Rides for Under 5s at Disneyland Paris

So now that we’ve done the planning and booked our trip to Disneyland Paris for December, the next thing that sprung to mind was the fact that I have no idea what rides are suitable for BattleKid or not. As mentioned in my previous post, BattleDad and I have been to Disneyland Paris together twice before on the 15th and 20th anniversaries. But both times we went on rides I’d consider geared more for adults or older children. I have no idea which rides are rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris.rides for under 5s at disneyland paris

This year is both Disneyland and BattleDad’s 25th anniversaries so it’s a big celebration trip for us. Coupled with BattleDad celebrating 25 years since he was part of the opening crew, BattleKid will be approaching 4, me 40 (eek), so we want to enjoy it as much as possible as a family. That means seeking out rides suitable for all of us. But having been a carefree, childless couple on our last trips, we never investigated rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris. So where do you turn to for advice so you know ahead of time which ones to make a beeline for? The blogging community of course, and here are the ones that they have recommended as being ideal for us and most importantly, BattleKid!

Rides for Under 5s at Disneyland Paris

Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride in Fantasyland got an overwhelming vote from the bloggers. Emma from Our Fairy Tale Adventure recommended it and said to get our Fast Pass for this ride as soon as we get to the park. The Peter Pan ride was also recommended by Beth of Twinderelmo, Nicole from The Mum Reviews and Lauren from Mummy is a Gadget Geek. So, I think this is definitely going on our to-do list. You start at the Darling children’s nursery before flying over London by night to get to Neverland. After seeing the sights of Neverland you return to London by the power of pixie dust and happy thoughts. I think we’ll be going on this one without a doubt!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blaster

This ride in Discoveryland was mentioned by many of the bloggers as another one not to be missed. It sounds fun too and has been recommended by Beth of Twinderelmo and Nicole from The Mum Reviews, while Laura of Mama, Eden and Me also enjoyed it. Nat from Awaybies said her son loved it so much they went on this ride no less than 6 times! It is an interactive ride in which you shoot at targets to get a final score at the end of your ride. Helping Buzz to defeat the Evil Emporer Zurg you gain a ranking in Star Command by the end. I can see this getting competitive between BattleDad and I nevermind BattleKid! And we can use our Fast Passes for this. Bonus.

It’s A Small World

…. After all. It’s stuck in your head, right? Sorry. But this ride, also in Fantasyland, got big thumbs up from Kerry of Blissful Domestication, who said it is not to be missed if visiting Disneyland Paris with younger kids. She went with her then 3 and 4-year-olds and while they loved rides catering for younger children such as cars, spaceships and boat rides, they especially loved It’s A Small World. Laura of Mama, Eden and Me also recommended this ride, as did Lauren of Mummy is a Gadget Geek. During your “It’s A Small World” tour, as you set sail the Seven Seaways, you will experience diverse cultures from around the world while accompanied by the iconic and sometimes annoying classic song. The song is already stuck in my head so I might as well go see what it’s all about.

Mad Hatters Tea Cups

This Fantasyland ride was recommended by both Emma of Our Fairy Tale Adventure and Lauren of Mummy is a Gadget Geek. Just from the pictures alone, it looks bright and colourful and fun. Each oversized tea cup spins and you control the speed and direction depending on the level of fun and stomach churning you might want. If the queue isn’t too bad for this I think I might try this one out. Not sure we want to do it too soon after lunch though.

Le Carrousel de Lancelot

Based in Fantasyland, this is Disney’s take on the classical carrousel where young knights ride upon hand-sculpted steeds and get ready for an enchanting ride. I’m hoping this ride as recommended by Emma of Our Fairy Tale Adventure will bring me back to Sunday afternoons watching Mary Poppins as a child.

Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (Snow White)

Nicole from The Mum Reviews recommended doing this ride as part of our Magic Hours if we can. This ride in Fantasyland allows you to experience the world of Snow White like never before, while you visit places like the haunted forest and the dwarves’ cottage.

Les Voyages de Pinocchio

Another Fantasyland ride on which you get to join Pinocchio and his friends such as Jiminy Cricket. This ride was also recommended by Nicole, especially during Magic Hours, which are extra hours you get in the park if you stay in a Disney Hotel. Point noted! Breakfast early then!


