number of bird enclosures with the most amazingly coloured parakeets and parrots. We also passed the gorilla enclosure and after that we headed towards the penguin house. This was the most amazing penguin house I’d ever seen.

When we had finished with them we checked the times of the animal shows and saw that there was an orca show due soon so headed towards that. Attending the show brought about mixed feelings for me. I haven’t seen Black Fish and don’t agree with such beautiful creatures being enclosed in a watery jail but at the same time it was amazing to see them. Such beautiful, intelligent creatures. I just wish they were free in the ocean where they belong.

From there we passed the beautiful white Siberian tiger before seeing Chimps, other moneys and many, many more birds. The array of birds at Loro Parque is quite something. Lunchtime was looming so we found a seat at a grill restaurant and had good food. It made a nice change to be served nice food at a zoo and it wasn’t too expensive either for what we had. Poor BattleKid was closing his eyes while eating his spaghetti to avoid being splashed in his eyes haha!Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 6

After lunch we saw the flamingo’s en-route to the aquarium, which also had some different species of shark. We had pretty much seen everything we had wanted to including sloths, tortoise, otters, crocodiles and various types of monkeys. At 2pm we decided to head back to the south of the island, this time passing through El Teide National Park and seeing the mountain from the other side. It took us almost 3 hours to get back to the hotel but the scenery was absolutely stunning so it more than made up for it. Snow-capped mountains and snow banks on the side of the roads made way for drier land as we descended the mountain. Along parts of the journey back you’d swear we were in Utah or somewhere similar.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 6

The twisty roads were reminiscent of the Alps or the Rockies and it was certainly unexpected scenery. Again the twisty roads made me feel nauseous. BattleKid napped for over an hour on the journey home. But we were glad we took the different route home to see more of the middle of Tenerife Island.

When we got back we had our showers and got ready for my birthday dinner in the themed restaurant out at the sea front where we’d had tea and cakes after our morning walk a few days before.

The meal theme was Chinese/Oriental and it was a nice change from the usual buffet things on offer in the main restaurant.

After dinner we visited the playground on our way back and once BattleKid was settled we watched another Mr Robot (with quite a shocking end) before heading to bed ourselves. I had a bad night with BattleKid due to him itching his way through most of the night with a heat rash. He always seems to suffer with one. He’ll have to get used to it when we are permanently in the sun!

Pop by tomorrow for our last full day in Tenerife.

Cath x

Tenerife Day 5: 27/12/2016

We were up before 7, got dressed and headed for breakfast for 8am. We decided that today wasn’t going to be a lazy day. After breakfast BattleDad went to source a car and arrived back after an hour. An hour! BattleKid was mighty bored and soon playing up, so we ended up colouring and playing cars on the balcony while we waited.

At 10am we finally headed off for a drive, determined to see a bit more of Tenerife. We started in the direction of El Teide National Park which houses the highest peak on Tenerife Island. The mountains were snow-capped which was mad considering we were in shorts and t-shirts down at the coast. That said they were very beautiful. They reminded me of the mountains on Sicily.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 5

After driving for over an hour we finally arrived at Los Gigantes resort further up the coast. We stopped for lunch and the most amazing fresh food at a small place called Boost. Everything was really fresh and brilliant value for money. It was the nicest lunch we’d had so far in Tenerife. BattleDad had the spicy tuna panini, BattleKid had some of the ham and mozzarella wrap I ordered for him and I had the chicken wrap. They were all really tasty. I also ordered a fresh fruit salad in case BattleKid didn’t like his wrap and between him and me we devoured it. The portion sizes were very generous and we left feeling quite satisfied.

We drove back to our hotel following the coast road, which was quite twisty and turny. Grabbing our towels we then spent an hour beside the pool and this time tried a different tactic with BattleKid. We warned him that we would countdown to getting him out, following through with a 10 minute warning, then a 5 and 1 minute warning and this time we didn’t have any tantrum at all. There was a slight protest but nothing like the previous screaming matches. Result I’d say.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 5

Our evening routine followed previous evenings with another visit to the hotel playground. BattleKid was as happy as Larry and there were no protests when we headed upstairs for bedtime. Once he was down, BattleDad and I had a cup of tea with another episode of Mr Robot before turning in. We were glad we had the car and had seen some of the internal part of the island. The only thing to decide was what to do with it tomorrow.

