Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger Review

We were recently sent a set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger to review with BattleKid. BattleKid has the Ravensburger 4 in a box Thomas the Tank Engine and Gruffalo puzzles and he quite enjoys doing them, especially when I have been doing my own puzzles on the kitchen table. He loves nothing more than getting his out and doing them alongside me.

However, as they are a set of My First Puzzles, he is quite adept at doing them now and gets bored quite quickly with them. They are designed from the age of 18 months and contain puzzles with 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces. The Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles are designed from the age of 3 and contain puzzles with 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces so are certainly more advanced than the My First Puzzle sets we already have.rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Rachel Allen Boys Puzzles set contains puzzles with a pirate, superhero, astronaut and dinosaur. These designs are bright and colourful and certainly what BattleKid needed to take him to the next stage of puzzles. He was delighted with his surprise!rachel ellen boys puzzles

We started with the Pirate puzzle of 12 pieces and it took BattleKid a while to figure it out but he managed it. It kept his attention, although I did hear on a few occasions “I can’t do it mammy”. With a little encouragement from me to turn the pieces to see if they fit, he completed the puzzle and felt quite proud of himself.rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

He attempted the Superhero puzzle but found this one very challenging, even though it only contains 16 pieces. Next we moved onto the Astronaut puzzle and although I had to help him with this the first time around, he seemed to enjoy putting this one together. One particular piece proved a bit tricky for him, with him trying to convince me it was the right one. You can guess who was right!rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Dinosaur puzzle definitely proved the trickiest for BattleKid but he was determined to get it done. I helped with the edges and he set about trying different pieces together. Again with a little help from me, he got the puzzle completed and was quite pleased with this. I think the fact that he is obsessed with Disney’s The Good Dinosaur at the moment meant it really appealed to him. rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

What we loved about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Bright, colourful designs.
  • Great characters including a pirate, superhero, astronaut, and BattleKid’s favourite, a dinosaur.
  • Pieces are lovely and chunky for small hands.
  • Great set of puzzles to take toddlers and pre-schoolers to the next level in puzzle making.
  • The puzzles are made from special recycled board and feel strong and sturdy.
  • Ideal to keep BattleKid going for a few years.

What we didn’t like about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Nothing!

These puzzles are designed for ages from 3+ and we can vouch for that. BattleKid, at just over 3 years of age, found them challenging and needed a little help from me with some of them. That said, he is a determined little boy and I think this set of 4 beautiful puzzles will grow with him in the next few years. They have certainly taken him to the next level of puzzle making and we have been enjoying these on rainy days at home and in the evenings after nursery. They are sturdy and chunky enough for his hands and feel like they will be long-lasting.rachel ellen boys puzzles

So if you are looking for a set of 4 puzzles to challenge your pre-schooler and take them to the next level of puzzle making, then I cannot recommend this set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger. And I am sure there are some girls out there who would thoroughly enjoy these puzzles too!

These, and a whole host of other character 4 in one boxes of puzzles, are available from all good retailers as well as Amazon, costing just £5.99. I am already adding more to my wish list!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a set of Rachel Ellen 4 in a Box boys puzzles for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

rachel ellen boys puzzles

#DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel

I was recently asked to get involved in the #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel and when I found out it wasn’t limited to children I thought why not. It could be a bit of fun and again was something for me to review myself and enjoy without having to ensure I got BattleKid involved. I was kindly sent a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit to get started.#designadiary

The Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit comes with three gel pens in pastels colours, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips and a gel tray. I also received a pastel blue 2017 diary to get creative with. #designadiary

First and foremost I read the instructions on how to use the Gel-A-Peel kit. There are hints and tips on the instructions and once I was familiar with them I got cracking. The first thing I did in my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was to fill in a few of the accessories in the gel tray and leave them to dry. I did a few in different colours and thought I’d decide which to use once they were dry and the basis of my diary was done.#designadiary

I then chose a template which I wanted to incorporate into my diary and set about making that and leaving it to dry. The instructions say leave designs for 5-10 minutes before adding different colours. I assumed this was the same as the drying time and found it certainly wasn’t when I tried to remove some of my accessories from the tray. Be warned, you may need to leave them several hours before you can remove them without ruining them as I did.#designadiary

That said, not all was lost and I had a butterfly which dried enough to be removed from the tray to add to my diary. The design template I chose dried quicker than the accessories and was quite easy to remove from the clear plastic design sheet once I got started.

