Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger Review

Following on from last month’s Vintage Travel Guides Puzzle Review, I was kindly sent a Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger which contains no less than 1000 pieces to review. As you know by now, I’ve been really enjoying revisiting my youth and doing puzzles at the kitchen table of an evening so to get one which I would class as the next step up was lovely.

A tantalising, tricky treat for puzzle fans

Ravensburger claim this puzzle is challenging … but not impossible. Well it was time for me to see if this was true.glittering gemstones puzzleI can tell you they did not disappoint! I thought this puzzle was going to break me. As always I started by gathering the edges and putting them together before attempting any section within the main body of the puzzle. And this is where I first stumbled.

I thought I had gotten all the edge pieces out but as I put them together I soon found I was short by about 5 or 6. Cue another round of sorting through nearly 1000 pieces to find the elusive edge pieces I’d missed the first time round.

And you’ll never guess, I needed a third round before I completed the edges! With the border finally done I could start attempting the main body of the puzzle.glittering gemstones puzzle

Firstly, I thought it would be easy enough to get all the pearl-containing pieces and put them together but as there are so many different sized ones within various sections of the puzzle, this proved a lot harder than I first imagined. In fact, some of the pearl sections were not completed until the very end of making this puzzle.

I next gathered coloured pieces and started putting them together. I did have some confusion with the various pink gemstones but soon deciphered which went with which. There was no real order to how I put this puzzle together. Some sections came together quite quickly while others proved more difficult and took a lot longer to put together.glittering gemstones puzzle

Along with some of the pearls proving troublesome, the various diamond pieces were tricky to put together. Some could have fitted in more than one section so I had to take my time over them and spent quite a long time twisting and turning the diamonds to see if they fit where I thought they would.

glittering gemstones puzzle
Adding the 1000th piece to my Glittering Gemstones Puzzle!

But when all is said and done, I completed the puzzle and what a sense of achievement that gave me. It took me well over 10 hours to complete, spread from Sunday afternoon to a Thursday evening in one week. While there were times I felt like quitting, I did it. BattleDad even commented a few times with “why are you torturing yourself? Just roll it in a ball and throw it back in the box”.

But I didn’t give in. The more I completed, the more the puzzle started coming together, the more determination it gave me. And I’m now quite proud of myself for having completed this 1000 piece Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger.

What I loved about the Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger:

  • High quality puzzle.
  • Quite tricky to do and challenging.
  • 1000 pieces is definitely for someone who is used to doing puzzles.
  • The softclick technology that produces a smooth puzzle.
  • The puzzle does feel like a premium puzzle.
  • Very easy to lose a few hours to this puzzle without realising.
  • Gives an unbelievable sense of achievement once completed.

What I didn’t like about the Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger:

  • Nothing! Although unlike the previous two puzzles I have reviewed this wasn’t the most relaxing until towards the end.

Although it nearly broke me, and at times I felt like giving in, overall I quite enjoyed completing this Glittering Gemstones puzzle from Ravensburger. It was quite challenging and tricky in parts but if you are used to doing puzzles and are looking for something challenging, to stretch your mind, then this is the puzzle for you!glittering gemstones puzzle glittering gemstones puzzle

BattleKid joined me at the kitchen table on the Sunday afternoon when I started this Puzzle to try out his own new puzzles from Ravensburger. Once I had completed it, on the Friday morning when he spied the completed article on said kitchen table, I got a “oh good girl mama, you do your puzzle” from him. Praise from your boy for completing a tricky puzzle made it all worth it, all 10+ hours and 1000 pieces of it.

So if you are looking for a puzzle to take you to the next level with puzzles, then this Glittering Gemstones puzzle from Ravensburger might just be what you are looking for. It retails at around £11.99 and is available from Amazon and other major retailers. Why not check out the full range of puzzles available at Ravensburger.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I received this Glittering Gemstones Puzzle from Ravensburger for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions of the products

glittering gemstones puzzle

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Something for Everyone

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this year it falls on Sunday March 26th, so there is plenty of time to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If you are as old as me, you’ll most likely find it hard to choose a present for your mum, mother-in-law or a special friend who is a mum who deserves a present on Mother’s Day. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect Mother’s Day gift and have come across some lovely and also novel ideas for you.

perfect Mother's Day Gift

Personalised Mug and Tea Chest from Mr. Nutcase.

