Safesip Drinks Covers Review – Help Little Ones Learn to Drink Independently

I first came across Safesip drinks covers on Facebook back in March of last year and was immediately intrigued. At the time we were desperately trying to transition BattleKid to a big boy’s cup as he was refusing beakers but he couldn’t get the hang of open cups at all. This seemed like it might be the answers to our prayers and I clicked through to the website to investigate further. safesip drinks covers

Safesip is the brain child of Melissa Edmunds. She came up with the idea of Safesip drinks covers while looking after her poorly father, who was in hospital trying to drink through straws at difficult angles, all with a clumsy second child at the same time.

Safesip is a reusable drinks cover that fits virtually any glass, mug, cup or can and is designed to keep drinks in to ensure

No more spills – ever!

Its revolutionary design ensures drinks are kept in and everything else out, which means it is hugely versatile and can be used by parents, children, campers, party guests, the elderly and disabled alike. Safesip drinks covers are made from food grade silicone and are BPA free. They are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and have been designed to fit both single and double handled mugs.

After seeing all these advantages, I ordered a quad pack and soon started using them at home at mealtimes. They quickly started being used on all open-topped drinking cups for BattleKid and he loved drinking his drinks through a straw. They also helped to relax both mum and dad significantly as we no longer had to help him with his drinks or tell him to be careful, meaning mealtimes became more relaxed in our house.safesip drinks covers

We then brought the Safesip drinks cover to Lanzarote in May and used it during all meals in the hotel restaurants. Now unfortunately they were no totally BattleKid-proof, with us having two spills of drinks due to him knocking his cup off the table but knocks onto the table did not result in drinks being spilled. At all other times it made for calmer meal times while on holiday and meant BattleKid felt a bit more independent too.safesip drinks covers

We continued to use it for several months afterwards, both at home and out and about, and gradually stopped using them as BattleKid has gotten better with open cups. Now I will say that we have large plastic wine glasses at home and the Safesip did not fit over these, coming away very quickly but it fit all other mugs, cups and plastic glasses we have at home. It actually worked best with BattleKid’s own open cups, so job done. The reason we tried it on the plastic wine glasses was that BattleKid went through a phase of only wanting the same drinking vessel as BattleDad and I so I had bought 3 picnic plastic wine glasses to use at home so he would have the same vessel as us. It had been working until spills became a problem.

What we loved about Safesip drinks covers:

  • Reusable drinks cover.
  • Ideal for toddler using open drinking vessels.
  • British made from food grade silicon and is 100% BPA free.
  • Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.
  • Can be used by toddlers, party goers, campers, and the elderly and disabled alike.
  • Comes in a range of colours which will appeal to anyone.
  • Made for calmer meal times both at home and away.
  • Great for holidays or days out.
  • Helps toddlers gain independence from parents where drinks are concerned.
  • Packs available with drinking straws, drinking jars and melamine rice cups.

What we didn’t like about Safesip drinks covers:

  • Did not fit ALL our drinking vessels at home.
  • Had two spillages on holiday so not completely child-proof but that was because the drink was toppled onto the ground, not just the table.

Overall I think Safesip drinks covers are a great way to help toddlers learn how to handle open drinking cups, mugs and glasses. It can help them gain some independence while keeping parents calmer during meal times knowing spills will be greatly reduces or even stopped. They are also versatile and can be used in a variety of other settings as they help to keep drinks in and everything else out!

Safesip drinks covers are available from the Safesip website and come separately or in drinks packs which can include straws and drinking vessels too, ranging in price from £4.00 for a single pack to £23 for a pack of 4 covers and cups. To see the full range available, please visit the Safesip shop website.

Have you tried them before? If not I have a chance for you to win a pack of 4 Safesip drinks cover and 4 cups too. Just follow the instructions in the widget below and good luck.

Safesip Drinks Covers

Cath x

Terms and conditions:

  • One winner will win a pack of 4 Safesip drinks covers and cups.
  • There is no cash alternative.
  • The competition is open until Wednesday 3rd May 2017.
  • The winner will be picked at random and notified within 5 days.
  • Winner will receive their prize direct from me, BattleMum.
  • Although this competition is broadcast on my Facebook page, it is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.

safesip drinks covers

Switch and Fix Bob the Builder Action Figure Review

We recently received a Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy for review and to say BattleKid has been thrilled to receive it would be an understatement.switch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob is a deluxe size, action figure Bob the Builder who comes with a cool rotating tool belt in which he can carry three different tool bits for his tool. These include a jackhammer, a saw and an auger, all designed to help Bob get the job done.

