Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and Matching Gloves

We were kindly sent a Trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves for review recently. I was quite excited as I first came across Rockin Baby at the BlogOn MSI conference I attended in September and was very interested to hear their ethos. trapper hat from rockin baby

Rockin Baby was founded in America in 2002 and was taken over in 2011, whereupon their Mantra became

You buy, we give.

For every sling and piece of children’s clothing that is bought from Rockin Baby, they donate the same to mothers and children around the world, child-to-child, mother-to-mother, who need it via their partnership with well organised, non-profit organisation such as ChildFund. Slings are their core product but their expanding baby and children’s wear ranges are fashionable, colourful and desirable to fashion-savvy parents and their children. For every item people such as you or I buy, they donate a sling, carrier or item of clothing to needy children around the world. This is amazing and they are the only company who do this, as far as I am aware. What a wonderful thing to do!trapper hat from rockin baby

Rockin Baby slings and pouches are made in America and pass rigorous safety tests in both the US and Europe. Their clothing range includes knitwear, outerwear, nightwear and accessories, as well as tops and bottoms. We were kindly sent one a Brown Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves to road test with BattleKid.trapper hat from rockin baby

Anyone who knows BattleKid knows that he is a hat man. From his Curious George hat, to his Aviator hat to his Nans Knits hats, he loves wearing hats. So much so that the girls in nursery often have a hard time of it taking it off him during the day. He often comes out with a sweaty head from wearing his hat throughout the day! So we were extremely delighted to get the opportunity to review another one to add to his collection.

The Trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves are a lovely burnt orange colour with brown stripes. The hat is a trapper style as the name suggests and the hat is fleece lined inside and has a fur trim too. It’s really cosy and warm and the colour is fantastic.trapper hat from rockin baby

However, despite receiving an age 3-6 years, BattleKid’s head was too big for it. The hat fit at the front and went over his ears no problem but was riding up the back of his head. Now I do have trouble with the sizes of hats for BattleKid as he has a big head and generally only buy hats when I have him with me to try them on. I’ve recently bought him a hat from another retailer and had to get an age 5-6 despite him not turning three for another week! So I was a little disappointed that it didn’t fit him properly but certainly didn’t think he needed a size 7-10 years!trapper hat from rockin baby trapper hat from rockin baby trapper hat from rockin baby

That said the hat is a great style, one that suits him and was really warm and cosy. He wore it to see Santa recently and wasn’t cold at all with the trapper hat from Rockin Baby on.

The matching gloves we received in a size age 3-6 years are big on him so will last him the next few winters which I’m delighted with. He is still getting the hang of putting his fingers in one finger, as all young children do, but the colours are fantastic and the gloves will keep his hands nice and warm outdoors.

What I love about the Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves:

  • Extremely warm and cosy.
  • Great colours.
  • The Trapper hat is fleece lined and with a fur trim.
  • Quality of products feels great.
  • Very stylish.
  • This style of hat suits BattleKid down to the ground, if I do say so myself.
  • Gloves are generously sized and will last BattleKid for a few winters to come.
  • Value-for-money with the hat priced at £14.00 and the gloves at £10.00 considering that for every item you buy Rockin Baby donates one as well.
  • Rockin Baby have a wonderful ethos and mantra, you buy we buy.

What I didn’t like about the Trapper Hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves:

  • The hat didn’t fit BattleKid but that may simply be down to the fact he has a big head and I find hats hard to buy in ‘his’ size.

Overall I was happy with the colours and quality of the trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves. However, as I’ve mentioned the hat was too small for BattleKid, despite us receiving an age 3-6 year’s size. I would say that if you are considering buying a hat for your little ones from Rockin Baby and their heads are larger than usual sizes, order a big one which will last. Would I recommend Rockin Baby for clothing and accessories such as hats and gloves? Without a doubt. Their clothing are not only stylish and fashionable but reasonably priced considering their “You buy, we give” mantra.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We were kindly sent the trapper hat from Rockin Baby and matching gloves for review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

Childrens Bedding from Character World

We’ve been thinking of updating BattleKid’s bedroom as he approaches 3, so when we got the chance to receive some childrens bedding from Character World for review I jumped at the chance and knew exactly which character we’d like to receive.childrens bedding from character world

BattleKid’s bedroom has very much been a place for sleeping and only sleeping. He very rarely ‘plays’ in his room and we’ve kept it this way since he was little. He has a few toys in there but they are more for distraction while getting dressed in the morning or while getting ready for bed. He doesn’t play in his bedroom during the day and we like it that way. It keeps it as a room for sleeping in and quiet times. However, that said we still want it to be a room he likes to go to, for obvious reasons.