Mr. Nutcase is a website I’ve only just discovered and has personalised gifts for any occasions, including Mother’s Day. From candles to photo mugs, from cushions to teabag tins, they have a huge range of items to choose from and to personalise, meaning you are bound to find something for your Mum or Wife for Mother’s Day. I ordered a personalised mug (for myself I might add) which has a picture of myself, BattleKid and BattleDog on it. The process of uploading my picture and creating my mug was extremely easy and before I knew it my new mug was in my basket, ready to checkout. I also ordered a teabag tin for my Mum from BattleKid. We are a big tea drinking family, show me an Irish family who isn’t, and with my parents soon retiring to Portugal I thought this teabag tin was lovely and bright for their new adventures abroad. I personalised it from BattleKid and think his grandmother will love it. As mentioned there is a huge range of items on Mr. Nutcase that would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift and prices start from as little as £4.99.perfect Mother's Day Gift


Morning Sidekick Journal.

This is a new science based journal designed to help you start your day earlier (and easier) in order to help your productivity and personal happiness in just 3 minutes every morning. The Morning Sidekick Journal helps you set goals, track your progress and start new habits with laser focus. We mums could all do with an extra few minutes in the day and to have something to help us get up an extra few minutes earlier to get stuff done would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift. At the time of writing this post I haven’t received my hardcopy of the Morning Sidekick Journal so I cannot comment on the journal nor its effectiveness but I did read a good review of it by an American blogger, Bernadette. Anything that could get me out of bed quicker, and up and at it is worth a try. The Morning Sidekick Journal costs $29.70 (or around £24.00, depending on the exchange rate) and is available as a hardcopy or printable PDF. This does ship from the USA so please allow extra time for it to arrive.

perfect Mother's Day Gift
Morning Sidekick Journal. (Picture provided)


Maisie-Jane Necklace Lanyard.

If you have a sister or friend who you’d like to give a Mother’s Day gift to, and they possibly work in an office, then this Maisie-Jane Silver double star necklace lanyard is the ideal gift for them. A modern take on the office lanyard, this necklace will jazz up any office outfit. It has a removable hook to use with a work pass or name badge and can also be worn as a standalone necklace. There are loads of necklace lanyards to choose from with simple chains or chains with charms and there is definitely something for everyone on their website. The necklace lanyards are very reasonably priced at £12.50 and it also comes with a badge/pass holder. And for those of us who are bloggers, this would be perfect for those conferences we all attend. Definitely more snazzy than the fabric necklaces other lanyards come with. Perhaps leave the Maisie-Jane website strategically open on your laptop as a hint to your hubby and maybe you’ll receive one for Mother’s Day!perfect Mother's Day Gift


Beespoke of Devon Aromatherapy Gift Set.

This Aromatherapy Gift Set from Beespoke of Devon would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for that someone special this year. The beeswax candle, soy wax and essential oil tin candle and skin care aromatherapy cream come packaged in the most beautiful white Beespoke of Devon lidded box which is tied with navy blue ribbon. It is a beautiful gift and one I’m sure any mum would be delighted to receive this Mother’s Day. The candles are made from natural waxes. The tin candle contains pure essential oils and you can choose from Geranium and Lemongrass, Lavender and Orange, Cinnamon and Orange, Grapefruit and Lemongrass, Patchouli and Cedarwood and Peppermint and Lime. I received the Geranium and Lemongrass and it has a lovely fresh scent to it. The skin care cream is free from SLS and parabens with a glycerine base and natural essential oils. I received the Nourishing cream which contains Neroli, Mandarin and Lavender and it is a light, easily absorbed cream with a very subtle but beautiful scent to it. The Beespoke of Devon Aromatherapy Gift Set costs £20 and really is a lovely gift set to give as the perfect Mother’s Day gift.perfect Mother's Day Gift


Welsh Lavender Calm Balm and Hand Cream.