In terms of my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel, I started by covering the silver 2017 with the lovely green pastel gel. I then wrote out one of my favourite blog sayings

She believed she could so she did

in the silver gel on the diary. Writing was easy once I took my time and spelled each word out slowly in my head. I was quite nervous about making a spelling mistake. The one accessory that dried quickest, a butterfly, was then added to a corner of my diary before I added the template to the spine of my diary.#designadiary #designadiary

And voila, my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was complete. It didn’t quite turn out the way I had imagined it, simply because some of the accessories I wanted to add didn’t dry in time and I got impatient. I still enjoyed the process and can see this being a great way for young girls (and maybe some older ones like me) to while away a few hours. A big tip I have for you, be patient with your accessories. It might be best to actually leave them overnight to dry to avoid disappointment when you ruin them by trying to remove them prematurely.#designadiary

The #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel is a great way to get creative and have some fun while enjoying yourself. It would also be a great way to get young girls (and boys) to spend a few quiet hours this half-term, giving you a few moments peace. The pastel kit comes with everything you need to get creative (except the diary) and you can create a whole host of other things with Gel-A-Peel. They have lots of videos and hints and tips on their website to get anyone started on their creative journey.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I received a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit as part of the #DesignADiary campaign. However, as always, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions of the products I received.


Lights Num Noms and Series 3 Review

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the Lunch Box Deluxe Pack from Series 3 of Num Noms, a Series 3 mystery pack and also two new Lights Num Noms mystery packs. We reviewed some Num Noms from Series 2 towards the end of last year and BattleKid absolutely loved the vibrating Noms so I was intrigued to see what we got this time.

I had seen a TV advert for the new Lights Num Noms and thought they were a good idea and I was delighted when we received two as part of our review pack. As soon as I opened the package and revealed what was hiding inside, BattleKid immediately said “eee-open”. This mama duly obliged and he dived straight in to see what the new Lights Num Noms were all about.

The new Lights Num Noms mystery packs are packaged in a juice carton and contain a scented, opaque Num that stacks on top of the Nom, which when pressed flashes two different coloured lights. There are over 300 sweet scented combinations to make. We received two of these and they went down a storm with BattleKid.

We also received a Lunch Box Deluxe Pack (Style 1) from Series 3 which contained no less than 10 scented outer Nums from a variety of Marshmallows, Donuts, Fruits & Veggies and Candy. There was also a mystery Num and 2 scented inner Noms including an eraser and a stamp. This pack was really great as the package they come in can be used as a storage box for all the Num Noms. No more losing Nums under the sofa or stepping on a Nom and setting the vibrations off, giving yourself a fright! Brilliant idea.

Our mystery box, which is included in the lunch box, was a lip gloss Num Nom. What a great idea! It’s little enough for small hands and ideal for young girls to pop into their pockets or bags and a way for them to feel grown up. BattleKid didn’t want to try it on his lips but I did and the scent is very subtle and the lip gloss doesn’t stain your lips at all. This might disappoint some little girls but not their mums I suspect. But what a lovely little surprise!lights num noms

lights num noms

BattleKid had a great time playing with the Lights Num Noms, even trying to blind me with them during one play session, but I must admit his favourite thing we received was the stamp Nom from the Lunch Box. He went around stamping any paper he could find and when he ran out I found him stamping the TV! Uh oh!lights num noms lights num noms

I did notice that the scents this time around seemed a bit strong than the last Series we received. Whether they have been made a bit strong or not, I don’t know, but I could distinguish the scents more this time. My personal favourite was Peyton Peppermint as I could really get the peppermint coming through. Smelling all the lovely sweet scents was making me rather hungry I have to say.

What we loved about Series 3 and the Lights Num Noms

  • Great new variety to add to our collection.
  • Scents seemed strong this time around.
  • Lights Num Noms flash in two different colours.
  • Hundreds of combinations to be made.
  • New stamp Nom went down a storm with BattleKid.
  • The eraser and lip gloss Noms were a nice surprise and great new additions to the Series.

What we didn’t like about Series 3 and the Lights Num Noms

  • Nothing, BattleKid loved these again!

Num Noms are suitable for ages 3-8 and are ideally sized for little hands. Imaginations can run wild and get creative with these and the new Lights Num Noms add even more fun into the mix. Little girls will love the new lip gloss Nom and little boys, if they are anything like BattleKid, will be stamping away to their hearts content with the new stamp Noms.lights num noms lights num noms

So if you are fearing the worst this coming half-term why not grab some Num Noms to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Num Noms are available from a wide range of retailers such as Argos, Smyths, Toy’R’Us and prices start from £5.99. The Lunch Box we received for this review is priced at £14.99 and the Lights Num Noms mystery packs retail at £3.99, both from Toy’R’Us.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a Lunch Box Deluxe Pack and a mystery pack from Series 3 of Num Noms and also two mystery packs from the new Lights Num Noms Series 1 for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.lights num noms

Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and Matching Gloves

We were kindly sent a Trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves for review recently. I was quite excited as I first came across Rockin Baby at the BlogOn MSI conference I attended in September and was very interested to hear their ethos. trapper hat from rockin baby

Rockin Baby was founded in America in 2002 and was taken over in 2011, whereupon their Mantra became

You buy, we give.