Pop back tomorrow to see if we ventured even further.

Cath x

Tenerife Day 4: 26/12/2016

St Stephens Day, or Boxing Day if you are from the UK, and BattleKid was awake by 7am. I hadn’t slept very well at all as he had been having lots of dreams in which he was crying or shouting out. I always wonder what they were about when he goes through them. It doesn’t happen very often but they do. So needless-to-say I was knackered.

We headed for breakfast at 8.30 and then for our morning walk which was becoming a little routine for us. Instead of turning left from the hotel we turned right instead and walked along the seafront until that ended and we headed off-road towards the next town over, Callao Salvaje. This seemed a slightly bigger town with more bars and restaurants in it. We found a playground and stopped to let BattleKid have a go on the swings and slide. He had a great time and was quite happy. We started to head back at 11.30 and ended up taking the long way back due to a miscalculation on my part, oops.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 4

We relaxed in our room, BattleDad snoozing, BattleKid and I playing cars, colouring and reading stories until 1.15 when we headed for some lunch. I was quite hungry after our walk earlier. BattleKid was actually quite tired this afternoon so after lunch BattleDad took him to our room to try and get him to have a nap while I relaxed down by the pool. It was quite nice having two hours to myself to read and snooze in the sun. In the end BattleKid only snoozed for half an hour but BattleDad knew I was wrecked after the night I’d had so kept BattleKid with him to give me some quiet time. I was very appreciative of it.

When they eventually came down we let BattleKid dip his toes in the water but didn’t let him get in fully, to save him getting cold and another tantrum after we took him out. He was happy enough with that deal.

We had our usual evening routine of showers, dinner and a visit to the playground in our hotel before bedtime. It was a rather lazy day all round, with us ending the evening with an episode of Mr Robot. A friend in work had recommended it and I’m glad we eventually took his recommendation and watched it, because it was a great show.

After a rather lazy day, stop by tomorrow to see if we stayed lazy or not!

Cath x

Tenerife Day 3: 25/12/2016

Christmas Day and BattleKid didn’t wake until 7.30am. I wonder would it have been the same had we been at home. He and I went out into the living area to BattleDad and Santa had indeed been, leaving a small pile of presents for him.

He opened his presents which included new cars, some Finding Nemo models and a new shorts set. After presents we headed for breakfast and then a walk further into the town of Playa Paraiso. Again, we had thought this was closer to Costa Adeje than it actually is as it was advertised as such by Thomsons. You have to get a bus or taxi if you want to visit Costa Adeje.

We again passed the Hard Rock Hotel and came across people swimming in the sea, obviously a Christmas tradition. Crazy loons. If the sea was as cold as our pool, then I take my hat off to them!Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 3

We got back to the hotel by 11am, so stopped at the lower restaurant at the sea front and had tea and coffee and cakes. It was quite nice down there watching the world go by. Fueled up I went to our room for pool supplies and we relaxed by the pool until lunchtime. It felt very strange to be sitting by a pool, in the sunshine, on Christmas Day. BattleDad and I were discussing our plans to buy a holiday home in Portugal near my parents once our other house sold. Holiday home talk turned into “why don’t we just go, permanently”. And the decision was made on Christmas Day! Although we still needed to run it by my parents little did we know we had just made a monumental decision about our family’s future.

The breeze around the pool was quite strong and BattleKid had gotten wet so before lunch I changed him into dry clothes and we headed to the restaurant for something to eat. We returned to the pool after lunch and let BattleKid paddle in the kid’s pool, myself and BattleDad taking it in turns to wade around in there with him. Again BattleKid ended up shivering with the cold after about 30 minutes and screamed the place down when we took him out to get him dry and warm. In fairness he wasn’t the only child having a tantrum at being taken out of the pool to warm up.