Inspired by the labours of Welsh hill farmers, Farmers’ Welsh Lavender Ltd products are made with lavender grown on the farm just outside Builth Wells. All the Farmers’ creams and balms are made by hand with care. Using naturally derived ingredients, they are not tested on animals nor do they contain any artificial colours or perfumes. The Farmers’ Calm Balm contains lavender, camomile and sandalwood and is designed to help heal and comfort. A perfect size to keep in your handbag, this soothing scented balm can be used anywhere on your body including your lips, temples and under your nose whenever you need a moment of calm. You can even leave it beside your bed to help you drift off to sleep at night, aided by the soothing smell of lavender. The Farmers’ Hand Cream has been developed to help nourish hard working hands and is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. With a lovely lavender scent the 30ml size tub is perfect for popping into your purse or pocket so it is close to hand (every pun intended). The Farmers’ Calm Balm costs £12.00 (30ml) and the Farmers’ Hand Cream costs £4.00 and £12.00 for a 30ml and 100ml tub, respectively. These two little gems would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, particularly for someone like me who loves lavender.perfect Mother's Day Gift


The Pretty Little Treat Company Exquisite Choices Gift Set.

If you are trying to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for someone who adores vintage and handmade things, then The Pretty Little Treat Company is the place for you. They believe that life’s little luxuries should not just serve a purpose but should be beautiful as well, and their entire range of handmade products are just that, beautiful. The Pretty Little Treat Company’s Exquisite Choices Gift Set is a beautifully handcrafted gift of pampering treats guaranteed to bring a smile. Packaged in a beautiful 2-piece presentation box, tied with luxury white ribbon, it contains a Pretty Little Bath Treat, Pretty Little Lip Balm, Hand Cream and a Matchbox Solid Perfume Bar. Costing just £12.95, this beautiful handmade gift set will delight lovers of all things handcrafted and vintage and would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift for someone.

perfect Mother's Day Gift

So if you are wondering what to get your Mum, wife or just that someone special, why not check out these gorgeous items as they might just make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.

Cath x

*All the items included in this post were all gifted by the companies as part of this perfect Mother’s Day gift guide.perfect Mother's Day Gift


Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger Review

We were recently sent a set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger to review with BattleKid. BattleKid has the Ravensburger 4 in a box Thomas the Tank Engine and Gruffalo puzzles and he quite enjoys doing them, especially when I have been doing my own puzzles on the kitchen table. He loves nothing more than getting his out and doing them alongside me.

However, as they are a set of My First Puzzles, he is quite adept at doing them now and gets bored quite quickly with them. They are designed from the age of 18 months and contain puzzles with 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces. The Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles are designed from the age of 3 and contain puzzles with 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces so are certainly more advanced than the My First Puzzle sets we already have.rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Rachel Allen Boys Puzzles set contains puzzles with a pirate, superhero, astronaut and dinosaur. These designs are bright and colourful and certainly what BattleKid needed to take him to the next stage of puzzles. He was delighted with his surprise!rachel ellen boys puzzles

We started with the Pirate puzzle of 12 pieces and it took BattleKid a while to figure it out but he managed it. It kept his attention, although I did hear on a few occasions “I can’t do it mammy”. With a little encouragement from me to turn the pieces to see if they fit, he completed the puzzle and felt quite proud of himself.rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

He attempted the Superhero puzzle but found this one very challenging, even though it only contains 16 pieces. Next we moved onto the Astronaut puzzle and although I had to help him with this the first time around, he seemed to enjoy putting this one together. One particular piece proved a bit tricky for him, with him trying to convince me it was the right one. You can guess who was right!rachel ellen boys puzzles

The Dinosaur puzzle definitely proved the trickiest for BattleKid but he was determined to get it done. I helped with the edges and he set about trying different pieces together. Again with a little help from me, he got the puzzle completed and was quite pleased with this. I think the fact that he is obsessed with Disney’s The Good Dinosaur at the moment meant it really appealed to him. rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles rachel ellen boys puzzles

What we loved about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Bright, colourful designs.
  • Great characters including a pirate, superhero, astronaut, and BattleKid’s favourite, a dinosaur.
  • Pieces are lovely and chunky for small hands.
  • Great set of puzzles to take toddlers and pre-schoolers to the next level in puzzle making.
  • The puzzles are made from special recycled board and feel strong and sturdy.
  • Ideal to keep BattleKid going for a few years.

