12/52 My Sunday Photo: 19/03/2017

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Although BattleKid wasn’t very well on Friday, his temperature came down enough for us to take a chance and head to Bristol Zoo to avail of our annual passes before they expire. We had a great time and towards the end of our circuit around the zoo we came across a kangaroo. Well, we couldn’t resist and popped BattleKid in its pouch for a picture. It was actually a struggle to get him to leave it!
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11/52 My Sunday Photo: 12/03/2017

My Sunday Photo
It’s taken me leaving Ireland (13 years ago) and about to emigrate again to finally visit Powerscourt Waterfall in County Wicklow. The weather wasn’t brilliant but I had BattleKid’s waterproof all-in-one so I didn’t mind. And it was worth it. Funny how you take things for granted when they are on your doorstep!
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10/52 My Sunday Photo: 05/03/2017

I had Friday off work and had great plans to keep BattleKid off nursery and take him out but one look out the window that morning told me my plans were on hold. Only until Saturday it turned out. With a bit of blue sky we headed to Abergavenny for BattleKid’s overdue haircut and breakfast. From there we made our way to Chepstow Castle.
BattleKid and I had visited this castle nearly 3 years ago when my Dad and nephew came to stay but it was BattleDad’s first visit. It was also my first chance to properly explore the castle as last time BattleKid was only about 6 months old so I was confined to the ground floor with him and his buggy.
And I was so glad he was old enough this time to allow me to see the fabulous rooms and architecture inside this gem of a castle. My particular favourite was the cellar. It had the most amazing ceiling and my pictures simply don’t do it justice.
my sunday photo my sunday photo
I also liked this window in one of the castle walls in the Middle Bailey. It’s like a window to the past and present and looks out over the River Wye. This castle is a stunning one and quite vast compared to some of the others we have visited. I’m glad we went and explored it before the rain came back at lunchtime on Saturday.my sunday photo
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09/52 My Sunday Photo: 26/02/2017

my sunday photo
This week’s picture comes from our visit a week ago to Cardiff Castle. We had a lovely day out and visited the castle after lunch for a spot of dragon hunting. I had to stop to take this picture of the Norman Keep.
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08/52 My Sunday Photo: 18/02/2017

my sunday photo 2017On Friday I had a day off so after running a few errands in the morning I collected the boy from nursery after lunch and headed to Raglan Castle for some more dragon hunting adventures. I managed to capture this picture through a windowless hole in the wall and was quite pleased with it. It’s like a glimpse of a different world and time.
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