Travel Insurance is a must for Families!

I’m assuming that those of us who travel abroad for city-breaks, holidays, visiting families and just all-round getaways have the relevant travel insurance in place before we go. Whether it is an annual policy or one-trip one. I’ve always ensured BattleDad and I have a good but competitively priced travel insurance policy in place every year once the previous was up for renewal.

To date, and thank God, we’ve never had to use it. But you just never know when you will, do you? I guess it’s something we either don’t give much thought to or do automatically as the renewal email/letter lands in our mailbox, digital or physical.

travel insurance

However, I have a question for all you parents out there, particularly those who are relatively new ones. Have you added your little one to that policy?

It was only as our first ever trip abroad as a family was looming last September that I remembered I hadn’t added BattleKid (then 8 months old) to the policy. I quickly rang the insurers and added him, at no extra cost, and will be ensuring he is on all future ones. It’s something new parents can easily miss in the chaos of organising the trip as other things such as formula/food/nappies and what clothes to bring are the things which are more on your mind than travel insurance.

And while you’re at it, and have sorted your little ones passport out, why not sort out their EHIC card online while you are at it. Another thing new parents might miss during the trip-organising sessions but equally important should your little one fall ill while on holiday. These two things should bring a little peace of mind to you so that you can carry on worrying about what toys and distraction methods you will employ to keep them calm, settled and happy on that first flight away!

Hope my first top tip will come in handy for some of you planning your summer getaways!


Cath x