What we didn’t like about the Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger:

  • Nothing!

These puzzles are designed for ages from 3+ and we can vouch for that. BattleKid, at just over 3 years of age, found them challenging and needed a little help from me with some of them. That said, he is a determined little boy and I think this set of 4 beautiful puzzles will grow with him in the next few years. They have certainly taken him to the next level of puzzle making and we have been enjoying these on rainy days at home and in the evenings after nursery. They are sturdy and chunky enough for his hands and feel like they will be long-lasting.rachel ellen boys puzzles

So if you are looking for a set of 4 puzzles to challenge your pre-schooler and take them to the next level of puzzle making, then I cannot recommend this set of Rachel Ellen Boys Puzzles from Ravensburger. And I am sure there are some girls out there who would thoroughly enjoy these puzzles too!

These, and a whole host of other character 4 in one boxes of puzzles, are available from all good retailers as well as Amazon, costing just £5.99. I am already adding more to my wish list!

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a set of Rachel Ellen 4 in a Box boys puzzles for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.

rachel ellen boys puzzles

#DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel

I was recently asked to get involved in the #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel and when I found out it wasn’t limited to children I thought why not. It could be a bit of fun and again was something for me to review myself and enjoy without having to ensure I got BattleKid involved. I was kindly sent a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit to get started.#designadiary

The Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit comes with three gel pens in pastels colours, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips and a gel tray. I also received a pastel blue 2017 diary to get creative with. #designadiary

First and foremost I read the instructions on how to use the Gel-A-Peel kit. There are hints and tips on the instructions and once I was familiar with them I got cracking. The first thing I did in my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was to fill in a few of the accessories in the gel tray and leave them to dry. I did a few in different colours and thought I’d decide which to use once they were dry and the basis of my diary was done.#designadiary

I then chose a template which I wanted to incorporate into my diary and set about making that and leaving it to dry. The instructions say leave designs for 5-10 minutes before adding different colours. I assumed this was the same as the drying time and found it certainly wasn’t when I tried to remove some of my accessories from the tray. Be warned, you may need to leave them several hours before you can remove them without ruining them as I did.#designadiary

That said, not all was lost and I had a butterfly which dried enough to be removed from the tray to add to my diary. The design template I chose dried quicker than the accessories and was quite easy to remove from the clear plastic design sheet once I got started.

In terms of my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel, I started by covering the silver 2017 with the lovely green pastel gel. I then wrote out one of my favourite blog sayings

She believed she could so she did

in the silver gel on the diary. Writing was easy once I took my time and spelled each word out slowly in my head. I was quite nervous about making a spelling mistake. The one accessory that dried quickest, a butterfly, was then added to a corner of my diary before I added the template to the spine of my diary.#designadiary #designadiary

And voila, my #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel was complete. It didn’t quite turn out the way I had imagined it, simply because some of the accessories I wanted to add didn’t dry in time and I got impatient. I still enjoyed the process and can see this being a great way for young girls (and maybe some older ones like me) to while away a few hours. A big tip I have for you, be patient with your accessories. It might be best to actually leave them overnight to dry to avoid disappointment when you ruin them by trying to remove them prematurely.#designadiary

The #DesignADiary with Gel-A-Peel is a great way to get creative and have some fun while enjoying yourself. It would also be a great way to get young girls (and boys) to spend a few quiet hours this half-term, giving you a few moments peace. The pastel kit comes with everything you need to get creative (except the diary) and you can create a whole host of other things with Gel-A-Peel. They have lots of videos and hints and tips on their website to get anyone started on their creative journey.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*I received a 2017 diary and a Gel-A-Peel Pearly Pastel Kit as part of the #DesignADiary campaign. However, as always, these are my own honest thoughts and opinions of the products I received.