The rotating tool belt enables Switch and Fix Bob to switch between his tools easily and quickly with his amazing quick draw action tool change system. His tool can hold one accessory while Bob can hold another in his free hand.switch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob’s tool also has a light which flashes and illuminates the selected translucent tool. When the selected tool piece is pressed against a surface the light flashes for between 5 and 30 cycles while the matching tool sound is also sounded.

Drawing Bob’s tool hand downwards activates different phrases and the all-famous Bob the Builder song. Switch and Fix Bob also comes with a removable, adjustable welding mask for his helmet.

I can easily say that since Switch and Fix Bob arrived in our house, he has been permanently attached to BattleKid hands, even coming as far as swimming with us, although he waited in the car.

BattleKid has been having fun with him, moving his tool hand up and down to start the phrases and song, and playing with his helmet. Unusually, BattleKid hasn’t been too keen on the tool sounds. The same can’t be said of the tool light. He has tried once or twice to shine it in Mum and Dad’s eyes.switch and fix bob switch and fix bobswitch and fix bob

Switch and Fix Bob has helped bring out BattleKid’s imaginative play at home and he absolutely loves this action figure Bob. We have had to pry it from him at bedtime because I’ve been worried he would set his sounds off and wake himself during the night.

What we love about Switch and Fix Bob:

  • Great size for BattleKid’s hands.
  • The adjustable welding helmet is great and easily attached or removed.
  • The three translucent tool accessories are great colours, and do illuminate when pressed against a surface.
  • The flashing light and tool sounds are good, in my opinion (BattleKid isn’t keen on the sounds as mentioned).
  • Great vibrant colours in the toy.
  • The rotating tool belt is great and the quick draw action is brilliant, although BattleKid hasn’t quite figured this out yet.

What we didn’t like about Switch and Fix Bob:

  • BattleKid isn’t too fussed on the tool sounds.
  • The tool accessory bits come off very easily from the belt if knocked a little. Their clips could do with being a little stronger.

Switch and Fix Bob has been a welcome addition to BattleKid’s Bob the Builder toys since he arrived. He has played with him at length each and every day since his arrival, so much so I’m starting to hear him say the phrases with Bob. His imaginative play is certainly noticeable when playing with Bob and I have to say the song is permanently stuck in my head, which some might argue isn’t a great bonus!

I’m really impressed with this Bob and his size for BattleKid’s pre-school size hands. Switch and Fix Bob is recommended for ages 3+ and I think that’s perfect. His size is just right for BattleKid and his rotating tool belt, moveable arms and adjustable welding mask for his helmet are easily done by BattleKid.switch and fix bob switch and fix bob

As mentioned BattleKid isn’t fussed on the tool sounds but enjoys the other phrases and of course the Bob the Builder song. As mentioned the tool clips on the belt could do with being a little stronger in my opinion. I can understand why they are not so strong to enable younger kids to put them on and remove them easily. This is just a minor point, otherwise this is a great action figure toy for any young Bob the Builder fans like BattleKid.

Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy is available from most good toy retailers including Smyth’s, Argos and Amazon. His RRP is £19.99 but most toy retailers have him discounted at the time of writing this review.

If you are on the hunt for a great Bob the Builder toy for a young fan or to add to a Bob the Builder collection, I can recommend this Switch and Fix Bob. Particularly for pre-schoolers like BattleKid.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We were kindly sent a Switch and Fix Bob the Builder toy for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the product.

**This review contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. You can read more about this on my disclosure page.

switch and fix bob


Baby Born Interactive Doll Review – Boys CAN play with Dolls

I was recently contacted to see if we’d like to receive a Baby Born Interactive Doll to review and I immediately said yes. You might think I was a bit crazy, having a boy, but I was very curious to see what BattleKid would do with a doll. In my mind, why can’t boys play with dolls! I am among many parents who are getting sick of stereotypes when it comes to our children and wanted to show that boys can play with dolls.

My reasoning behind this was twofold. Firstly, we need to break the stereotypical views of what girls and boys can play with. Secondly, when BattleKid was going into nursery for 7am, he and one of his female toddler friends would make a beeline for the dolls and prams and would spend time walking around nursery playing with them before the other children arrived. So I know he has played with them in nursery, I wanted to see what he would do with one at home.

Our Baby Born Interactive Boy Doll arrived a few weeks ago and once I’d taken my pictures of the doll, as you do as a blogger, we gave it to BattleKid as a surprise. He was immediately pawing at the box saying “mama, you open it”. We duly obliged and watched in anticipation of his reaction.

Once Baby, as he was named, was out of the box BattleKid started off by checking his dummy and saying “there you go”. He next moved onto feeding his Baby his bottle and it was very sweet watching him being so gentle with his Baby Born Interactive Doll.

Once Baby was finished with his bottle BattleKid asked him if he wanted some food and feed him pretend food.