An awesome looking rocket ride in Discoveryland, this ride inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the solar system was also recommended by Nicole as one to try and do during Magic Hours. Nicole did say that there aren’t many rides in the main Disney Park that are not suitable for little ones as opposed to those in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Ratatouille: The Adventure

Ratatouille is a 4D experience based in the Walt Disney Studios Park which was introduced in 2014 and comes recommended by Lauren of Mummy is a Gadget Geek. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of Gusteau’s famous Parisian restaurant and you might leave hungry. Maybe one for just before lunch perhaps?

Cars Quartre Roues Rallye

A Disney Cars ride in Walt Disney Studios, I can us queuing up for this over and over again by a certain 3-year-old. Recommended by Emma of Our Fairy Tale Adventure, you get to zoom along Radiator Springs with Lightening McQueen. That’s one day’s activities sorted for our Cars fanatic!

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

A Walt Disney Studios ride also recommended by Emma, you are invited to shrink down to the size of Buzz and Woody and jump onto the back of Slinky as he tries to catch his tail. All Toy Story Fans will love this ride.

Any worry I had about rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris have vanished thanks to the recommendations of all these wonderful bloggers. There are plenty to choose from and one or two even allow you to use Fast Pass which is great. There are some rides I can see us queuing hours for but as long as BattleKid comes away with a smile on his face I’ll be happy. My only concern is that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is currently closed. This is the one BattleDad and I made sure we went on during our previous visits and I do hope it reopens before December.

I must also mention an absolutely brilliant post written by Vicki of Family Travel with Ellie entitled ‘Disneyland Paris with young children’. In it she details the best rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris including:

  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blaster,
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant,
  • Orbitron,
  • Ratatouille: The Adventure,
  • Autopia,
  • It’s A Small World,
  • Peter Pan’s Flight and
  • Le Carrousel de Lancelot.

It is a brilliant post for anyone planning to visit or going to Disneyland Paris with under 5s and I’ve added it to my Disney Pinterest Board for reference!

A big thank you to all the bloggers who answered my call for help in what rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris they would recommend we do. I haven’t been on any of these rides before so am looking forward to experiencing a different kind of Disney than before our son came along. While I enjoyed it I think this visit is going to be much more magical.

Would you recommend any other rides for under 5s at Disneyland Paris that might have been missed?

Cath x

rides for under 5s at disneyland paris rides for under 5s at disneyland paris

The Portugal Diaries #4

After very little sleep, my alarm went off at 4.45am UK time. Bleary eyed doesn’t even cover it. I got up and helped BattleDad sort our bags before he walked BattleDog. I got BattleKid up and dressed and we loaded the car back up, full to the gills. We set off at 5.25am to make our way out of the beautiful mountains of Northern Spain to head South, down the backbone of Spain to Portugal.

portugal diaries 4
The hills of Northern Spain

I had to admit the windy roads of the mountains did nothing for my stomach, making me reminisce about Tenerife. It took us over two and a half hours to get out of the mountains and find flat roads as we started to make our way to the A67, which we finally joined just above Osorno. To be fair we had gone through some amazing countryside, some of the likes we would never have expected for Spain.

We started searching for a services to stop at and grab some breakfast, but we soon discovered that Spanish services are not located at the side of the motorway. The first one we eventually found was more than 2 miles off the motorway! I walked BattleDog while the boys headed to the toilets before we finally sat down to bacon sandwiches (not the UK type) and a cuppa. The services were ok and we filled the car to ensure we had plenty to get us to the next one.

We had made that rule when we stopped outside Santander, and I was glad we had filled up there instead of hoping we’d have enough in the tank, as the journey out of the mountains used up quite a bit of fuel.

Bellies somewhat sated, we drove back the 2 miles to rejoin the motorway and carried on for another two hours. Somewhere before Valladolid, we diverted into a small town to fill up again with fuel. Here, an attendant filled the car, and BattleDad later wondered if she had put the right type of diesel into the car. More on that to come, keep reading.

Just outside this town, we eventually came across more motorway-type services so we decided to stop here for lunch and a toilet break for both us and the dog. The food here wasn’t great but it filled a hole. We didn’t need to fill the car as it hadn’t been long done. BattleDad said he’d carry on driving for a while longer before handing it over to me so he could get a snooze.