Lights Num Noms and Series 3 Review

We were lucky enough to be asked to review the Lunch Box Deluxe Pack from Series 3 of Num Noms, a Series 3 mystery pack and also two new Lights Num Noms mystery packs. We reviewed some Num Noms from Series 2 towards the end of last year and BattleKid absolutely loved the vibrating Noms so I was intrigued to see what we got this time.

I had seen a TV advert for the new Lights Num Noms and thought they were a good idea and I was delighted when we received two as part of our review pack. As soon as I opened the package and revealed what was hiding inside, BattleKid immediately said “eee-open”. This mama duly obliged and he dived straight in to see what the new Lights Num Noms were all about.

The new Lights Num Noms mystery packs are packaged in a juice carton and contain a scented, opaque Num that stacks on top of the Nom, which when pressed flashes two different coloured lights. There are over 300 sweet scented combinations to make. We received two of these and they went down a storm with BattleKid.

We also received a Lunch Box Deluxe Pack (Style 1) from Series 3 which contained no less than 10 scented outer Nums from a variety of Marshmallows, Donuts, Fruits & Veggies and Candy. There was also a mystery Num and 2 scented inner Noms including an eraser and a stamp. This pack was really great as the package they come in can be used as a storage box for all the Num Noms. No more losing Nums under the sofa or stepping on a Nom and setting the vibrations off, giving yourself a fright! Brilliant idea.

Our mystery box, which is included in the lunch box, was a lip gloss Num Nom. What a great idea! It’s little enough for small hands and ideal for young girls to pop into their pockets or bags and a way for them to feel grown up. BattleKid didn’t want to try it on his lips but I did and the scent is very subtle and the lip gloss doesn’t stain your lips at all. This might disappoint some little girls but not their mums I suspect. But what a lovely little surprise!lights num noms

lights num noms

BattleKid had a great time playing with the Lights Num Noms, even trying to blind me with them during one play session, but I must admit his favourite thing we received was the stamp Nom from the Lunch Box. He went around stamping any paper he could find and when he ran out I found him stamping the TV! Uh oh!lights num noms lights num noms

I did notice that the scents this time around seemed a bit strong than the last Series we received. Whether they have been made a bit strong or not, I don’t know, but I could distinguish the scents more this time. My personal favourite was Peyton Peppermint as I could really get the peppermint coming through. Smelling all the lovely sweet scents was making me rather hungry I have to say.

What we loved about Series 3 and the Lights Num Noms

  • Great new variety to add to our collection.
  • Scents seemed strong this time around.
  • Lights Num Noms flash in two different colours.
  • Hundreds of combinations to be made.
  • New stamp Nom went down a storm with BattleKid.
  • The eraser and lip gloss Noms were a nice surprise and great new additions to the Series.

What we didn’t like about Series 3 and the Lights Num Noms

  • Nothing, BattleKid loved these again!

Num Noms are suitable for ages 3-8 and are ideally sized for little hands. Imaginations can run wild and get creative with these and the new Lights Num Noms add even more fun into the mix. Little girls will love the new lip gloss Nom and little boys, if they are anything like BattleKid, will be stamping away to their hearts content with the new stamp Noms.lights num noms lights num noms

So if you are fearing the worst this coming half-term why not grab some Num Noms to keep your little ones entertained for hours. Num Noms are available from a wide range of retailers such as Argos, Smyths, Toy’R’Us and prices start from £5.99. The Lunch Box we received for this review is priced at £14.99 and the Lights Num Noms mystery packs retail at £3.99, both from Toy’R’Us.

Thanks for reading,

Cath x

*We received a Lunch Box Deluxe Pack and a mystery pack from Series 3 of Num Noms and also two mystery packs from the new Lights Num Noms Series 1 for the purpose of this review. However, as always, these are our own honest thoughts and opinions of the products.lights num noms