When BattleKid turned 2 at the start of this year we decided to update his room from a nursery to a toddler’s room. It had been a traditional kind of nursery with the Next Cheeky Monkey theme running throughout. But after we had his Curious George themed birthday party we decided to convert his baby nursery to a toddler room using Curious George as the feature.

Now that he’s getting a bit older we’re thinking it’s time for a change again. We had to stop him watching too much Curious George as he was starting to respond to us in monkey noises rather than speech, and while he still likes George, he now enjoys watching Thomas the Tank Engine in the evenings before dinner. With that in mind I asked if we could receive Thomas the Tank Engine childrens bedding from Character World and we were pleasantly surprised when we received a junior bed set, a fleece blanket and a towel poncho.childrens bedding from character world

Character World started in 1998 with the aim of being the number 1 licensed textile manufacturer in the UK and they are, both in the UK, and now Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Character World provide the best bedding textiles for all major entertainment companies from TV, movie, gaming and music. Their collections include characters from things such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Frozen, Star Wars, Peppa Pig, Marvel Heroes and many, many more. Their huge range includes bedding, cushions, blankets, towelling, curtains, rugs and beanbags.

The first item to be reviewed was the Junior childrens bedding from Character World. BattleKid’s cot was a cot bed so Junior bedding fits it perfectly. I sneaked into his room before collecting him from nursery one evening to change his bed. childrens bedding from character world childrens bedding from character worldThe first thing that struck me about the set we were sent was how vibrant the colours are. Now, I haven’t washed this set yet, so I am hoping the colours don’t fade but I will update you all if they do. I doubt it though. The actual Thomas the Tank Engine design is lovely and a certain little boy was only thrilled to see him on his bed that night.

Oh mama, it’s Thomas. What he doing on my bed?

He was more than happy to jump into bed that night under Thomas, and he slept really well, with no problem. I’ll be honest and say I was a bit apprehensive as we’ve been using a bedding set that has zips up the side to ensure his duvet doesn’t slip down off him but we had no problems that night or any since. He likes to move outside his duvet and it seems this non-zip version doesn’t cause him any problems. Perhaps he now finds it easier getting the duvet back on him during the night if necessary. So our Junior childrens bedding from Character World has gone down a storm with BattleKid.childrens bedding from character world

The next thing we used and loved was the Thomas the Tank Engine fleece blanket. I gave this to BattleKid after swimming one Sunday afternoon and he was toasty and warm under it while watching the Jungle Book film. He doesn’t nap in the afternoons anymore but he was close on this occasion under his new Thomas fleece blanket. Again it was a case of “oh mama, Thomas”. This blanket is really warm, despite appearing thin on first glance and the colours and design again are colourful and beautiful too.

Last but not least we’ve used the Thomas the Tank Engine towel poncho after swimming and showers at home. I haven’t taken pictures after swimming as our changing room is on the small side and I don’t want to include pictures of other children without their parent’s permission. So I’ve stuck to a few pictures at home.childrens bedding from character world childrens bedding from character world

Once again I had a very happy Thomas the Tank Engine fan who was only more than happy to get out of the shower when I showed him this. BattleKid often kicks up a fuss about getting out of the shower (bet he changes his tune when he gets older) and it can be a struggle to get him out but not when I produced this Thomas towel poncho. Out he came with a grin as I put it over his head! And on several occasions he has asked for his Thomas towel after showers but it is washed and ready to take on our forthcoming holiday to the Canaries!

What we love about the childrens bedding from Character World:

  • A huge range of characters to choose from.
  • Vibrant colours on our Thomas the Tank Engine bedding, blanket and towel.
  • Designs are lovely and will definitely appeal to young fans.
  • Lots of items to update your child’s bedroom with from bedding to cushions to rugs.
  • Value for money and available through a number of retailers including Argos, Mothercare and Amazon with prices typically ranging from £15-25 depending on the retailer and product.

