Dragon Hunting Series – Where it All Started

Many of you who follow me on Instagram will know about the dragon hunting adventures we have with BattleKid when we visit the many fabulous castles around us in Wales, but I realised while we were away recently that I never explained where it came from. Well, let me tell you the story.dragon hunting

Last year a dragon appeared outside Caerphilly Castle on Saint David’s Day and stayed outside for a brief time before moving inside the castle. We had missed seeing it that first time outside the castle, but when Lolo was visiting last May, BattleDad and he took BattleKid to Caerphilly one morning. After their breakfast they decided to visit the castle. They stumbled upon the dragon inside and on this particular visit BattleKid was quite unsure of him and his smoking nostrils.

dragon hunting
The Caerphilly Castle Dragon

When my sister surprised us with a visit over the May Bank Holiday weekend, we visited Caerphilly Castle again as she had never been. This time, with some coaxing from BattleDad and Lolo, BattleKid got a bit more comfortable with the dragon, going much closer but he still wouldn’t actually touch him. From that day he became fascinated with dragons and was always asking to go see the dragon. I have written about our bank holiday weekend visit to see the Caerphilly Castle dragon on the blog before.

Then last July, while I was home in Dublin without the boys, they headed to Tretower Castle in Crickhowell after breakfast in Abergavenny. BattleDad decided to make things a bit more interesting by telling BattleKid they had to find the dragon hidden within the castle and that they were dragon hunters. They searched the castle high and low and had a great day together. They searched the castle rooms, the fields around the castle and also the round tower, which sits away from the main castle. They eventually found the dragon off the court yard and from that day forth our dragon hunting adventures continued.dragon hunting

It has been a great addition to our days out, and has allowed BattleDad and me to enjoy visiting the many castles around us in Wales with a toddler in tow. BattleKid finds it great fun to check the nooks and crannies in each of the castles we visit for the elusive dragon and we’ve been lucky to find a dragon in each castle.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Since their first visit to Tretower Castle, BattleDad and I always bring a small dragon teddy bear of BattleKid’s with us to plant somewhere for him to find. It ensures we enjoy ourselves as a family while we adults can also enjoy a bit of historical culture.

And even better, I’ve since seen other parents and parent bloggers incorporating dragon hunting into their castle adventures which is brilliant. It goes to show that with a little imagination from BattleDad last year, a new family adventure for all to enjoy was born.

Have you been dragon hunting yet?

Stay tuned for posts about our dragon hunting at the various castles we have visited around Wales.

Cath x

dragon hunting
An introduction to the dragon hunting series and where it all began

Living Arrows 14/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

This weekend BattleDad was away on his bike so it was just myself and BattleKid. We visited a friend on Saturday morning and then headed to the Gower to visit a castle that has been on our to-do list. Weobley Castle is quite a small one but has amazing views across to the Pembrey coastline. We spent just over an hour at the castle, exploring the rooms and searching for the dragon. And yes of course we found him, hiding in a large hole in one wall.

The weather was absolutely lovely for our visit and we had a very small picnic before making our way home after our visit. We had a lovely time together at the castle and it’s another Welsh Castle off our list.

living arrows 14 living arrows 14 living arrows 14

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Living Arrows

Living Arrows 10/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

Kahlil Gibran

This weekend we decided to make the most of the break in the rain and headed to Chepstow Castle for another spot of dragon hunting. Yes we do that a lot but it keeps BattleKid entertained and means we get to explore the big number of Welsh Castles around us with a toddler in tow. It gets us out of the house and keeps us all sane.

BattleDad hadn’t visited Chepstow Castle before, and the last time BattleKid and I were there we were confined to the ground floor as he was only about 6 months old, and old castles and buggy’s don’t mix. So this time around it was a special treat for us too.

living arrows

We explored the castle together, helping a little person climb some towers and down stairways to the cellar too. We even said hello to a Knight on his horse.

living arrows

We did of course find the Chepstow dragon who was hiding at the far end of this vast castle. BattleKid was very kind and offered the dragon some daisies to eat, but when he refused he tried blowing it like a Jinny Joe (dandelion). He didn’t understand why it didn’t blow away. living arrows

Once we had explored this gem of a castle, we let BattleKid do some roly-polys down the hill just outside the castle entrance and the dirty, mucky trousers were worth the laughs and giggles from our boy. This is my favourite picture that I captured of him from the day.living arrows

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10/52 My Sunday Photo: 05/03/2017

I had Friday off work and had great plans to keep BattleKid off nursery and take him out but one look out the window that morning told me my plans were on hold. Only until Saturday it turned out. With a bit of blue sky we headed to Abergavenny for BattleKid’s overdue haircut and breakfast. From there we made our way to Chepstow Castle.
BattleKid and I had visited this castle nearly 3 years ago when my Dad and nephew came to stay but it was BattleDad’s first visit. It was also my first chance to properly explore the castle as last time BattleKid was only about 6 months old so I was confined to the ground floor with him and his buggy.
And I was so glad he was old enough this time to allow me to see the fabulous rooms and architecture inside this gem of a castle. My particular favourite was the cellar. It had the most amazing ceiling and my pictures simply don’t do it justice.
my sunday photo my sunday photo
I also liked this window in one of the castle walls in the Middle Bailey. It’s like a window to the past and present and looks out over the River Wye. This castle is a stunning one and quite vast compared to some of the others we have visited. I’m glad we went and explored it before the rain came back at lunchtime on Saturday.my sunday photo
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