Literally minutes outside this services, the car went into restricted performance mode, we lost power and had a bright red engine warning light on the dash. Cue serious amounts of panicking from me. We hadn’t even passed Salamanca, had over 400 miles to go and all with a car full of belongs, dog and child. This is not what we needed right now. My panicking didn’t help the situation either.

portugal diaries 4
This sign for Portugal was deceptive. It was for the middle of Portugal, not the South where we were heading!

BattleDad had a diagnostic plug-in tool with him that linked to his phone to check the error and it said something to do with the Turbo. He cleared it and said we could probably carry on but keep the revs under 2k and the speed steady to reduce our chance of the turbo kicking in. We had been making really good time, I’ll say no more, and our ETA started extending now.

portugal diaries 4
A sure sign we were in Spain

An hour later we swapped over and I got my first taste of driving on the wrong side of the road. It was ok as it was motorway the whole way, so only two lanes and intermittent vehicles to worry about. We drove through some horrendous storms too as we headed South. We were really surprised as the saying “the rains in Spain fall mainly in the plains” was coming true.

After an hour BattleDad woke but I carried on, just hoping to get us to Tavira without any more hiccups. I drove us nearly 300 miles to the other side of Seville before we stopped for a toilet break. We decided not to eat as we were only an hour and a half from my parents place and I knew my Dad would be getting dinner ready for us.

BattleDad took over and just before we crossed the Spanish/Portuguese version of the Severn Bridge we got another repeat of restricted performance and red engine light. I wasn’t as worried this time as we were closer to Tavira but I was still worried. BattleDad cleared it again and we crossed the bridge into Portugal.

We came across a road block and found border patrol checking documents in some cars. Needless-to-say the UK number plate meant we were pulled over too. BattleKid was asleep and the border patrol office just checked our passports and sent us on the way. Had he opened the boot he’d have gotten a black surprise in his face.

portugal diaries 4
Nearly there…

We finally arrived into my parents place near Tavira at 6.15pm, after 13 hours on the road. Both exhausted and relieved we’d made it, I was so glad to get out of the car, unpack and sit down.

We were here, we’d arrived and our journey to start our new life in Portugal had come to an end, nearly 56 hours after we had left South Wales.

BattleDad, BattleKid and I were early to bed that night after a very long day and none of us arose until well after 9am, which is almost unheard of…..

To be continued….

Cath x

If you missed my previous instalments of The Portugal Diaries you can read Part 2 and Part 3 again.


The Portugal Diaries #3

As we headed into the mountains of Northern Spain to find our accommodation for the night, BattleDad and I commented that they would remind you of the Alps. They were very lush and green, not really what we had been expecting at all. We rather enjoyed the roads heading towards our accommodation, but I was quite worried about arriving in time to feed BattleKid as it was already past 8pm Spanish time when we headed into the mountains.

We were following a river along a road when BattleKid started crying saying he wanted to get out. Around another corner, he started getting sick. We pulled over beside a bridge across the river and I changed him quickly, thankful he had managed to avoid his car seat and tablet which he had been watching. No more Curious George in the car.

Google maps was telling us we had passed the turn off for our hotel, so we turned around and headed 20 minutes back the way we came, only to start going down country and dirt roads, with no sign of a hotel at all. We stopped along one dirt track, let BattleDog out to do his business, and checked the actual address of the hotel, rather than the Google maps which had been sent in our confirmation email. Lo and behold, our hotel, was back the way we had just come from. Typical. This always happens to us!

We followed the new address and you couldn’t make this up. Where was our hotel? At the bridge  where we had stopped at when BattleKid had gotten sick. We had been right beside it and never realised! BattleDad said afterwards he had thought the building beside us had looked rather nice. Only us, it could only happen to us!

At this stage BattleKid had fallen asleep, so we stopped the car beside the hotel and went inside to check in and get our bearings. The manager was most helpful, telling us where our room was, directing BattleDad to the parking ( a very short walk away from the front door) and telling us we had time for dinner as it was well after 9pm.

portugal diaries
BattleKid fast asleep

We got BattleDog and BattleKid upstairs and were wowed even more by our room. The hotel, Casa del Puenta, which I plan to write a review of soon, was simply stunning. An old renovated building, it had exposed brickwork and beams and just screamed character. BattleKid didn’t wake up as we moved him upstairs so I changed him into his pj’s while BattleDad sorted the dog and our bags. We put the Baby Monitor app on my phone and went downstairs to the restaurant.

portugal diaries
BattleDad walking BattleDog before our dinner

We joked that it was our first ever dinner date since before BattleKid was born but it was true! We ordered Sea Bass with Garlic and some water, and my god it was so tasty. It was thoroughly enjoyed after the trip we’d just had. Dinner, which included some homemade breads, and our drinks came to the grand total of just €26. Bargain.