Of course, silly mama forgot to put the nappy on Baby so we did that quickly to prevent any spills. BattleKid has since found it hilarious that Baby wees and poops!

Suitably fuelled up, Baby was then taken on a ride on BattleKid’s ‘motorbike’ after which time I think Baby was quite tired and BattleKid gave him a bit of a rest.

We’ve since dressed Baby in one of BattleKid’s babygro’s and let him sleep under one of his soft blankets. Baby now goes to bed with BattleKid and shares his bed every night. BattleKid has also been feeding him regularly and sitting him on his potty saying “you do a wee-wee”, most likely linked to the fact he himself is just finished potty training. One area we’ve come a cropper is when BattleKid asked where Baby’s pram was! We’ll see if he continues to play with Baby and if so we might need to get one!

I have to admit that both BattleDad and I have had pangs of guilt watching BattleKid with his Baby. Guilt that he’s an only child, and it has been so sweet watching him being so gentle and kind with his Baby Born Interactive Doll. However, they’ve only been fleeting, before anyone says we need to have another child! I’ve written about my reluctance to have another child on the blog and those feelings haven’t changed.

I’m quite impressed with how far dolls have come since I was a girl and I’m also delighted to see BattleKid enjoying his Baby. We received the Baby Born Interactive Boy Doll and he comes with nine lifelike functions and no less than eleven accessories. Baby Born cries real tears, although we haven’t tested this function out at the time of writing this review. Baby Born also opens and closes its eyes and I’m sorry to say has had those poor eyes poked a few times by BattleKid! Baby born eats and drinks and also does controlled wees and poops. Baby Born is fully movable and is waterproof too so can enjoy a bath with your little one if they want.

Baby Born Interactive Dolls come with a birth certificate and friendship bracelets although I removed these. Baby Born also comes with a dummy and dummy clip, a bottle which you can fill, a nappy, some food and a plate and spoon and also a potty, which BattleKid has been sitting Baby on regularly, although he has been forgetting to remove his nappy first!

There are lots of accessories and other fun items you can get for Baby Born too which we may look into depending on how much BattleKid plays with his baby.

What I love about the Baby Born Interactive Doll:

  • Lifelike features are brilliant.
  • The accessories it comes with act as a great starter pack.
  • Great way to let imaginative play come into force, as we’ve observed with BattleKid.
  • An interesting and lovely way to see BattleKid’s softer side come out.
  • Huge range of accessories, clothes and toys available to go with your Baby Born Doll.

What I didn’t like about the Baby Born Interactive Doll:

  • It took me a while to figure out what the valve on the back was for!

Overall, both BattleDad and I were suitably impressed with the Baby Born Interactive Doll. The various features are brilliant and the accessories have gone down a storm with BattleKid, particularly the dummy, bottle and potty. We’ve even dressed Baby in one of BattleKid’s old babygros and had him sleeping under one of his baby blankets. Baby also goes to bed with BattleKid most nights.

It’s been lovely watching BattleKid play with Baby and we’ve been surprised at how gentle he has been. And as mentioned we’ve had a few pangs of guilt.

I’d like to think that we’ve shown that boys CAN play with dolls and enjoy it and gender should never stop a child playing with certain toys. We’re still considering a pram for Baby but with an impending move it might have to wait until after that.

Baby Born Interactive Dolls from Zapf Creations have an RRP of £49.99 and are available from most good toys stores including Argos, Smyth’s Toys and Amazon. There is also a large range of accessories, clothing and toys to accompany Baby Born Dolls, including prams and you can chose form both girl and boy dolls.

It’s also been great hearing about my follower’s sons who play with dolls and I’m glad we are making inroads to breaking the stereotypes and getting away from gender specific toys!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a Boy Baby Born Interactive Doll for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

**This review contains an Amazon Affiliate Link. You can read more about this on my disclosure page.

baby born interactive doll


Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger Review

We were recently sent a set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger to review with BattleKid. BattleKid has the Ravensburger 4 in a box Thomas the Tank Engine and Gruffalo puzzles and he quite enjoys doing them, especially when I have been doing my own puzzles on the kitchen table. He loves nothing more than getting his out and doing them alongside me.