He eventually calmed down enough for us to get him wrapped up and we enjoyed just chilling on the sun beds in the sun, which was arm in between the breeze.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 3

At 4.30 we went for our showers and to make our Christmas Day calls to family in Ireland. Dinner was at 6pm and in truth was a bit chaotic. It really could have been organised a bit better. It was still a buffet type meal with better options on the menu than regular days but the queues for the meat stations were ridiculously long.

After dinner we had tea and coffee in the atrium before heading up to our room for pj’s, stories and bedtime. We had finally gotten hold of a kettle from the hotel so BattleKid had warm milk going to bed. BattleDad and I then enjoyed another cuppa with an episode of Mr Robot before turning in ourselves before 10pm. Sometime in the afternoon a bottle of Champagne and a flower was placed in our room with a note apologising that there was no alternative room for us to move to. Unfortunately now that BattleDad and I are tee total the bottle was lost on us!

Stop by tomorrow to see what St Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day was like for us.

Cath x

Tenerife Day 2: 24/12/2016

We were up at 7am after a bad start to our Christmas holiday and soon got dressed and headed down to breakfast. While we were glad to finally be eating something decent the breakfast range in this Rui Hotel was not as good as the range at the Flamingo Resort of the Lanzarote Holiday Diaries.

After breakfast we decided to take a walk to the nearest supermarket to get milk, nappies and fruit, as strangely there was hardly any at breakfast. We passed by the Hard Rock Hotel, which is absolutely amazing. We got back by 11am so I decided to sit by the pool with BattleKid while BattleDad went to see our rep to complain about the poor planning the night before and the horrendous bed he was stuck with.

The rep in fairness was quite nice and actually mentioned to BattleDad that lots of people were complaining about the hotel and beds. So much so she felt like packing it in and going home to the UK! Unfortunately because of the time of year the hotel was completely full and there were no alternative beds or rooms available for us. The best she could do was get a mattress topper for him and while it helped a bit, it wasn’t the best solution. We also had to beg a kettle to ensure we could warm up BattleKid’s milk!Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 2

We had lunch at 1 and again the options and range available were not as good as the Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote. This Rui Hotel was supposed to be a 4 star hotel but it was anything but. The flamingo Resort is 6 star if this place is 4 stars. Aside from the bad bed, the wall paper was peeling away from the walls in our room, there were tiles from the door surround falling away, cracked tiles on our balcony and the edging around the pool was lethal. We saw a few toddlers and young kids stub their toes on the concrete edging that was coming away. We had to be extra vigilant with BattleKid around the pool area.

After lunch we got a swim nappy and headed for the pools, which are advertised as being heated in winter. I can tell you they are not. Both adult pools were Baltic and the kid’s paddling pool was freezing, although it was slightly warmer than the big pools. After 30 minutes paddling BattleKid was shivering with blue lips. Of course he just wanted to carry on playing so had an almighty fit when we took him out to warm him up!

Once he calmed down we played around our sunbeds before going up to our room for a warm shower at 4pm. We watched some TV and played cars until we went for dinner at 6pm.

As it was Christmas Eve, Santa was making an appearance for all the children staying at the hotel before he headed off again to deliver presents. He came into the foyer beside the pool, being pulled by some reindeers and he greeted every child and gave them a present before we left to get BattleKid to bed. I’ll give the hotel credit where it is due, this was a really good thing for them to do.Tenerife Holiday Diaries Day 2

BattleDad had to see the rep, as by 8pm we hadn’t received the mattress topper for the sofa bed. We also didn’t have a kettle at this stage so BattleKid had to have cold milk which he wasn’t fond of at bedtime, being used to warm milk. We were really cheesed off at having no kettle. We watched one episode of Mr Robot before heading to bed ourselves at 9.30pm. We all had an ok night’s sleep and we wondered if Santa would drop anything off for BattleKid as we were away.

Stop by tomorrow to see if Santa visited us in Tenerife!

Cath x