The owner had checked with us as we checked in what time we would be leaving and was a little shocked when we said 6am. Breakfast was between 9 and 11am so we would miss it. He very kindly arranged for the chef (who I assumed was his wife) to make us some sandwiches. She had these ready for us as we paid our bill, as well as some fruit and orange juice. We were totally bowled over by their kindness as they didn’t have to do that at all. You certainly wouldn’t get that level of service in most other places.portugal diaries portugal diaries

After dinner, I sorted out our bags, while BattleDad walked the dog one last time and then I joined BattleKid in bed. I couldn’t sleep much as the street light was beaming in through the window. The next morning, I discovered there was a shutter on the inside which I had missed in the dark. Typical! Had I just turned on the light I’d have gotten some much needed sleep. Oh well, lesson learned.

I had set my alarm for 4.45am (UK/Portugal time) to ensure we were on the road early. It was going to be a long day with just over 600 miles to cover…..

To be continued…..

Cath x

If you missed my previous instalments of The Portugal Diaries you can read Part 1 and Part 2 again.


Planning Our First Family Visit to Disneyland Paris

BattleDad and I have been to Disneyland Paris (or EuroDisney as we still refer to it) two times. Each time it was a special anniversary for both Disney and my husband. You see my husband worked at Disneyland Paris for a year as part of the opening crew in 1992. Our two visits coincided with the 15th and 20th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland Paris. Well, this year is the 25th anniversary and so we are due another trip but this time things are a little different. You see it will be our first family visit to Disneyland Paris, as I mentioned in our holiday plans for 2017. Not only is it our first family visit and hubby’s 25th anniversary, but BattleKid will be almost four and my 40th birthday is looming this year too. So how do we even begin planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris?planning our first family visit to disneyland paris

Firstly, we are going with friends so needed to choose a mutually agreed time to go. Personally, we wanted to leave it as late in the year as possible so it would be close to both my birthday (December) and BattleKid’s in January. Late November or December seemed like a good prospect when we started planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris. Plus, my hubby reliably informed us that Disneyland will be decorated for Christmas so there would be just a little extra magic going around. So, we decided on the first week in December.

Next, we are going mid-week rather than at the weekend. Our friends had a quick look on the Disneyland Paris website and saw an “Extra Nights Free” promotion, so both couples were soon checking this out. But planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris is a minefield, so I turned to the blogging community to get their hints and tips to help with our own planning.

Tips for planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris

Where to stay

I never realised there were so many hotels associated with Disneyland Paris. I thought there was the main one, and maybe one or two others, but there are no less than seven Disney hotels, and a host of other partner hotels to choose from. Jennifer from My Mummys Pennies advises to stay somewhere fitting to your budget and you will get out of it what you need. She stayed at both the Santa Fe and Newport Bay Hotels, while Anna from Squats Sass and Saggy Skin has stayed at the Sequoi Lodge. Both Carol from Family Makes and Corrina (my sister-in-law), travel guru at Cherry Sue Doin the Do, have stayed at the Davy Crockett Ranch. Carol says the Davy Crockett Ranch is cheaper than the other hotels, the characters still visit this hotel, and her children are still taking about this accommodation (with its great leisure facilities) to this day!

What to pack

I know for a fact that Paris can be chilly in December. Our first visit as a couple was for my birthday at the end of December and I got very cold waiting in the queue to go up the Eiffel Tower on my 30th birthday, so I know we’re going to need jumpers and coats. I’ll need to fish these out of storage as they’re hardly going to be worn in Portugal. Beth from Twinderelmo has advised taking lip balm too as she found her lips got quite sore when she visited during winter. Lisa from That British Betty says to bring lots of snacks as those in the park are mega bucks. Jennifer from My Mummys Pennies has advised taking layers that are easy to take on and off as you go in and out of places. Janet from Falcondale Life says to pack a cool bag so you can pack it full of snacks and sandwiches form the breakfast buffet as again, lunch and snacks in the park are expensive. Kellie from My Little Babog advises to buy your character costumes, autograph book and pen at home and bring them with you to save spending a fortune in the park. And she also says bring your own raincoat as the ponchos are expensive and aren’t as good as raincoats. To sum up, as we are going in December, we’ll need layers and warm coats, raincoats, character costumes, autograph book and pen, and a cool bag with lots of snacks. Better book two hold bags so!

