03/52 My Sunday Photo: 15/01/2017

With the snow and cold weather I haven’t taken any pictures this week that I’d consider sharing. So instead I had a look through my Lightroom folders and came across this flower picture I took in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen while we were visiting a friend quite a number of years ago. I was also really surprised to see it wasn’t taken with my macro lens and was on my 500D and not my 5D. Still, I do think it’s a nice picture and makes me look forward to Spring. If anyone can tell me what flower it is I’d be most grateful.

01/52 My Sunday Photo: 01/01/2017

So, 2016 is done and dusted and today heralds the start of a New Year. My hopes for this year? Lots more happy days with BattleKid like the one above where we went searching for bluebells in May. More family time and time together with BattleDad such as our holiday we’ve just returned from. More adventures with BattleDog. More discovering the world together and discovering it through the eyes of someone who is three.
I cannot believe BattleKid turns three tomorrow. Where has the time gone? This time three years ago I had been in labour for almost 12 hours and had just entered the birthing pool which was such a relief. All was going swimmingly (if you’ll pardon the pun) but little did we know that, fast forward another 12 hours, we would end up in theatre on the verge of an emergency c-section. That is all in the past and BattleKid is a happy, healthy, boisterous 3 year old who knows his own mind and isn’t afraid to let you know that!
I want to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to all my readers and followers and hope that 2017 is a great one for everyone. I have a good feeling about this year coming!

51/52 My Sunday Photo: 18/12/2016

Having realised a few weeks ago that I didn’t have any Christmas pictures of BattleKid from last year, I decided to try a little photo shoot with him earlier today. However, it is very hard to get a nearly three year old toddler to stay still long enough for you to both focus and take the shot! I resorted to letting him play with his “Night before Christmas” story bear in order to try and get him to sit still for more than a split second. I’m not completely happy with the pictures I got but they are better than none at all. Here are three from our shoot beside our Christmas tree.

I hope you are getting excited for Christmas!