What we didn’t like about the childrens bedding from Character World:

  • Nothing. Although I would have loved to have seen Curious George in their range when we were searching for things to update BattleKid’s bedroom earlier this year.

Overall, both we and BattleKid are thrilled with the items we received for review from Character World. So much so that we are intending to update his room after his birthday in January to a Thomas the Tank Engine theme to carry on from what we’ve received. I have already ordered a rug (Character World one), lamp shade and wall decals to use during the update so stay tuned for that post in January.

All that is left to say is that we are very happy with the bedding and towel we received from Character World. So if your little one is a big fan of a particular character make sure you check out the huge range of childrens bedding from Character World!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a junior bedding set, fleece blanket and towel poncho in Thomas the tank Engine from Character World for the purpose of this review. However, as always, the opinions of the items expressed in this review are wholly mine.

Num Noms – Inspiring #MiniChefs To Get Cooking

We got the opportunity recently to receive and review some Num Noms from Series 2 as part of their #MiniChefs campaign. Num Noms are running a #MiniChefs campaign designed to encourage children to get into the kitchen and have fun with food and get cooking. Alongside our Num Noms packets we also received a chef’s hat which I easily fitted to BattleKid’s head. He borrowed an apron of mine and we headed into the kitchen to play with and get inspired by the Num Noms we received.

We first opened our parcel to get to grips with what Num Noms are and to have fun playing with them and get some inspiration from the characters and their scent. We received two sets of Num Noms from Series 2.num noms

The first set we received was the Diner Jumbo Combo pack which includes 6 scented Nums, two scented, motorised Noms, a collector’s menu, ice tray container and a spoon accessory. Inside the pack is a mystery character too.

The Nums included Hammy Burger, PBNJ (Peanut Butter ‘N’ Jelly), Frenchie Fries, Lemony Cola and Haley Hot Dog. The Diner Jumbo Combo also comes with two Noms; Cheesy Go-Go and Ketchup Go-Go.num noms

The second set we received was the Num Noms Pizza Party pack which contained Peppy Roni, Sammy Smores and Pina Aloha Nums and a Chili Go-Go Nom, as well as a pizza cutter and tray container.num noms

BattleKid and I were immediately intrigued and weren’t too sure what to make of them at first. But we soon got playing and both of us got a fright when we accidently turned on the Noms!

We weren’t expecting them to get going like they did. Cue squeals of fright and then delight as BattleKid realised he had not one, not two but three Noms. It’s safe to say there was a lot of noise from there on in.

So what exactly are Num Noms I hear you say?

A cup of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms.

Num Noms are food character toys which enable children to play and gain inspiration. You mix a Num with a Nom to create endless wacky combos. They are scented mini food dishes designed to inspire Mini Chefs. You can mix and match Num Noms to create both sweet and savoury scented recipes and there are over 100 to collect. Phew!

BattleKid and I had great fun placing Nums onto top of a Nom, setting it going and watching our creations jump around the kitchen counter before falling off. I haven’t heard BattleKid giggle this much for a long time.num noms num noms num noms num noms

We were really inspired by our Pizza Party pack and we decided to make homemade pizza for dinner later that night. I bought a pre-rolled pizza base and we soon got to topping it with all manner of things. BattleKid loves ham and pineapple, although there wasn’t much pineapple making its way onto his pizza I can tell you. He might say it’s a Mini Chef’s prerogative to taste food as you cook!num noms num noms num nomsnum noms img_5747

We love making homemade pizza as you can top it with anything you fancy and with as much or as little toppings as you like. If you fancy trying homemade pizza why not follow our easy-to-follow recipe.


  • Shop-bought pizza base
  • Tomato and Basil Pizza Sauce
  • Grated Cheddar and Mozzarella mix
  • Onions, diced
  • Ham, diced
  • Sweetcorn
  • Pineapple chunks, or rings diced
  • Red pepper, sliced thinly and quite small
  • Pepperonni
  • Mozzarella slices
  • Mushrooms, thinly sliced
  1. Place your pizza base on a pizza oven tray.
  2. Smooth out a few tablespoons of the tomato sauce, enough to cover the base to your taste.
  3. Place a small sprinkle of grated cheese over the sauce.
  4. Top with whatever toppings you like, a little or a lot.
  5. Once you are happy with your toppings sprinkle with some more grated cheese.
  6. Bake in the oven according to the recommended times for your base.
  7. Serve with fries, wedges or salad.
  8. Enjoy!num noms

Since we got inspired and creative in the kitchen BattleKid has had more fun playing with his Num Noms, pretending to eat them, serving them up to me during play and also setting his Noms off to buzz their way down our hall. num nomsIn fact, one evening I could hear a buzzing sound from the hall after he had gone to bed only to discover a Nom stuck under his bike wheel!