Where to eat

Quite a few of the bloggers, including Corrina, Kellie, Lisa and Janet have said to raid the breakfast buffet as lunch/snacks are expensive in the park and to bring snacks with you. Up until last year breakfast was included in a Disneyland hotel stay but it is now extra as part of the meal plan. I think we are planning to go with at least breakfast, so I’ll be following their advice and filling a cool bag to bring in with us. I might also pack snacks into our suitcases to bring with us. Kaz from Ickle Pickles Life reiterated this tip about bringing in your own snacks, but also says to bring in your own water bottles and refill them from the water fountains in the parks, saving you loads on drinks inside!

That said I do want to do at least one or two special meals as we have a few celebrations during our stay so we may book breakfast with the characters. Both Jennifer and Kellie have recommended Café Mickey for a meal so I think I’ll be considering that. Kerry from All About A Mini Norris, who is one of the biggest Disney fans I know, says to ensure you book your table service restaurants well in advance. This will guarantee a reservation plus ensure there is no queuing up and being disappointed when you can’t get in where you want. Point noted Kerry, thank you!

What to see and do

Beth says Christmas is a magical time to visit Disney so to make sure we don’t miss the extra Christmas parade. Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too told us that her favourite ride is the Peter Pan Ride

So magical and you feel as though you are soaring through the skies of Neverland.

Evany Carr, who’s mum Michelle blogs at All Things Baby and Me, has actually been part of a Disney parade. How cool is that! If you’d like to know how that was possible, watch her YouTube video. Lisa also says the parades and fireworks are not to be missed.

Michelle from Playdays and Runways and her family always go to Disneyland in December as she feels it’s the best time of year to go. She has said we must definitely watch the tree lighting ceremony which happens nightly at 6pm in the town square and is simply magical. Mickey and friends gather round to tell a festive story and sing Christmas songs. Then the lights go out in main street before coming back on one-by-one until every light on the Christmas tree has been lit. She said

even after years of watching it I still get goosebumps.

Beth has also said that you can visit Santa when at Disney around Christmas to get you in the mood so that might well be on our to-do list!

Other hints and tips

Nicola from All Things Spliced said that when you go into the park early in the morning you should head left. Most visitors head right and work their way around anti-clockwise. So, by going left and clockwise you should beat most of the crowds. Kellie from My Little Babog went one further and said when queuing for rides, queue on the left. Unusual but great hints to remember. The other big tip from many people was to bring your character costumes from home and dress your little ones in them. Those dressed up get more attention from the characters so it’s worth doing it. Corrina’s daughter got special preferential treatment when she was dressed as Elsa from Frozen, and she also saw a little boy dressed as Darth Vader get special treatment too on the Star Wars ride. Shopping list: must buy character costumes!

I have to thank everyone who has helped us in planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris so far. I’m armed with hints and tips (and a growing shopping list). We are in the final stages of deciding where to stay and whether we stick to a budget or blow it completely as it’s a special occasion.

Corrina wrote a great post, Just Say Yes – The Art of Bagging a Good Travel Deal, which I’m mulling over and I’ve got Kellie’s 30 Awesome Dinseyland Paris Tips and Tricks – EuroDisney post bookmarked! Kerry’s Disneyland Paris Accommodation post is also being read with a fine tooth-comb to help us make a final accommodation decision. And if you’d like to know more hints and tips about doing Disneyland Paris with young children, you must read Kate of Five Little Star’s first post in a new series on her blog dedicated to Disneyland Paris. I’m eagerly awaiting the next ones!planning our first family visit to disneyland paris

All that’s left to do in planning our first family visit to Disneyland Paris is to make a final decision on accommodation, book our flights and start getting excited for an awesome few days!

Is there anything else you could add to the great advice we’ve been given so far?

Cath x

planning our first family visit to disneyland paris planning our first family visit to disneyland paris planning our first family visit to disneyland paris


The Portugal Diaries #2

As I sit here on my parents decking, it still hasn’t quite sunk in that we are now four weeks into our Portuguese adventure. Our arrival was not without its bumps along the way.