For every sling and piece of children’s clothing that is bought from Rockin Baby, they donate the same to mothers and children around the world, child-to-child, mother-to-mother, who need it via their partnership with well organised, non-profit organisation such as ChildFund. Slings are their core product but their expanding baby and children’s wear ranges are fashionable, colourful and desirable to fashion-savvy parents and their children. For every item people such as you or I buy, they donate a sling, carrier or item of clothing to needy children around the world. This is amazing and they are the only company who do this, as far as I am aware. What a wonderful thing to do!trapper hat from rockin baby

Rockin Baby slings and pouches are made in America and pass rigorous safety tests in both the US and Europe. Their clothing range includes knitwear, outerwear, nightwear and accessories, as well as tops and bottoms. We were kindly sent one a Brown Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves to road test with BattleKid.trapper hat from rockin baby

Anyone who knows BattleKid knows that he is a hat man. From his Curious George hat, to his Aviator hat to his Nans Knits hats, he loves wearing hats. So much so that the girls in nursery often have a hard time of it taking it off him during the day. He often comes out with a sweaty head from wearing his hat throughout the day! So we were extremely delighted to get the opportunity to review another one to add to his collection.

The Trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves are a lovely burnt orange colour with brown stripes. The hat is a trapper style as the name suggests and the hat is fleece lined inside and has a fur trim too. It’s really cosy and warm and the colour is fantastic.trapper hat from rockin baby

However, despite receiving an age 3-6 years, BattleKid’s head was too big for it. The hat fit at the front and went over his ears no problem but was riding up the back of his head. Now I do have trouble with the sizes of hats for BattleKid as he has a big head and generally only buy hats when I have him with me to try them on. I’ve recently bought him a hat from another retailer and had to get an age 5-6 despite him not turning three for another week! So I was a little disappointed that it didn’t fit him properly but certainly didn’t think he needed a size 7-10 years!trapper hat from rockin baby trapper hat from rockin baby trapper hat from rockin baby

That said the hat is a great style, one that suits him and was really warm and cosy. He wore it to see Santa recently and wasn’t cold at all with the trapper hat from Rockin Baby on.

The matching gloves we received in a size age 3-6 years are big on him so will last him the next few winters which I’m delighted with. He is still getting the hang of putting his fingers in one finger, as all young children do, but the colours are fantastic and the gloves will keep his hands nice and warm outdoors.

What I love about the Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves:

  • Extremely warm and cosy.
  • Great colours.
  • The Trapper hat is fleece lined and with a fur trim.
  • Quality of products feels great.
  • Very stylish.
  • This style of hat suits BattleKid down to the ground, if I do say so myself.
  • Gloves are generously sized and will last BattleKid for a few winters to come.
  • Value-for-money with the hat priced at £14.00 and the gloves at £10.00 considering that for every item you buy Rockin Baby donates one as well.
  • Rockin Baby have a wonderful ethos and mantra, you buy we buy.

What I didn’t like about the Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves:

  • The hat didn’t fit BattleKid but that may simply be down to the fact he has a big head and I find hats hard to buy in ‘his’ size.

Overall I was happy with the colours and quality of the trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves. However, as I’ve mentioned the hat was too small for BattleKid, despite us receiving an age 3-6 year’s size. I would say that if you are considering buying a hat for your little ones from Rockin Baby and their heads are larger than usual sizes, order a big one which will last. Would I recommend Rockin Baby for clothing and accessories such as hats and gloves? Without a doubt. Their clothing are not only stylish and fashionable but reasonably priced considering their “You buy, we give” mantra.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We were kindly sent the trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves for review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

Childrens Bedding from Character World

We’ve been thinking of updating BattleKid’s bedroom as he approaches 3, so when we got the chance to receive some childrens bedding from Character World for review I jumped at the chance and knew exactly which character we’d like to receive.childrens bedding from character world

BattleKid’s bedroom has very much been a place for sleeping and only sleeping. He very rarely ‘plays’ in his room and we’ve kept it this way since he was little. He has a few toys in there but they are more for distraction while getting dressed in the morning or while getting ready for bed. He doesn’t play in his bedroom during the day and we like it that way. It keeps it as a room for sleeping in and quiet times. However, that said we still want it to be a room he likes to go to, for obvious reasons.

