Tights for Boys

For a long time leading up to winter 2014, Asda and Tesco had become the black holes of BattleKid’s socks. We’d go in with two socks on, and end up at the checkout reduced to one. Needless-to-say, with a baby and full shopping trolley I never went back to try to retrieve the elusive socks. I can imagine there being several of BattleKid’s socks in their lost-and-found boxes.

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t put baby shoes on him. Well, there was no point. They would be kicked off his feet even before we’d left the house. I mentioned this to BattleDad and he simply said “Why don’t you just put tights on him?!”.

What? Tights? On a boy? BattleDad said why not, that he had worn tights as a very young boy and his Mum never had a problem with missing socks. Then, the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. His feet and legs would stay warm and protected, and he wouldn’t be able to pull them off. No more rogue socks!

Armed with this information, off I went to the shops to get some tights. This is where I came across my stumbling block. Supermarkets like Asda and Tesco all stocked baby tights, but only in colours like baby pink, all catering for girls. There were no tights in colours catering for baby boys.

Eventually, after venturing into Cardiff, I found proper boys tights in Primark (Pennys to all my Irish friends). Bingo! They came as a 3 or 4 pack for £5 and were definitely catered towards the males of the baby population with grey, navy and baby blue amongst a few of the colours in the tights on offer. I had read on the BabyCentre forums to buy the next size up, so I popped 3 packs in size 12-18 months into my basket, and headed to the checkout quite pleased with myself.


To date they have been an absolute Godsend. The first few times I put them on BattleKid he tried his best to pull them off and looked very confused as the “sock” got longer and longer and yet still wasn’t coming off his feet. His little toes have been kept nice and toasty this winter, and there are no more of his socks being lost in random places around the supermarket. Needless-to-say I will be getting more in a bigger size for next winter!

Have you tried these on your little man? Let me know in the comments below!

One of those days!

Ever felt like you should have just stayed in bed one morning. Well that’s how I feel right now. Apart from getting up, dressed and out the door at home and in the door at work, today feels like it’s been a complete waste of time. And it’s only just gone 3.15pm!

I’ve had an engineer in to look at an instrument that isn’t behaving very well, only to be told it’s a software issue and beyond his knowledge. His advice: have a read of the manual and play around with it. During what free time I ask you? With my boss hounding me for results and fast, and another client job taking up ALL of my lab time at the minute, just when does he think I will have a few hours spare to read a manual!? 

Following on from that I’ve broken two pieces of glassware so far this afternoon, so yeah, I’m have a smashing time in work today if you’ll pardon the pun! Yes it was only one beaker and one clock glass, and yes we have plenty more but I NEVER break glassware in lab. I’m usually very careful with things but not today. 

I also forgot to set my timer on one set of samples so have had to start them all over again as I’ve no idea how long they had been in the oven before I noticed! Really beginning to feel like I should have stayed in bed this morning! That would have been nice! 

Alas, I’ve resorted to a quick blog post over tea break and am eagerly awaiting 4.30 when I can blow this joint and drive home to get my boy. Here’s hoping he’s not too tired and in good form! 

17th March 2015 – Lovely Evening

Last night I had a really lovely evening with BattleKid. When I say evening I mean 1.5 hours. I picked him up as usual at 5.30pm from nursery to a chorus of “thank you’s” for all the St. Patrick’s Day treats I’d dropped in with him that morning for the staff. Now I should explain that BattleKid is often tired and cranky when I pick him up in the evenings but there was none of his usual whingy cried yesterday.

As it was still a lovely evening when we got home, I kept him in his coat, put him in his trike for only the second time and off we set with BattleDog #2 for a quick walk. It could only be quick as it started turning quite chilly but the three of us really enjoyed it. And I’ve discovered that BattleDog #2 has graduated from walking-to-heel with the pram to walking-to-heel with the boy on his trike. Thick as thieves! 

When we got home we let BattleDog #1 in and went about hanging the wash that had finished. BattleKid helped as only he knows how by ragging the clothes horse and pulling off the hung clothes from the lower bars. This normally annoys me but not last night. 

We then went upstairs and had some fun playtime in his room before getting him into his pyjamas. We had giggles and loves and a bit more practising of his 3-4 step walking. After this we got a bottle ready with BattleKid pointing and saying “ta” until it was ready. As he drank it down in my arms in the sitting room he sank deeper and heavier into my arms, until it was finished and he was asleep. I love this time together on the sofa, him snoring gently, me kissing his soft forehead. 

Yesterday was particularly lovely as he didn’t come out of nursery too crabby or overtired. He was in great form and we had a lovely time together before bedtime. It’s a rare thing on nursery days and I’d like more of it please! As I zipped him into his grobag and kissed him goodnight from mum and Dad, I couldn’t help but smile at the little snores coming from my perfect little boy!

Point+Shoot 2: 17/03/15

Sunday, as we all know, was Mother’s Day and BattleKid very kindly gave us a lie-in until 7.30am. He got up with serious bed-head and as I tried to capture a picture of his curls, I needed to use the flash. In doing so the poor little mite got blinded and the resulting pictures of him trying to avoid the flash were hilarious. BattleDad and I couldn’t help but laugh and were in stitches. Cruel parents! He also looked very like one of his cousins when he was that age!20150315_13061120150315_082437










While BattleKid napped, I finished off some shamrock cookies for St. Patrick’s Day and also took delivery of a fabulous bunch of flowers!

Shamrock Cookies

Before dinner we took the BattleDogs out for a walk and let BattleKid test ride his new wheels Santa had brought him for Christmas. As soon as we put him in his trike he was doing his best “hold on” impression from Waterbabies, and was thoroughly enjoying himself. He and BattleDog #2 also kept a close eye on each other. BattleDog #2 is only just coming up for 3 and I can see these two becoming as thick as thieves as they grow up together.2015-03-15 14.57.15







Our walk was followed by a nice dinner as a family before BattleDad packed up and headed back to London for the week. Although it was quiet and we didn’t do much, I had a lovely Mother’s Day with my boys and the BattleDogs.