However, as they are a set of My First Puzzles, he is quite adept at doing them now and gets bored quite quickly with them. They are designed from the age of 18 months and contain puzzles with 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces. The Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles are designed from the age of 3 and contain puzzles with 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces so are certainly more advanced than the My First Puzzle sets we already have.rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Rachel Allen Boys Puzzles set contains puzzles with a pirate, superhero, astronaut and dinosaur. These designs are bright and colourful and certainly what BattleKid needed to take him to the next stage of puzzles. He was delighted with his surprise!rachel ellen boys puzzles

We started with the Pirate puzzle of 12 pieces and it took BattleKid a while to figure it out but he managed it. It kept his attention, although I did hear on a few occasions “I can’t do it mammy”. With a little encouragement from me to turn the pieces to see if they fit, he completed the puzzle and felt quite proud of himself.rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

He attempted the Superhero puzzle but found this one very challenging, even though it only contains 16 pieces. Next we moved onto the Astronaut puzzle and although I had to help him with this the first time around, he seemed to enjoy putting this one together. One particular piece proved a bit tricky for him, with him trying to convince me it was the right one. You can guess who was right!rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Dinosaur puzzle definitely proved the trickiest for BattleKid but he was determined to get it done. I helped with the edges and he set about trying different pieces together. Again with a little help from me, he got the puzzle completed and was quite pleased with this. I think the fact that he is obsessed with Disney’s The Good Dinosaur at the moment meant it really appealed to him. rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

What we loved about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Bright, colourful designs.
  • Great characters including a pirate, superhero, astronaut, and BattleKid’s favourite, a dinosaur.
  • Pieces are lovely and chunky for small hands.
  • Great set of puzzles to take toddlers and pre-schoolers to the next level in puzzle making.
  • The puzzles are made from special recycled board and feel strong and sturdy.
  • Ideal to keep BattleKid going for a few years.

What we didn’t like about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Nothing!

These puzzles are designed for ages from 3+ and we can vouch for that. BattleKid, at just over 3 years of age, found them challenging and needed a little help from me with some of them. That said, he is a determined little boy and I think this set of 4 beautiful puzzles will grow with him in the next few years. They have certainly taken him to the next level of puzzle making and we have been enjoying these on rainy days at home and in the evenings after nursery. They are sturdy and chunky enough for his hands and feel like they will be long-lasting.rachel ellen boys puzzles

So if you are looking for a set of 4 puzzles to challenge your pre-schooler and take them to the next level of puzzle making, then I cannot recommend this set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger. And I am sure there are some girls out there who would thoroughly enjoy these puzzles too!

These, and a whole host of other character 4 in one boxes of puzzles, are available from all good retailers as well as Amazon, costing just £5.99. I am already adding more to my wish list!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a set of Rachel Ellen 4 in a Box boys puzzles for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

rachel ellen boys puzzles

#DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel

I was recently asked to get involved in the #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel and when I found out it wasn’t limited to children I thought why not. It could be a bit of fun and again was something for me to review myself and enjoy without having to ensure I got BattleKid involved. I was kindly sent a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit to get started.#designadiary

The Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit comes with three gel pens in pastels colours, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips and a gel tray. I also received a pastel blue 2017 diary to get creative with. #designadiary

First and foremost I read the instructions on how to use the Gel-A-Peel kit. There are hints and tips on the instructions and once I was familiar with them I got cracking. The first thing I did in my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was to fill in a few of the accessories in the gel tray and leave them to dry. I did a few in different colours and thought I’d decide which to use once they were dry and the basis of my diary was done.#designadiary

I then chose a template which I wanted to incorporate into my diary and set about making that and leaving it to dry. The instructions say leave designs for 5-10 minutes before adding different colours. I assumed this was the same as the drying time and found it certainly wasn’t when I tried to remove some of my accessories from the tray. Be warned, you may need to leave them several hours before you can remove them without ruining them as I did.#designadiary

That said, not all was lost and I had a butterfly which dried enough to be removed from the tray to add to my diary. The design template I chose dried quicker than the accessories and was quite easy to remove from the clear plastic design sheet once I got started.

In terms of my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel, I started by covering the silver 2017 with the lovely green pastel gel. I then wrote out one of my favourite blog sayings

She believed she could so she did

in the silver gel on the diary. Writing was easy once I took my time and spelled each word out slowly in my head. I was quite nervous about making a spelling mistake. The one accessory that dried quickest, a butterfly, was then added to a corner of my diary before I added the template to the spine of my diary.#designadiary #designadiary

And voila, my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was complete. It didn’t quite turn out the way I had imagined it, simply because some of the accessories I wanted to add didn’t dry in time and I got impatient. I still enjoyed the process and can see this being a great way for young girls (and maybe some older ones like me) to while away a few hours. A big tip I have for you, be patient with your accessories. It might be best to actually leave them overnight to dry to avoid disappointment when you ruin them by trying to remove them prematurely.#designadiary

The #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel is a great way to get creative and have some fun while enjoying yourself. It would also be a great way to get young girls (and boys) to spend a few quiet hours this half-term, giving you a few moments peace. The pastel kit comes with everything you need to get creative (except the diary) and you can create a whole host of other things with Gel-A-Peel. They have lots of videos and hints and tips on their website to get anyone started on their creative journey.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I received a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit as part of the #DesignADiary campaign. However, as always, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions of the products I received.