The day before leaving we fitted the dog cage to our Land Rover and that took some figuring out, even reading the manual. We had bought it soon after buying the car but had never fitted it and were going to get rid of it. However, I felt it would be better to have it installed in case the dog thought about joining BattleKid in the back seat. Or God forbid if we had an accident. After almost an hour we got it in.

Portugal diaries 2
Dog guard installed!

The next morning, after some last packing, signing of papers for the sale of our first house, and clearing the last of furniture out of the house to buyers, we left South Wales. Sunny as it was that Tuesday, following the trucks containing our belongings until we passed Abergavenny, we passed over the Severn bridge with a little bit of emotion. We headed for Portsmouth, stopping at Leigh Delamere services to grab some much-needed food before containing on.

Portugal diaries 2
Following the contents of our house in the two trucks in front
Portugal diaries 2
Goodbye Wales, until we meet again

Five minutes down the road we heard “mammy I need a wee wee” and into the next services we pulled. He’d only done one in the previous services! Toddlers, hey! Bladder emptied, we soon turned off from the M4 and headed south along a route we hadn’t taken before. We arrived at Portsmouth just before 3 as we planned and checked in.

Portugal diaries 2
Nearly at Portsmouth Docks
Portugal diaries 2
On our way to Spain

Both our own passports, as well as BattleDog’s, were checked and we even had to use a micro-chip scanner to prove his microchip was still there. I was quite impressed by the Port Authority’s thoroughness. At 4pm we started heading to our ship, the Pont-Aven, a very nice looking Brittany Ferry indeed. Once on board, BattleDad got BattleDog up to his kennels and soon came racing back for his bed, which we had stashed in the back. Dog settled, we headed upstairs to find our cabin and unload our things for the 24-hour sailing.

I must say I was very impressed with the ferry indeed. Two cinemas, several restaurants and cafes, a large shop and even a pool (unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try it out). Ferries have certainly come a long way since my overnight trip to France as a teenager for a school trip.  Even the dog facilities were better than I expected although the kennel could have been slightly bigger for our large German Shepherd.

I had been quite worried about how BattleDog would travel after reading some stories but he was brilliant. Some dogs around him got sick, one had a bad stomach the other end, and some just didn’t stop barking the whole time. However, he was fine, just excited to see us when we went up to him to walk and toilet him.

We even got some great compliments about him, especially in the late evening when it was just me and him. BattleDog was trained by Chaperone K9, a company we have dealt with before when we got BattleDog #1 (who sadly passed away last September). BattleDog #2 is fully obedience trained and is also a personal protection dog. He is so chilled and relaxed but hugely loyal and obedient.

During this particular visit to the dog walking area, there were lots of dogs and owners so I kept him close to me and just walked around in circles. It soon started raining and everyone cleared the deck except us. I took the opportunity to do some extra training and heel work off the lead, and after a few minutes another owner arrived to walk their dog. I put BattleDog back on his lead and carried on with heel work.

She was very impressed and asked if we did Crufts! I said no, that he was trained to police standards (which he is) and she then asked if I was police woman! She was mightily impressed by how good he was and how well he walked to heel. I went back to BattleDad to tell him, all chuffed with myself.

The next morning we had breakfast and took BattleKid to the soft play area which was nice enough. While there, I stupidly faced backwards and soon started feeling ill. A cup of black tea and two packets of salt and vinegar crisps soon settled my stomach. We chilled out mostly, allowing BattleKid as much screen time as he wanted. I did get a snooze in the early afternoon as I hadn’t been able to sleep much thanks to a sweet cake and caffeinated tea after 8pm, which is always a no-no for me. Caffeine and sugar after 7pm does nothing for my mind switching off at bedtime.

Portugal diaries 2
Selfie with my boy on board the Pont Aven

The most exciting part of the trip was seeing hundreds of bottle-nosed dolphins swimming off the port of the ship. They were amazing to see, jumping out of the water and swimming alongside the ship.

We docked 30 minutes behind schedule and were unfortunately the last ones off the ship. We made our way through Santander and headed for the motorway which connects Santander with Bilboa, as we were staying an hour outside of Santander in a dog-friendly hotel I had managed to find online. After refuelling, we were on our way, heading into the mountains of Northern Spain….

To be continued…

Cath x