What we love about Num Noms:

  • Great for little hands.
  • Lots of characters to collect and play with.
  • The number of combinations you can create are endless.
  • A unique way of getting children to be creative.
  • A brilliant way to inspire Mini Chefs to get into the kitchen and get cooking with Mum and Dad’s help.
  • Hours of fun to be had for little ones.
  • Reasonably priced (details below).
  • Would make perfect Christmas stocking fillers.

What we don’t like about Num Noms:

  • My only criticism is that the scent is perhaps a little too subtle.

Num Noms are one of the most unique and novel toys I’ve come across in a long time. They have provided hours of fun for BattleKid, both in and out of the kitchen, and are just the right size for his little hands. These toys will inspire budding, young chefs and are a brilliant way to get children into the kitchen and to get them cooking. We had great fun getting to grips with ours before being inspired by our Pizza Party pack to have a pizza party of our own that night. And I have to say our pizzas were yummy.

So if you have younger children who are keen to get into the kitchen and become mini chefs, or you would like to get your children interested in food and cooking, why not get them some Num Noms and have some fun together! There are also lots of recipe ideas on the Num Noms website.

Num Noms are available to buy from Smyths, Toy’R’Us, Argos and even Tesco and Asda. Num Noms packs start from around £5.99 (RRP).

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received two sets of Num Noms from Series 2 for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

Curiosity Box – A Great Way to Get Kids Interested In Science

curiosity-boxI was kindly send a Curiosity Box for the purpose of a review recently. The Curiosity Box is a monthly subscription box for kids interested in science between the ages of 7 and 11. It is also a really good way of introducing children to science and perhaps getting them interested in it if they aren’t already.

Curiosity Box is a successfully funded Kickstarter project and has a new theme every month. It is a way to discover the STEM subjects, which is science, technology, engineering and Maths, in your everyday life. Each box contains two to four science activities which are linked to the UK National Keystage 2 school curriculum.

As well as the activities and experiments, there are champion cards cards featuring real life role models, a collectible lab kit (one item per month) to build up your laboratory kit and a history of science postcard with lots of facts on it. There is also a curiosity community in which you can share your wins, and fails, and is a place to post questions and provide or receive answers and is a place where you can show your videos of you doing your activities.curiosity box

As mentioned I received one Curiosity Box for the purpose of this review and it contained 3 activities based around “Mind Control”. These activities were really easy to follow and put together either for children on their own or with the help of an adult.

Each activity contains Activity Sheets with full instructions and facts about your activity. In the first section are the items provided by Curiosity Box to do your activity, in the 2nd are a list of the items you will need in order to complete it, everyday items that you would have around the home such as scissors or Sellotape. There are then a full set of easy-to-follow instructions with each activity. One of the activities in the “Mind Control” box I received had 2 missions on it, one had one and the third activity had no less than 4 missions on it.

Two activities included in the box I received reminded me of things I’ve seen before. Mission 2 of Activity 1 reminded me of a game I had on my phone called Memorado. In this game you have words of a particular colour but instead of actually reading the word you have to say the colour of the word. This game was for increasing brain function and for training your  brain. It’s a great game and can be quite confusing until you get the hang of it. I was thrilled to see something similar in my Curiosity Box!curiosity box

Activity 3 required you to put together what is called a Zoetrope. This reminded me of an activity I had seen at the Techniquest Toddler Day I attended with BattleKid during the summer.

The collectible item that was in my box was a really funky Curiosity Box ruler which is used by some of the activities in this and subsequent boxes. What I really liked about the Curiosity Box that I received was it came with a set of instructions for adults with a certificate and stickers. The certificate is for parents to fill out once children have completed the activities in their box. The stickers can be used to decorate the certificate, they can be used for wins or fails, and they can also be used to let other members of the family know that very important science-based activities are being carried out.curiosity box

Although BattleKid is too young for the Curiosity Box at the moment, this subscription box very much appealed to my science background. It is definitely something I will be subscribing to when BattleKid is older to ensure that he gets help in gaining an interest in science. It will help him learn and hopefully aid with the STEM subjects in school. And if it helps get him interested in science as a field that he would like to consider for his career then I’ll be happy of course.