When BattleKid turned 2 at the start of this year we decided to update his room from a nursery to a toddler’s room. It had been a traditional kind of nursery with the Next Cheeky Monkey theme running throughout. But after we had his Curious George themed birthday party we decided to convert his baby nursery to a toddler room using Curious George as the feature.

Now that he’s getting a bit older we’re thinking it’s time for a change again. We had to stop him watching too much Curious George as he was starting to respond to us in monkey noises rather than speech, and while he still likes George, he now enjoys watching Thomas the Tank Engine in the evenings before dinner. With that in mind I asked if we could receive Thomas the Tank Engine childrens bedding from Character World and we were pleasantly surprised when we received a junior bed set, a fleece blanket and a towel poncho.childrens bedding from character world

Character World started in 1998 with the aim of being the number 1 licensed textile manufacturer in the UK and they are, both in the UK, and now Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Character World provide the best bedding textiles for all major entertainment companies from TV, movie, gaming and music. Their collections include characters from things such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Frozen, Star Wars, Peppa Pig, Marvel Heroes and many, many more. Their huge range includes bedding, cushions, blankets, towelling, curtains, rugs and beanbags.

The first item to be reviewed was the Junior childrens bedding from Character World. BattleKid’s cot was a cot bed so Junior bedding fits it perfectly. I sneaked into his room before collecting him from nursery one evening to change his bed. childrens bedding from character world childrens bedding from character worldThe first thing that struck me about the set we were sent was how vibrant the colours are. Now, I haven’t washed this set yet, so I am hoping the colours don’t fade but I will update you all if they do. I doubt it though. The actual Thomas the Tank Engine design is lovely and a certain little boy was only thrilled to see him on his bed that night.

Oh mama, it’s Thomas. What he doing on my bed?

He was more than happy to jump into bed that night under Thomas, and he slept really well, with no problem. I’ll be honest and say I was a bit apprehensive as we’ve been using a bedding set that has zips up the side to ensure his duvet doesn’t slip down off him but we had no problems that night or any since. He likes to move outside his duvet and it seems this non-zip version doesn’t cause him any problems. Perhaps he now finds it easier getting the duvet back on him during the night if necessary. So our Junior childrens bedding from Character World has gone down a storm with BattleKid.childrens bedding from character world

The next thing we used and loved was the Thomas the Tank Engine fleece blanket. I gave this to BattleKid after swimming one Sunday afternoon and he was toasty and warm under it while watching the Jungle Book film. He doesn’t nap in the afternoons anymore but he was close on this occasion under his new Thomas fleece blanket. Again it was a case of “oh mama, Thomas”. This blanket is really warm, despite appearing thin on first glance and the colours and design again are colourful and beautiful too.

Last but not least we’ve used the Thomas the Tank Engine towel poncho after swimming and showers at home. I haven’t taken pictures after swimming as our changing room is on the small side and I don’t want to include pictures of other children without their parent’s permission. So I’ve stuck to a few pictures at home.childrens bedding from character world childrens bedding from character world

Once again I had a very happy Thomas the Tank Engine fan who was only more than happy to get out of the shower when I showed him this. BattleKid often kicks up a fuss about getting out of the shower (bet he changes his tune when he gets older) and it can be a struggle to get him out but not when I produced this Thomas towel poncho. Out he came with a grin as I put it over his head! And on several occasions he has asked for his Thomas towel after showers but it is washed and ready to take on our forthcoming holiday to the Canaries!

What we love about the childrens bedding from Character World:

  • A huge range of characters to choose from.
  • Vibrant colours on our Thomas the Tank Engine bedding, blanket and towel.
  • Designs are lovely and will definitely appeal to young fans.
  • Lots of items to update your child’s bedroom with from bedding to cushions to rugs.
  • Value for money and available through a number of retailers including Argos, Mothercare and Amazon with prices typically ranging from £15-25 depending on the retailer and product.

What we didn’t like about the childrens bedding from Character World:

  • Nothing. Although I would have loved to have seen Curious George in their range when we were searching for things to update BattleKid’s bedroom earlier this year.

Overall, both we and BattleKid are thrilled with the items we received for review from Character World. So much so that we are intending to update his room after his birthday in January to a Thomas the Tank Engine theme to carry on from what we’ve received. I have already ordered a rug (Character World one), lamp shade and wall decals to use during the update so stay tuned for that post in January.

All that is left to say is that we are very happy with the bedding and towel we received from Character World. So if your little one is a big fan of a particular character make sure you check out the huge range of childrens bedding from Character World!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a junior bedding set, fleece blanket and towel poncho in Thomas the tank Engine from Character World for the purpose of this review. However, as always, the opinions of the items expressed in this review are wholly mine.