Although the packaging you receive your Curiosity Box in is quite simple, inside it is well packaged with branded stickers which are a lovely touch. The box itself may be required for the activities inside and the activity cards will tell you if you need to keep the box. So whatever you do don’t get rid of the box before you read your instructions!curiosity box

What I like about The Curiosity Box:

  • Packed with science activities and experiments.
  • A great learning aid for parents and children alike.
  • Can help parents to help their children with the STEM subjects.
  • Linked to the UK National Keystage 2 school curriculum.
  • Great laboratory kit to be collected each month.
  • Fun way to bring science alive.
  • Good value-for-money.

What I didn’t like about the Curiosity Box:

  • Nothing, except I wish BattleKid was older so we could have fun together!

The curiosity box comes in a range of subscription options. You can have a pay-as-you-go monthly option which costs £19.95 including postage and packaging. There is a 3 month package which is £57, a 6 month package which is £111 and the 12 month package is £216. The longer the subscription package you go for the cheaper your Curiosity Box works out each month. I really believe that the Curiosity Box is a great way to help children with their STEM subjects but also is a great way to get parents involved as well, particularly those who do not have a science background or previous interest themselves. It can always be a daunting thing for parents to try and help their children with the STEM subjects if they are not familiar with it themselves. However, the Curiosity Box is a great way for parents and children alike to learn about the STEM subjects in a way that is easy and, in certain cases, applicable to everyday life. If you’d like to know more about The Curiosity Box please visit their website here.

I think the Curiosity Box is a great way for children to become interested in science and I would recommend it, particularly if you or your child are struggling with the STEM subjects and they are aged between 7 and 11. It is well priced for what is included with something inside for your child to collect, as part of their laboratory kit, and put to good use. And if yourself want to get interested in science or already have an interest but want to check out The Curiosity Box for yourself, they do a box specifically for adults priced at £30.

Cath x

*I was kindly sent the “Mind Control” Curiosity Box for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions of the product.

curiosity box

Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby Review – Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Last week an absolutely enormous parcel arrived with my name on it and BattleDad immediately wondered how many shoes it contained. “Nope, not for me” I responded. I told him it was blogger mail and he was intrigued. Inside the parcel was a fantastic surprise for BattleKid. We were kindly sent a selection of Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby for review and I can tell you now, even I was blown away by what we received.bob the builder toys by smoby

The box contained all you would need to set up a mini workshop for a budding Bob the Builder fan. Jam-packed with Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby, we received the Bob the Builder First Work Bench, the Bob the Builder Safety Set, the Bob the Builder Tool Bag, the Bob the Builder Electric Chainsaw and the Bob the Builder Electric Jigsaw. To say we were gobsmacked to receive all five of these items would be an understatement.

BattleDad and I decided to put together the Bob the Builder First Work Bench before collecting BattleKid from nursery and I can safely say it is the first piece of flat-pack, put-together things we have not had an argument over. The instructions were very clear, easy to follow and everything slotted into where it should without any hassles at all. If only other flat-pack furniture and items were this easy to put together. Five minutes after we started I was putting the finishing touches together in terms of the stickers, while BattleDad got the Safety Set and Tool Bag ready for BattleKid’s arrival home from nursery. We were both giddy with anticipation at what BattleKid’s reaction would be to the Bob the Builder Toys.bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

Safe to say he was absolutely thrilled. He walked into our small play room and immediately clocked the workbench asking “Bob the Builder?” before breaking into the famous song, which remained stuck in our heads all evening, as I am sure it is in yours now. Sorry! He donned the checked shirt/work vest and hard hat before diving into the various tools on the work bench. There was hammering and banging and lots of “oh look at this mama” as he familiarised himself with his new work bench.bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

After a couple of minutes of hammering away he noticed the tool bag and made a beeline for the mechanical drill. I told him to press the trigger like a gun (he had a water pistol to play with in the back garden during the summer), and that was it, quiet as a mouse as he drilled this and hammered that. BattleDad and I could have left him there all night and he wouldn’t have moved an inch away from that work bench. I have to admit there were a few tears come bedtime but we promised he could return to it the next day so he went to bed happy with that thought.bob the builder toys by smoby

The next day we were out in the morning but before we left I placed the Electric Chainsaw and Jigsaw beside the work bench so BattleKid could open them when we got back. It didn’t take him long to walk into the kitchen upon our return saying “mama, open it” while carrying the chainsaw (still in it’s box) and pressing the trigger to make the saw noises and blades rotate around the edge of the saw. In actual fact he mimicked the noises as they sound quite like a motorbike starting up too, a sound he loves.bob the builder toys by smoby

That was it again, no sign of BattleKid but the noises we could hear meant he was busy building and fixing things. The last thing to be opened was the Electric Jigsaw and again there wasn’t a peep out of BattleKid as he got to grips with the saw and the noises it makes.

All-in-all, I can hand on heart say these Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby are truly magnificent and keep BattleKid entertained for hours on end. He has even taken to running at BattleDad and I and trying to ‘saw’ off our legs and arms. We shout “oh my arm, where’s it gone, don’t saw it off” to which BattleKid bursts into fits of laughter, finding it hilarious that he’s ‘sawing’ at mum and dad.

Hours of FUN!bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

bob the builder toys by smoby

The Bob the Builder First Work Bench includes over 30 tools and accessories including a vice grips, saw, hammer and spanner, and lots more. The Bob the Builder Safety Set comes with a checked shirt and work vest top, like the one Bob wears in the show, a yellow safety hard hat, a spanner and a smartphone. The Bob the Builder Tool Bag is a colourful and large back pack which includes a saw, hammer, spanner and mechanical drill. The Electric Chainsaw has child-safe motorised blades that rotate round the edge of the saw and has realistic chainsaw noises at the push of a button. The Electric Jigsaw, like the chainsaw, has a child-safe plastic saw blade that moves via the inbuilt electric motor and makes sawing sounds. All the toys feel of a high quality and are bright and colourful to capture the attention and imagination of children.

What we love about the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  • Bright and colourful.
  • Feels like they are made to a high quality, solidly built and sturdy.
  • Realistic noises in the tools help imaginations run wild.
  • Provide hours of fun.
  • The all-in-one shirt and work vest and hard hat are excellent for role-playing.
  • Lots of activities to be done on the work bench, such as hammering things, gripping things in the vice grips, moving tools around on the bench, putting in screws, the list goes on.
  • Each item is fairly priced (details below).

What we didn’t like about the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  • Absolutely nothing!

The Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby that we received for this review would make an excellent center-piece at Christmas for a Bob the Builder fan and would provide hours of fun. Alternatively, if you didn’t want to buy all the items featured here, each individual toy is fairly priced and would still be well received by any child, no matter what the occasion was. Our personal favourites were the Work Bench and Tool Bag with it’s mechanical drill, with the clear winner in BattleKid’s eyes being the Electric Chainsaw. We cannot recommend these toys more and are very impressed by them. I had not come across Smoby Toys before this review but will definitely be seeing what other products they do when on the hunt for new toys for BattleKid. They all get a big thumbs up from BattleKid!bob the builder toys by smoby

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on my YouTube channel in the coming week when I’ll have a vlog featuring BattleKid road testing these Bob the Builder Toys from Smoby. I’ve also got a giveaway below!

Cath x

Details of the Bob the Builder Toys by Smoby:

  1. Bob the Builder First Work Bench: RRP £44.99
  2. Bob the Builder Safety Set: RRP £14.99
  3. Bob the Builder Tool Bag: RRP £12.99
  4. Bob the Builder Electric Chainsaw: RRP £17.99
  5. Bob the Builder Electric Jigsaw: RRP £12.99

These items are available from all good toy stores including Amazon, Smyths, Toy’R’Us and ELC.


Here is your chance to win one of the Bob the Builder Tool Bags for your own Bob the Builder fan. Simply follow the instructions on the widget below and best of luck!

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  2. Competition closes on Sunday 6th November 2016.
  3. One winner will receive a Bob the Builder Tool Bag as featured in my blog review.
  4. There is no cash alternative.
  5. Although this competition is featured on my Facebook page, it is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Facebook themselves.
  6. The winner will be asked to provide their postal address, which will be sent to the company providing the prize.
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